Friday, October 4, 2013

Stingray (Kite Fish).


“This photograph was taken at the Calicut, Kerala on 07-12-97. sea aquarium. Taking photograph of stingray fish was the most challenging.  Fish was swimming at high speed in zig zag manner. He seems highly agitated. I asked the security guard for the reason. He told me that the fish was released into the tank only two days ago. Poor guy (fish) used to swim seven seas now he is confined into 6’x6’ tank.

After observing him for some more time I noticed that he was swimming in a particular route. I had used Olympus super zoom compact camera to shoot him. I had set it on spot mode and pre-focused and waited for the appropriate time. Within that time he took three rounds! ‘GOTHCHA’!  I had frozen him!! In my desperation to capture him alive I forgot to notice tube light reflection on the water tank.

Technically speaking this photograph does not qualify for any contest. Look at the minute details. You will find fish’s veins through his body. He looks so transparent. He must be an honest guy!