Thursday, April 4, 2013

The great escapist!

The great escapist!

Jivan, The Greatest Escapist!
I told you we human beings are escapists when we are faced with adverse conditions we like to escape into our dream world.

I was under tremendous stress… well, nobody pressurized me to succeed in life. I myself pushed beyond my limits. For the past six long years I had experienced only failure. How do you think I coped with my failure?
Certainly I was not praying god or living on hope. I knew if only producers find time to read my fiction I can find buyer and that was not in my hands.

When I was bored to death I take permission from my boss and go to nearby browsing center. When ‘‘you’ first check with Pron site ’you’ are like an ant fallen inside the sugar bowl. Gradually ‘you’ get bored with vaginal looks. ‘You’ then look for cute, virgins or casting… tell me where else I can watch continental chicks in action? Most of them look better than our Bollywood actress. some of them are dream girls!

After some time ‘you’ go in for advance search. ‘You’ look for shy, innocent and virgin girl with fabulous body.It is a great turn ON you know?

Let me tell you without a willing partner watching porn lead to frustration and harmful for ‘your’ health. Lol.

When I started smoking at the age of sixteen I thought I had will power. I can give-up smoking any time I want. Later I became addicted to smoking. I am yet to give-up smoking. I am scared! I do not want to become addicted to pron.

 Addiction of any kind is harmful for health and our spiritual well being.

‘All those addicts are escapists’!  Jivan

Take control of ‘your’ life and don’t be an addict.
Your friend,