Saturday, September 29, 2012

Video Piracy.

Video Piracy.
Video Piracy It is the biggest menace movie producer and film industries facing all over the world.  Here I have few suggestions to curb video piracy. DVD and video of latest movies are copied and sold in the local market .local police can Confiscate computer and put person responsible behind bars.
We Indians get national and international latest movies on DVD in our local stores and on our footpaths! On footpath we get latest Hollywood or Indian movies in DVD for half USD or Rs.30/-. To see same movie at the theater we have to spent 5 USD or 150/- INR. It is easy for a policeman in civilian clothes to buy latest movie in DVD format and arrest the seller. Seller can identify the suppliers and suppliers can take the police to duplicate DVD movie makers.
It should be the duty of every government to protect copyright / IP materials like movies are protected as per the land of law. Our government make more money as tax on theatre ticket and DVD movie sales. They are the one who should take appropriate action against illegal DVD movie manufactures.
Hollywood / Bollywood and all other film industry from all over the world should unite to fight against video piracy. They should send warning notice to U torrent, C-net and all other free down load offering site uploading feature films without the permission of producer and movie production company. Under copyright / IP act free downloading site should be held responsible for the loss of revenue for the producer / production house. Once someone files case for loss of revenue through free downloading site other site will automatically close doors.
U torrent , C-net and other free downloading site should put up warning notice taking legal action against anyone uploading free movies though their site . This will discourage people uploading copy right materials and movies on their site. Since a movie takes more than one to four GB it should be easy for them to remove from their site.
When my suggestions are put into practice a great amount of revenue loss for the government, producer and movie production house can be prevented.
N.B I can only give issue based support. In India it is the producers and mainly directors who steal copyright concept for making movies. They do not give credit or pay royalty to the original movie maker. Over the years Indian producer and directors had stolen thousands of movie concepts from Hollywood and other foreign movies!