Thursday, October 18, 2012



Everybody think it is easy to get fiction published.  Writing fiction is easy. To get fiction published at the expense of publisher is no laughing matter. we have seen people claiming ‘published Author ‘’who cares?  Whether he / she got published fiction at her expense or on merit or not.

Even though I had WgaW copyright. I still needed ISBN for my fiction. WgaW and ISBN will deter people using my story concept for writing and making movie out of my fiction. I wrote eternal love exclusively for movie production. On first page of my fiction there is a copyright warning notice. In India producer and director look for story concept and they take story concept and make movie. Even Robot Indian movie was copied from five different published books. Case was closed after the producer paid money to all those writers.

 Most of publisher are sending estimate since more and more budding writers are willing to spent money to get their fictions published. Why should publisher risk their money on some one’s creative work? Publisher prefers to have cake and eat it too. When writer gets only estimate after estimate he had no other option than to spent money to get his fiction published. If publisher risk their money to publish your book he needs to promote your book or risk losing investment on your book. To avoid risk they want writers to spent money to publish. Whether his/her books are sold or not publisher will make minimum profit of 20% or more. If his book became hit, next time publisher will pay advance to write new book. Call it material world.

Even if we writer spent money to get published our book, publisher will refuse to promote our book! When my book was introduced by Xlibris Corporation of U.S and power publisher in India, my book was not available on their new arrival list. When I asked why they are not promoting my book both of them sent me promotional scheme. You spent Rs 17,000/- for 40 books but to promote books you have to spent additional Rs 25000/-!  I am not yet MAD. When it is writer’s money they do not care.  They do not even want to promote your book. Funny people. Only my blog friends know about my book but not the rest of the world.

When you take platinum scheme for publishing at the cost of Rs 1, 00,000 or Rs 1, 50,000/- there is lots of fun. Publisher will print your fiction with the best available paper on earth. And the cove page? Anyone would love to put it on their showcase. Editor will do spell and grammar check. If necessary they will polish it. After reading your book you will fall in love with your own book! Followed by print and E-media blitz. Then there is a critic review. Followed by book signing ceremony at the three or four star hotel. Distinguished writers are invited to speak/ praise sky high... verdict? A new J.K ROWLING is in the making! You bask in glory. Critics and distinguished writer get paid in advance!

After that you are asked to read few passages from your book. Readers are thrilled. Really? After signing few books and autographs you will be asked to get photographed with readers, critics and distinguished writer for the last time and they will give your memorable event in 4 G.B pen drive. Readers will have coke and snacks for free. After you interact with new found readers. You are given warm send-off.  You will be put on chuffer driven Benz car. Full throttle you will sing all the way to home “WATTA FEEEEEEEEEEELING!”

After one month you will get sales report of your book. Only after calculating profit and loss you realize how much money you lost out by choosing vanity publishing.

Here is my own experience.  For Rs 17,000/- Xlibris publisher had edited and polished my fiction. They gave me softcover book with ISBN, E-pub and Amazon Kindle edition. 59A-4 pages long fiction became 83 book pages after editing .size.9’x5’. Cost 16.95 USD! E-Pub 7 USD, Amazon Kindle edition costs only 5USD. I not Salman Rushdie. Who will buy 83 book pages of my fiction for 16.95 USD?

For Indian edition of Eternal Love I had remove explicit love making scenes. I got it published through Power Publisher of Calcutta. For Rs 15000/- I got 40 books. No editing, No polishing .it is just the way I wrote it on my blog. Even if I sell 40 books on MRP .Rs 175/- I will only recover Rs.7000/-.  Printing charges alone will cost me Rs 8000/-. I had sold out 40 of my books.

Not every publisher rejected my fiction eternal love. Most of them sent me estimate from 1000 USD to 6000 USD! I literally fainted.