Saturday, September 29, 2012

Skull Cap.

Skull Cap.
innovation idea, futuristic technology,Skull Cap.
This concept is six years old. Even in Eternal love you will not find my ‘skull cap ‘I thought of presenting my idea if only I get a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction. Now here it is for you ….
I am a Sci-fiction and concept writer. I can write concept for science and technology, advertising agency and for movie production. Since ‘Free Gas’ for industrial and automobiles purpose and ‘Stop Cyclone’ involve drawing and explanation I would like to submit my simple concept for ‘Skull Cap’ which will be useful for medical purpose and crime detection .
Skull cap (concept only). It looks like any other tight skull cap covering top of the head. It has inbuilt sensors. It collects brain waves and store in its memory chip. With blue tooth coded signals are transferred on to the computer. Advance software will be able to decode brain waves into images and appropriate texts.
If the Skull cap was worn a patient while sleeping his /her dreams are stored in the inbuilt memory chip or transferred to computer via blue tooth. Skull cap is very useful to find out what is happening inside the brain of a coma patient. It can treat people suffering with unknown phobias. Rape victim might have seen the perpetrator of the crime but many not are able to draw sketches or he may be known person but they do not want to name him. Doctors and police can ‘take’ the image (s) of perpetrator and can take appropriate remedy/action against the culprits.
Even after water chamber, shock therapy or third degree method for Serial killers, Rapists, hard-core criminals and terrorists they will not cooperate with law enforcing agencies. They will even refuse to wear skull cap. Using tranquilizer or mixing sleeping drugs in food can do the trick.
For criminal and terrorists it is made of high density synthetic fibre cloths, looks like a cloth helmet with a lock at the back. With computer one can’ hack’ his brain and find out what he is planning or up to.
Since you cannot manipulate your dreams (images) from your brain, it can be used as evidence/proof to nail the culprit.
Advance model skull cap will have small inbuilt image processor and projector located on your forehead. Images can be projected on to the wall or ceiling. First thing in the morning we will be able to recollect our dreams much better.

Advance model will have inbuilt mini projector in front of the cap . One can project recorded ‘video’ images on to wall or ceiling.

My ‘skull cap’ was worn by Ajay in the Eternal Love sci-fi and he was able to recollect his of twenty five old sweet memories!
I want one ‘real skull cap ‘for me.  I will learn video editing first then I will visualize my fiction Eternal Love’ and ‘add ‘appropriate ‘back ground ‘and make DVD movie and sell it to the whole world!