Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little princess.part-18

            I “that is fine madam. In future ‘our ‘children can take care of your business”
            Madam “Jivan, I am calling all my business associates, family and friends to announce "Our’ children’s marriage engagement at a five star hotel in about two months’ time”
            I “As you please, madam.
            Madam “Take care, bye now”.           
           In about two months’ time marriage engagement took place. Before the main function.madam gave a small briefing like the reason for adoption of Sony and her dream of finding a future daughter-in-law in Sony. While most of the gathering welcomed her decision and applauded her. Few old people (skeptic) found it not convincing. Having finalized everything madam went ahead with her plan. Marriage was fixed on December 5 Th, Almost after three months after the engagement.                 
three days before Sony’s marriage I left with Sony to her mother’s native place to invite her mother for her daughter’s wedding! We stopped the car long before her house and went to her house by walk. As we approached her house I saw a fat women (Maya’s Sister-in-law) sitting on a sofa, as we approached house.
Maya’s sister in law asked questions after question “Who are you…? Where are you coming from…? Whom do you want …?
 I told that fat woman.  "I want to take Sony’s mother back home”.
Sony asked for her mother. “Where is my Mummy?”  Fat woman called out for Maya.   “MAYAAAAAAAAA... Somebody wants to see you.”   An old woman came out the kitchen with her shabby cloths. After sixteen years… I could not believe my eyes. Sony was shocked. Time stood still. !  …          
 “Our Sony Gudiya” I tried to introduce her daughter. She hugged my daughter. Tears started rolling down on her cheeks. I said, “You are coming with us now. Our daughter is getting married day after tomorrow”....
 I spoke to her brother over the phone. I told him that I am taking Maya with us. We also talk about other things. Maya packed her clothes in a plastic bag and we left for Chennai. As I drove the car back to Chennai, all the way Maya spoke about her fate, her arrogance and how much she missed her daughter. Every day she prayed for her daughter.  Her only hope was that before she dies she wants to meet me and ask me for my forgiveness for not understand me…
Next day morning we reached Ajay’s home in Chennai. Madam welcomed Maya. Ajay got blessing from my ex-wife. Sony took care of her mother. In the afternoon Maya came to my room and told me “You never forgave me”.  It was too late now and I did not want Maya to bring back old memories. I moved out of the room.                                                                                              
Our daughter had a grand wedding at the expense of Madam. Madam presented new house for Sony. Sony stayed with her mother in that the house. Madam told me “You have now where to go. Why don’t you stay in our house”? I said nothing and left the house in silence. I went back to my room, collected all my diaries and went back to Madam’s house. I sat in front of Ajay’s Computer and started typing my Autobiography. Madam came and looked at the monitor. I told madam that I am writing my life story. I stayed in their house … Madam came in the evening to Ajay’s room and asked me “why did I put my daughter for adoption?’. She asked me this question after sixteen years!
I told Madam. “You have to wait till I finish my life story “....
I knew nothing about Madam so I asked Madam to tell me about herself.
Madam told me her story.  ...“I was from poor family. My father died when I was a child. My uncle brought me up. After completing tenth standard, I studied typing and short hand course and joined for job at my Boss’s office. Through correspondent course I had completed graduation. Later in my life Boss helped me to complete MBA. After completing MBA I had joined in MNC as head of HRD. One day my ex-Boss met me and proposed me for marriage. My only condition was that I should be allowed to continue to work for MNC, since the pay was good he agreed to it. After he spoke to my mother and uncle a date was fixed for marriage and we got married at temple in a simple ceremony…. "
I had completed my life story in three months’ time and approached few publishers. One of them agreed to publish my life story. It was a moderate success.
Before their first wedding anniversary, Sony delivered a healthy baby girl at city Hospital. Maya held her granddaughter in her arms and named her “Ammini”.  In fact Sony gudiya’s name was Ammini, named by Maya. I had changed my daughter's name because I always wanted a little princess and the name cannot be non-other than Sony Gudiya.                                                                           
 Maya stayed with her daughter and spend most of her time playing with her granddaughter. She wanted to make up her lost time with Sony. I stayed at Madam’s house only to look after Madam in her old age .A token of gratitude for giving a secured life to my daughter.  Life was not cruel to me when I think of less fortunate parents. Today I am a happy and content person.
                                               (THE END)