Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cost of Writing.

Written on 20-06-12

After sending my fictions to five of the India’s leading movie production house and sending query to some of the world’s leading movie production house I waited for reply. I knew it will take time to get reply since movie version of Eternal love will cost more than  millions of USD.
Most of them checked on my Link. Apart from short synopsis they will be able to read three chapters of my fiction from my blog. Only number of hits went up, still was no reply….
Now you all want to know whether jivan had prayed, meditated or dreamed. I was like…Holly shit! None of them could find business opportunity in my fiction. Have n’t we all seen trash Indian movies or even Hollywood trash movies produced by B grade and C grade production house? I gave them wholesome entertainer still my fiction became untouchable! I then started counting the cost of writing my fictions.
Six years ago when I started writing my fictions my friends had computers but none of them had time for me. I had to lean typing on computer at browsing centre by trial and error. Without job (given-up job) I spent money at browsing center to type all my fictions. Proof reading and editing took maxim time/ money. Whether I ate food or not with vengeance I went on to finish typing all my fictions.
When you write nine fictions and one book about new religion you are supposed to be a writer. But I prefer to be known as fiction concept writer. Unlike others I do not like to write about perverted characters like psycho, terrorists, rapists, drug addicts, incestisim etc. I wrote only about clean characters. I want whole family sit and watch movie version of my fiction.
From the time I started typing on computer to till date I had spent more than Rs.72, 000! Typing fictions, editing and proof reading, searching for publishers and movie producer and sending request letters and publishing fictions in POD mode.... Eternal Love U.S edition cost me 331USD + forex charge .approx. Rs 17,000. Indian edition cost me Rs 15,000, five free copies of Eternal Love I had sent it to movie production house plus six years I spent money at the browsing center approx. Rs 30,000 and  I got nothing in return. i do not think it is a waste of money , i think it is an investment. some other day i am confident of recovering my lost money. some how things are taking its own time. I am not attached to money; it is not all about money...all my effort went down the drain to find a producer/production house for movie version of my fiction. Why? What is wrong with my fiction? My dream of working as creative director of movie version of my fiction did not materialized.
Now I ran out of options! What next became a big question mark on my mind?  If I were a theist it is easy to pacify my mind.... Bad times, bad luck, fate, my father late Mr.M.Madhavan did not check for auspicious time to produce me!  It is time to declare jivan as failure!
Do you believe in Karma (your good deed?) You know there is a proverb for eternally optimists. "Whatever is supposed to come to you will come to you...." Really, it will not stop at anything .if not today; tomorrow it will 'definitely come to you... whether 'it' is a reward or kick on your Ass. You will only come to know of ‘it’ when you get 'it’. I say you must wait for it'. 'It ‘should be worth waiting for! Lol.
I know I am writing on my blog. I could have written only my success story, not my failures; in my first blog I wrote… ‘I am not here to create or sell my image. I am what I am.
Be Different, Think Different.