Saturday, September 29, 2012


As an atheist I do not believe in Time (good and bad times) astrology, fate, god, superstition, positive thinking, and hope. But it helped me to pacify my mind. Call me escapist! You would not believe me. Situations in my past six years were forcing me to believe in irrational things. I will always refuse to believe in them. Rational thinking and my self confidence in my 'abilities '' help me to overcome failures in life.

Time. (Good times and Bad times)
As per astrology and Hinduism they believe time of birth of a child determine his destiny!  Here in Chennai- Tamil nadu there is a proverb. It says our bad time has lot to do with the time our father decided to remove his nicker! Her parents look for auspicious time to ’produce’ children! I had no idea when my father decided to remove his nicker. I will not wait for auspicious time to remove my nicker. I am Eveready! Where is my rational thinking here?  But this proverb helped me to pacify my mind. . Call me escapist!

 You know even though for the past six years I had experienced bad time in my life I refused to believe in bad times. It is because of my way of rational thinking. Otherwise like you stupid bums I too would have consulted astrologer and he will tells me to pray at some temple, donate money or gold to overcome bad times.  I tried different ways to overcome failures in life. I had asked for help from my friends but none of them helped me. Sent request letters to writers to co-author my fiction eternal love. Later I had published my fiction at my own expense. Sent free books to movie production house. Register IMDb pro for one month trial and send query letters to some of the leading movie production house and movie agents in India and abroad. Nothing succeed like failure!