Saturday, September 29, 2012

Astrology and Horoscope.

As per Indian astrology there are seven and half years of 'Shani'(bad time) in a man's life time. It means planet Saturn is moving through your house/life. In this period anything can happen. Death, accident, suicide, divorce, and loss of dear one or all other bad things you can imagine.  As per astrology I am supposed to be over the moon! Groping in the dark for six long years is no laughing matter. Lol .I do not believe in astrology. Here is the reason. If I tell you, you are sexy, intelligent and ill tempered. At lest you agree with on two things, sexy and intelligent but you will not agree that you are ill-tempered. As per astrology we Aquarians are supposed to be intelligent. I think in this material world if you make money and fame you are consider as an intelligent person. If you are an Aquarian, you know we always wanted to know ‘what is going to happen’ (what is in store for us). This cat like curiosity is always there. I do not believe in astrology but out of curiosity I read it on our national newspaper.  As lodge manger I work from 7.a.m to 10.30 or 11 p.m. X 365 Days for the past six long years! My life and long working hours run with clock precision.  Believe me in six years’ time not even a single predication was right for me. At times astrologer mentions about ‘girlfriend’ and I am like…”Do they (girlfriends) stand on four legs”? Sorry, too much porn.Lol.
Yes, my astrologer had foreseen bad alliance in our horoscope. Me Aquarian, She Leo. As per horoscope we are not compatible. Out of ten only five points matched.   What do you have to say people who fall in love and get married without checking horoscope? He did not tell me about bad things. He insisted that I check with other girl's marriage did not last for six years. Due to financial problems my wife walked out with my only daughter.  Now she will realize how difficult it is to run home with single income.
If you are a theist you will consult with a good astrologer to find out solutions to overcome bad times. Naturally he will ask you to visit particular temple to pray and donate money, gold, gold statue of god or goddess, some time they will ask you to wear a particular colour gem or diamond to ward off evil spirit.  Theist will do all these things. In reality he is following his blind faith or stupidity to overcome his fears. Have you ever noticed one thing? Blind faith and stupidity goes hand in hand.
My mother insisted that I check horoscope of mine and fiancĂ©’s before marriage. Ten out of five points only matched. As per astrology for a harmonious married life it should be seven or more points needed. Astrologer had seen bad married life for me. But the will not tell you what are the bad things going to happen. He told me horoscope does not suit me. Look for another girl.
My belief “success of marriage depends upon mutual understanding between husband and wife” give way to sever depression when my wife left me with my only little daughter in less than six years. I missed my little daughter for the past six years…..
It is all about belief. As an atheist I do not believe in astrology or anything that are irrational in nature. What about lovers and live-in partners? They live through thick and thin. It is their mutual understanding between each other kept them falling apart. What astrology or horoscope has got to do with them?