Monday, November 12, 2012

Writers and Producers.

Writers and Producers .

We all can think , dream and visualize. There is a simple difference between you and a writer. He will put it on peace of paper. In his leisure time he will develop subplots and make it as fiction or novel.
A producer is a business man. He will only check whether your fiction is a movie material or not . He will also check whether your story concept can be sold in the market .If it is good enough for him to make money then he will buy it.

A writer can be a great help for director and producer. He can help producer to  save money! Not every producer is aware of it . Usually writers write fiction as per their country's culture. Unless he is familiar with another culture he can not set story across the border of in another part of the world.  To save money for producer a writer can set story in different period .  Not every story can be set in any part of the world because of our cultural differences . Love story can be easily modified as per culture.

It is easy for a writer to modify his fiction for moderate budget or for high budget for movie version. where as a screenplay writer or director will find it difficult to do so.It is easy for a writer to modify fiction as per the production cost.  I.e . I had set Eternal Love within India for medium budget. The same story can be set for high budget.  All I need is to set the story between U.K and India. For Hollywood version I will set it across the Atlantic ocean . Between U.S and U.K . I will have to change the skyline of major U.S and U.K cities. I will have to fly Hyper-sonic scram jet plane. Larger than life style etc. All these things will take time for  screenplay writers ,visualize and directors. Whereas it is pretty easy for an author to do the same thing.

Out there, there are guys like me .... Our visualization is so vivid. We think about lighting conditions, camera movements, colors and textures... Visualizer , CGI ,VFX artists and director can only improve upon our imagination.

It is easy for a writer to work as creative director. He can modify fiction, help to make sets, assists CGI, VFX artists and director. Even before writing fiction he had already 'seen' movie version of his fiction frame by frame on his mind!

Having written ten fictions I can say when it comes to creativity we story writers are ahead of screenplay writers, visualizers and directors. Without story writer no film industry! What you see on screen is a writer's creativity. The rest of them are only working on the writer's imagination.
Author of Eternal Love.