Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little princess.part-19

An appeal to homemaker.

Do you wish to help your husband to run your family? Then start working. Learn any home based work like DTP, Data Entry, Medical Transcription, Tailoring, Catering, making chocolate and butter Cookies for Hotels, selling cosmetics and gift articles, tuition. There are lots of short-term courses available on trades. Bank also offered micro finance for starting up small business. Earn some extra money to support your family. With ever increasing living cost (present and future) one man’s income alone cannot meet both ends. Your husband will appreciate you. One day you will be proud of yourself. Time is running out. Act now!
This is the Moral of my life story.                      
With Kind regards,
 N.B   : Have you disappointed after reading the end of the story? Do not worry, here I wrote with two other ending! Just to pacify your mind. I personally like the original ending the reason is that if you cannot live with your partner for the rest of your life there is no point in living hell. We Indian parents sacrifice everything for the sake of our children’s feature. 

Thank you for reading my life/story .If you are disappointed with the story ending .Here is help! By changing last page you will have different ending. May be it will help to pacify your mind...

1) Marriage takes place..... It was decided by me after my daughter’s wedding; I would go on for pilgrimage. My karma (duty) in this world is over. Now all that I want is to get salvation for the sin I committed by separating my daughter from her mother. There is a very special bond between a mother and her daughter .No man will ever understand that. Now my daughter is married and settled down in her life .Madam had accepted my estranged wife as her sister, there is peace on my mind.
One day after dinner, I announced my plan to go for pilgrimage. My daughter asked me for promise that I will return home after pilgrimage .Even though I promised her that I would return after pilgrimage it is never going to take place.                                                                            
Next day after breakfast .I carried my bag that contained few clothes, some cash and my dairy .I thanked madam for every help she provided for my family .blessed my daughter and asked my wife to take care of our Sony Gudiya and moved out of the house with a heavy heart.
As I walked into eternity, my wife asks madam “will my husband ever come back?’.
My daughter Sony answered by saying.” My papa never tells lies to me. Papa promised me that he would come back “.My wife looked at madam for answer. Madam pacified her by saying “We all live in hope .what is life without hope? Let us hope he will come back after pilgrimage “.

                                                 (THE END)

2-nd ending.

Last page. (Before marriage.)
One day I asked madam why their outhouse was kept locked .Madam said, “We started our life in that house .after we built this house we moved into here. Since then outhouse was kept locked for the past fifteen years.” I asked madam for the outhouse key.
Opened the door and went inside .it was fully furnished house .everything in its place. Like a memorial house. may be some sentimental value attached to it .the whole day I alone spent cleaning the entire house .there is no point in staying in madam‘s house after my daughter’s wedding.I told madam that I am going to stay in their outhouse .madam had no objection for that.I borrowed Ajay’s computer and started typing my life story from my dairy....
After dinner, Maya came to our house and settled down!
My daughter’s marriage takes place...Ajay and Sony stays at madam’s house and starts their new life...
My life story “THE LIFE OF A LITTLE PRINCESS “was completed in three moth’s time. I approached few publishers .one of them agreed to publish my story .It was a moderate success.
Sony delivered a baby girl. we all were at her bed side at the city hospital .my wife took her granddaughter in her arms and named her AMMINI .in fact Sony’s name was Ammini .I only had changed it to Sony Gudiya I always wanted a little princess and the name cannot be none other than Sony Gudiya !With age my wife had mellowed .she is no more ill-tempered and sarcastic woman. We started our life all over again. She spend most of her time with her granddaughter Ammini .she wanted to make up her lost time with granddaughter .I worked as freelance designer for book covers and advertisement.

We stayed at madam’s outhouse, to serve her in her old age .A token of gratitude for giving a secured life for our daughter. Life was not cruel to me when I think of less fortunate parent, today I am a happy and content man.

                                               (THE END)