Thursday, October 3, 2013

Money is NOT everything.

Do you think money is everything? Do you risk your character and core values for the sake of money?
To me money is not everything. I am happy when I get paid for my work. I will not compromise my character and core value for the sake of money. Read life as it is…

After ‘Less than 32 hours’ …I started working as a lodge manager here since 04-04-07. I was offered a meager salary of Rs 3000/-pm less than $ 52. Working hours start from am to 10.30 p.m without a single day break. After six and half years I am getting Rs 6000/-pm.  I also attend break down on electrical, appliance, equipment, cable T.V and plumbing. I have been working here without a single day break for the past six and half years! If money was everything to me with three or five year experience I would have tried to get a job with better salary. Right? wrong!

I thought I will publish my fiction and sell it for movie production and move out of this place but it was not easy. I made up my mind after I leave this place I will not work for any one. I will only work for me. In India like country one should not work for others. Here our boss wants our honesty and hard work for peanuts. I will give you rough idea about our living cost. Six years ago one Kg rice cost Rs 20/- now it cost more than Rs 50/-. You foreigners are not bothered about the prize of rice.O.k, six years ago 8 gram of gold cost Rs 13,500/- today it cost about Rs 24,000/- now you can calculate our inflation rate.

You know why I never tried to get job as a lodge manager? Our lodge is a family lodge with reputation running for the past 45 years. You should know how ordinary lodge function in India.  Local lodge owner will have ‘right connection with local politician and local police station.  Lodge owner permit liqueur, gambling/cards and woman. If I work in other lodge I will be 'earning' more money. But it is not honest money. Local politician will bring women, liqueur, gamble; they also run kangaroo court and make of the court settlement in those lodges.

If money is everything for you; then you do not have character. You will compromise your principles for the sake of money. 

My guru Charles Darwin says… ‘It is not the strongest species that survived; it is the one who adopt changing times’. I too said same thing. ‘Change for a better tomorrow’; But not at the cost of your character and core values. When I was a kid my father taught me few things. Never say lies; be honest and straight forward... Believe me I got into lots of trouble by following his advice. Even though he left me more than twenty years ago I do not know why I am still following his advice.  I may be wrong in this material world but my conscience tells me I am right. I had never suffered guilty conscience. If your life is governed by your conscience you will find peace within you. Be happy with whatever you have. You will not become greedy. 

If you had a disciplined child hood…if your parents had told you about the importance of having conscience. …. You will not compromise on your ethics for the sake of money or material. If not you might even sell your conscience. Your conscience should be your guiding force in your life. Life may go up or down but never ever you should compromise on your core values and belief.  

Our parents taught us few values for life .we children are still trapped inside the ‘time capsule’. Even though our parents are no longer with us; we still follow their advice. I wonder what advice I should give to my little daughter for life. I will tell her to be honest and hard working. Even if I will not be around my daughter’s life will be guided by conscience …like an angle of guardian.