Saturday, September 29, 2012


Karma (your good or bad deed) I should not claim I had done good deed but I can say knowingly I had not done any harm to anyone.  I do not believe in Karma. Accident, communal violence, terrorist’s acts, and man-made war it is always innocent people are getting killed.  People get killed for their money, gold ornaments or property. What happens to their good deed? While theist calls it fate, I would say it man-made disaster. I do not believe in ‘Karma’ returns. 'What you sow, you reap' .Suicide bomber, terrorists, hired assassins, serial killers and drug peddlers also do not believe in Karma returns. Hired assassins, terrorists and suicide bomber plan and execute without fail. They too believe in God but not in Karma. People believe in God but they do not believe in Karma returns if that was the case they would not have committed heinous crime. Sad, they do not listen to their conscience (inner voice).  Even though I do n’t believe in Karma, I like 'Kurma' .Mutton kurma (gravy) chicken Kurma…Yummy. NOTHING returns, every one sucks and fucks. (Exploit). No wonder still people all over the world believe in god and   superstition. In India we have more than hundreds of MLA and MP's with criminal records. With money and political power they became untouchable. We Indians are funny people. We still believe in Karma. If you believe in God it is your problem. I am capable of solving all my problems.