Saturday, September 29, 2012

Never Ending Saga….

Never Ending Saga….
Dear friends,
When I first thought about Eternal Love story concept I was happy. Since it is a love story I can help to set my story in any part of the world. As an atheist I do not believe in fate, but I knew Eternal Love can change the way I live… but it turned out be a wishful thinking!
It took me fifteen days to write and type first copy. Uncensored version is fifty nine A4 pages long. Publishers send me rejection letter if not estimate to publish my fiction. Estimate was always beyond my reach. I had sent request letter to six of the writers and four of the ghost-writers too. They all refused to co-author Eternal Love. Later I had saved money and got it published in POD mode.
Cost of printing 40 books Rs.14, 999/- only
Number of books sent to movie production house. 5 only.
Number of books sold .5 only.
Number of books on my attic. 30 only.
I told you selling my fiction and collecting peanuts is not my style.  There is always another chance. After I sell my fiction for movie production house I will reintroduce uncensored final edition in India. My ghost (writer) will write subplots, edit, and polish and give you Eternal Love with professional touch.
Six years ago nobody in India made movie at the cost of one billion Indian rupees. Later Robot in Tamil and RA-one was made with more than one billion Indian rupees. Robot-Tamil movie became greatest flop movie in Indian movie history. Since both the sci-fiction movie flopped at the box office finding producer for Eternal Love became impossible in India.
I had to try my fiction with Hollywood movie production house/producer. To sell your fiction for Hollywood movie is not easy. First you have to find an agent to sell your fiction for movie production house.
Hollywood movie producer /production house will find it difficult to adopt fiction written as per Indian culture to set it in Hollywood.
Copying western concept for Indian movies comes naturally to Indian producer and directors. Over the years our Indian producers and directors had copied thousands of foreign story concept and made Indian movies.
In producers letter I had assured then to set my fiction across the Atlantic or in any other part of the world. I am also offering free value added service like web designing (concept only) design movie title, set designing, help director and SFX artists to get my kind of visualization if given a chance to work as creative director. Still my fiction Eternal Love became untouchable!
You can only dream of sitting with Hollywood producer to discuss your fiction. They insist on screenplay. Not every writer can write Hollywood standard of screenplay.  Instead of reading screen play why don’t they read / study fiction and find business opportunity in it? Then why should they have expensive screenplay writer living in Hollywood uptown?
I told you Indian producers churn out more than ninety per cent trash movies, movies without story/ concept or movies with only entertainment value. Only Hollywood major movie producer / production house makes good movies. There are B grade and C grade movie producers in Hollywood they also make movies Trash movies without story and with cheap graphics. It is all because they insist on screenplay. Even though they claim ‘content is the King ‘, they do not look for innovation idea or concept stories for movie production. If you had sold millions of your book then they will make movie out of it because minimum number of movie tickets are assured. Otherwise they do not see business opportunity in your fiction.
I do not like the idea of insisting / demanding screenplay for movie production. A movie can be made from a short story. Right? Then how it is done?
Director after reading story decided to add subplots or expand existing subplots which are not fully developed, so director ask screenplay writer to write with necessary dialog. A director after reading the story will decide which part of the story needs to be developed or given importance. Whether it is family value, love romance, sex action or graphics etc. he is the right person to do so. Director’s life depends on making successful movies after movies. They know how to mix right ‘ingredients ‘for a successful movie.
Even if someone write screenplay and director decided to give importance to some of the scenes and wanted to further develop subplots there, then what happens? Re write screenplay?
I wanted producer to think my fiction as a business opportunity. Most of them fail to see that. They will think my book is just another fiction. So I had to write special letter for them.
‘Dear Sir, my book is not a fiction; it is a business opportunity for producer and movie production house….copyright notice….shot synopsis …. And my promise…..” I am also offering free value added service like helping to set my fiction across the Atlantic or in any other part of the world, web designing (concept only) design movie title, set designing, help director and SFX artists to get my kind of visualization if given a chance to work as creative director. ….
I had sent my fiction to four of the major movie production house in India. So far there is no response. Then I checked with some of the leading Hollywood movie production house. Almost all of them insisted only screenplay. Some time you will find ‘Disclaimer Notice’! It is just like a warning. If you send short synopsis or story idea etc. they have the right to use it for their own purpose. Never ever send messages to them with your short synopsis.
Whether you make Eternal Love in Indian or Hollywood version it will cost more than hundreds of million USD. Later I had checked with B grade Hollywood movie production house. A part from short synopsis I had given my Blog Spot Link so that they will be able to read three chapter of my fiction. Most of them read/ check my Blog Spot. Still they could not find business opportunity in my fiction. What next…..?
I knew in the west they first make HD DVD movie. It is like testing the water. If DVD movie became hit major movie production house will buy / make movie with leading Hollywood stars. I had checked with Google and found some of the DVD movie production house. So far no reply. Only number of views / readers in my blog had gone up….. What next?
I told you I think different, different way to overcome obstacles and failures. Nothing seems to work. It was easy to pacify my mind. “There seems curse on me’! #@&$!!
In uncensored version of Eternal Love there are four love making scenes in it including a marathon love making session at the end. For Indian edition of Eternal Love I had censored explicit love making scenes. You will find only the beginning of sex scenes. If producer make original version without censoring then Eternal Love is not a science fiction it will become a pornographic movie! Xxx videos without story are like Bang…. Bang…. Thank you….Maám. I hate it. When there is a story one can get ‘involved ‘in it!
There was a little confusion should I Google it for erotic DVD movie production house or for pornographic video production house? I had decided to try with pornographic HD DVD movie makers. Ever hear about Eternal Love xxx? NO? Director-jivan, soon it will be available online!
We Indians make eight hundreds to nine hundred movies per year. More than ninety per cent of the movies are trash movies .movies with entertainment value only. Five per cent parallel cinema and four per cent art movies. Why not we make one per cent movie for global audience? When I say global audience... it is not about Hollywood movie audiences. Global audiences are familiar with movies from around the world. They look for content, presentation, acting, technical excellence etc.... I had seen some of the finest movies at international film festivals held at Chennai. Tickets are always sold on black market. So costly but it was worth watching movies from different countries. Human life and problems are same everywhere but the way they present same situations and solutions make it interesting to watch.
I think we Indian should showcase our talent for global idea of making movie for global audience is..... Foreign director cannot shoot Indian stupid and sentimental scenes. So the main story is shot with Indian director. Then we 'import' executive director from Hollywood to shoot critical scenes. We Indians are also capable of shooting critical scenes but only with half-baked ideas or copying foreign scenes which are not acceptable for global audiences. It is not necessary that we make movies from Ramayana or Mahabharatham which require high end graphics. We too can write fiction with innovation idea. We should also produce English movies for global audiences. We have talented actors and actress. What we lack is ability to present movie for global audiences.
If I was happy about the concept of Eternal Love; I was also equally worried man. I had sent manuscript to co-author with some writers. Send Eternal Love (Book) to movie production house. Will anyone of them use my story concept to write fiction or make movie?
Since I think in negative I had taken precaution like taking international copyright and ISBN for my fiction. Eternal Love cannot be made with less than one billion INR .  My belief is that if they are genuine producer / production house they will not risk their money without getting my permission to make movie. Remember sometime our belief had given away to depression?  If not I will have to spent money to block movie version of my fiction.
Who knows some other day I will end up writing ‘how to legally sodomize movie producer /production house? I am keeping my fingers crossed. Man, always be prepared.
You know the difference between me and other people? I wrote my failures first, Others will not write their failure first only after they became successful few of them will tell you about their failure. That is to inspire others.
Reason for failure is not always because of our fault but because of the other concerned person’s incompetency. And we Aquarians do not like to take the blame!