Tuesday, October 23, 2012



Hello, my blog friends,
You all are magnanimous people. None of you made fun of me. You all tried to understand what I was struggling to say .Lol   two week ago I had asked simple question on discussion forum ‘why should Hollywood producer insist on screenplay'? Few of them gave me valuable suggestion while some of the qualified and highly experienced screenplay writers and producer went on with argument and they made sarcastic comment and belittled me. Is this how civilized people discuss or even debate? Disgusting.
Check the link below and read their comments. You will find how low they stoop to belittle and make sarcastic remarks. There is no self-respect even on pubic forum. I am ashamed of them. Someone reminded me 'you are antagonising producers with your discussion!? She forgot Hollywood is not a one man show. There are hundreds of producers in Hollywood and if any one of them decides to make movie out of my fiction he will make it even without screenplay. And all the producer and major movie production house are busy making movies. They are not wasting their precious time on my discussion.

This is the last reply for them.
Since when I claimed my idea is great? Story with same concept can be written by different writers .the difference is how you connect ‘events’ with characters and audience make all the differences.
I thought we Indians are good at making fun of others. We Indians judge other with just one look! If the person got dark complexion he could be a local guy! If he has fair complexion, healthy and well groomed he is man of importance!! Like in west, now here also grooming is part of our culture .I am not impressed with appearance. Appearance can be deceptive. To me it is his intelligence and creativity that fascinates me. Think of our businessman, politicians, god man and con man they are all well groomed .period.
If you are in the habit of writing fiction you know each one of us can write different story with same topic .the difference is the way presents the story. This simple thing you all have failed to notice in my argument.
You all thought I am funny character.  Don’t ever stoop too low to belittle others.

In the west ghost /horror movie makes real money and you all have seen millions of ghost but you all are yet to see my kind of ghost.

Here is the challenge for you all. O.K? No writer will give their story concept for other to write story. Agree? Here I am give you short synopsis try writing full manuscript.  Set the story in any part of the world and give whatever special power you want to give it to the ghost so that he can hunt down and kill four of them. Just take it as a challenge. Here no kidding .O.K?

Short synopsis.
Story is for 3D stereographic movie only.
Young married couples from north India comes hill resort in south India for homey moon.  Husband was beaten to death and his young wife gets gang raped and murdered. They burnt the body of husband and wife so that there is no evidence.  Only husband alone comes back to life. How?  Out of 72138958 people in Tamil Nadu he will have to hunt down and kill each one of the perpetrator of crime in gruesome manner. In Hollywood everything is larger than life. Use your space age technology. Google, satellite, drone and tom hawk missile for surgical operation if necessary. There is a time frame.  In 24 hours six of them should get killed ... traveling time should not be more than 13 hours. You too can give special power to ghost. Use special power for stunning CGI and VFX.

I had given you short synopsis now start writing full manuscript.  Even though central theme remains same (husband comes back to life as ghost and kill rapist cum murders) 'our' story will not be same. The reason is simple you are telling 'same' story; you are presenting it from your point of view. I am also telling same story the way I had visualised. And the presentation by competed director will be different from the way we write. He uses GGI and VFX and all his knowledge to make it memorable.  Whether is fiction or movie it is all about presentation and how you connect with readers /audience.  If I set eternal love in other part of the world even though story remains same presentation will be entirely different because of our cultural differences.  You all are screen play director and producer. How come none of you notice these simple differences?

Now either you writing fiction or try to break your head to write story based on my short synopsis. Meanwhile let me have a hearty laugh at your expenses. Lol.

I am no way comparing myself with any of those great creative people. Writers, painters, artists, visualizer, directors and all other creative people; we all visualize scene on our mind /head even before they put it on piece of paper. Creativity is neither in my qualification nor in my appearance.

For everyone it is greed or ambition that takes them forward.  Frustration and pent-up feelings are my driving force.

I agree with you all. No one can sell story concept alone. AN IDEA CAN CHANGE LIFE?!

To work in film field and to show case my talent first I have to write fiction. Selling fiction and collecting peanuts is not my style. I wanted to sell it for movie production .and if I get free chance I will be able to showcase my creativity.

I need tons of money to introduce 'UNIVERSAL LOVE ‘The New Religion from atheist point of view.  "The day people think beyond religion based messenger of god; world would be a better place to live-in" Atheist-jivan.

First step is to think beyond religion and religion base messenger of God. You all agree with me that there is only one almighty god for all of us .the creator of our universe. We all are worshiping same almighty God with different name.

Since the beginning of universe hundreds of billion people died searching for god.  Your search for god will end with your life! Don't be one among them!

I am living with purpose, people without purpose can be found on Indian footpath .Today people are laughing at my expense. The day I introduce Universal love-the new religion I will be laughing at the expense of my own family, wife, ex-friends who turned out to be good for nothing and ofcouse at those who thought I am a comedy piece. It will take years of my life. Sure I will make it happen before I die....
The least I expected sarcasm and belittling from highly qualified and experienced people like you.  I am sorry; I am not used to that. I am a self-respecting man .I will never ever stoop too low to make fun of other.
I personally thank each one of those who give me insight and valuable information about Hollywood.
I am leaving.
Bye now,

N.B:There are more than 166 comments. Check my reply and their comments... is this the civilized way to make discussion /debate on public place? you will find fragile ego maniacs and racists here. meet few of them here on my discussion forum. forget about their culture. they do not have self respect. they will stoop too low to abuse you . Don't ever stoop too low to repay then with same coin by loosing your self rescept. racists are sick people . you better keep them off.
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