Friday, October 4, 2013

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GOD & I          

you would not believe this... an atheist writing about God & I.  Some of our national news papers publish God and I article. Most of the people who ‘made out’ life write about their experience with god. Every one of them praise god, like how god had saved their life and so on......Since nobody asked me my experience with god I decided to answer their questions!

 1) GOD & I
 2) Understanding God.
 3) Define what God means to you?
 4) What’s your Relationship with God?
 5) What does religion means to you?
 6) Religious practice
I preach ‘Universal Love’. There is only one religion in this world ‘Universal Love’ (Humanity) Author of Universal Love. Jivan! 
 7) How do you connect God?
 8) If you meet God what would you ask him?
 9) How often you pray?
 10) Do prayers get answered?
 11) What do you think of God man?
 12) If you were to play God what would you change?
 13) Have you tried mediation?
 14) Your spiritual belief?
 15) Spiritual experience.
 16) Pilgrim spot.
 17) My only fear is dying like an orphan. That is the reason I wish to die in my sleep. What about you?
 18) Take on Miracles. 

Most of the times my empty mind churn out something but I do not put it on my blog. I told you any fool can preach. When you preach through blog you are guiding someone out there. 

Write down answer for all the questions in one paper and check my answer with my blog. If my answer is no different from yours then my name is not JIVAN. You put my name for your dog.'Jeeeeeeeeeeeevan ' he will wag his tail and come after you .Lol

N.B: Sent your comments to me. Kidnap