Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little princess.part-16

I … “your nana is alone at home, talk to me over the phone. I will come as soon as your nana is feeling better, bye now.” And I left for home.
In the evening they took Sony to shopping center. They brought her choice of cloths and toys. Ajay and his mummy introduced Sony to their neighbors. Everybody likes her. She was sweet and down to earth. Later they joined her in a prestigious convent school near their home .I spoke to my daughter now and then over the phone.  I visited her whenever time permitted. I give her small gifts like cotton dress, crayons and toys. On her fourth birthday I presented her a small puppy, thinking that will keep her busy. She said “Chow Cheweeet! Thank you Papa”...                                    
My health started failing. I was no longer able to do hard work. Like chipping the walls and running the wires. I am an amateur Photographer. I wanted to study D.T.P course and to do some creative work with a digital photography besides I can also get some home based DTP work. Therefore, I started studying DTP course in the evening class. In three months’ time I had completing my course and was able to find a job at nearby digital studio. Even though the pay was little less I found job satisfaction for the first time in my life. It gives me my kind of creative freedom. I also started working as freelance artist in digital printing and publishing department. Designing books cover and lay out I made small amount of extra money to buy computer.                                          
                                             After 5 years                                                                                                                                                                                   
Maya’s brother got married to rich middle-aged women. He married her for money. Being rich her sister in law started bossing around. Maya had to do all the housework.  She had to bath her sister-in-laws children, take them to the school. Her sister in law scolded her even for small mistakes. At times she even cursed her. “Because of your incompetence your husband had left you. Do not even know how to keep your husband happy and so on... Maya lost her health and even looks too old for her age. She was suffering from severe depression, perhaps due to thinking of her fate and her daughter…                                                                                                                           
I gave my old photo album to Sony. After seeing the album Ajay told me" uncle I wanted to learn photography.”  I told Ajay “My old camera got conked out and I do not have camera now”. He said. “No problem, I will ask my daddy to buy one for me, the best camera available in the market. Now tell me uncle will you teach me to take photographs or not”? I promised.” Sure I will". .
Next time when I went to Ajay’s house he gave me his new camera .It was a professional digital camera with high-end features. Since it was very expensive one I advised him to take extreme care while handling the camera. He promised me that he would take care of it.                                                                          
 I had explained to him how to take photographs and store photos. I told him to take as many as photos on a same subject at different angles. Take any subject that fascinates you. I also give some valuable tips regarding photography. I promised that I would give all my photographic books to him.  On my subsequent visit I found that the camera memory was full. I connected to his computer. Found lot of funny photos taken by Ajay. . His dad shaving with leather all over his face, His mother fighting with wheat flour for making chapatti, Sony playing pranks, her puppy DAX was fooling around. I thought it was not bad for a budding photographer. Timing was good. Composition and lighting needs corrections. I told him I would bring photo shop software and correct (edit) it.  Composition and lighting needs to be improved. Now he wanted to know what photos shop Software was. How can I improve his photographs, which he had already taken? I assured him that I will l teach him little by little. I told him that I am taking memory card with me to edit all his photographs.
 Sony came back after her tuition class. I and asked how she was feeling but without answering my question she asked about Nana's health. She went on talking about her friends, Uncle, Auntie, and Puppy. She then reminds me of her mummy. Whenever my daughter asks for her mother I had no answer for her. I kissed her on her forehead and told her to take care of herself and left for home.
Sony was an average girl in her studies but she was good at sports. I took some of Sony’s photographs and send it to advertising agency. They liked her photographs. Now and then Sony was able to get small modeling assignments. I saw her smiling face on billboards in the city. Whatever money she got through her modeling I had deposited in her name at the Bank. Some other day my daughter may need it.                                                                  
Sibling rivalry between Ajay and Sony, their school days, birthday parties, picnic with Uncle and Auntie, Ajay’s Karate classes, Sony’s Tennis Couching…. Their own world kept them busy. To me life was not bad, no harder works for me. When my mother become ill, my sister from native place took her home in Calicut.                                                                                                                                                                            
                                                       After 8 years
One of the Sony’s classmates tries to get fresh with her. When Ajay comes to know of it he beat him black and blue. He took Sony’s hand and declared, “She is my fiancée! You better keep out of her”… Sony was dumbstruck. When they reached home Ajay told his everything to his mother.
It was around Sony’s 18th birthday, Ajay’s daddy took his mother to a designer jewelry shop. Madam thought… “This shop sells only diamond and platinum jewelry.  Will my husband buys me diamond or platinum jewelry”? Suspense! Surprise!! . She quietly followed her husband. He purchased one diamond studded platinum necklace and asked her for approval. “Do you like it”? She told him “it is a master piece”! He paid a hefty amount for that. He took the jewelry to his home and kept it in his locker. Madam thought…"if it is not for me then why did he purchase a precious thing "? Nevertheless, she never asked about it.