Sunday, October 20, 2013


Most of us can visualize but only a great man can achieve vision.  We set long term goal to achieve/ secure our future.  A man with vision can see beyond boundaries, religion, cast, creed and race.  His work not only brings changes for his country but also all over the world.  While common man can only visualize, a visionary can make it happen in his life time. All most everybody can visualize but not everyone can achieve vision.

Here is an example of goal.
When our family moved into rented flat way back in’ 92 we were greeted by bunch of boisterous kids, somewhere between six to eight years old kids. While girls wore maxis or chudidars boys had shot trousers. They played hide and seek or run around the flat yelling and screaming. At time while running around, their half trouser comes down. Shame…shame... puppy shame. After a day’s hard work all I wanted was peace of mind. Sigh.

In the beginning they all kept a safe distance from me. As the time went by we came to know each other’s through their mothers. They all called me uncle!

I introduced them to board came like chess, chiness checker, monopoly, Scotland Yard, vedio games, shuttle badminton. I also took them for movies.

Unlike my childhood times today Indian children are focused about their future at very young age. I had seen children studying for their future. Tenth standard they decide which prestigious collage they should study, who much mark they have to score when they get through twelveth standard to get engineering, medical or to work in MNC. Based on that they scored marks! Today most of them are working for MNC or prestigious organization.
All of them are on face book. They all have new friends and colleagues. Even though they are online they do not have time to chat with me but I sent them birthday wishes. They are all married and settled down in life. People talk about ‘how time flies’ I had seen time flying.

Friends…? When they move up in life they conviently forget those who cannot keep ‘space’ with them.

Here I will write about my vision. My pet project ‘Universal Love’ the new religion. Purpose of universal love is to create universal citizens to help each other’s regardless of religion, cast, creed and race.

‘If your dreams don’t scare you, you are dreaming big’. It is true. When is say I wants to start new religion you all are laughing at my expense but I am the one getting pissed off.
Just think….I need to rewrite ‘universal love’ the new religion. Spent my hard earned money to get it published, find followers….I am not a good orator, I do not have organizing skill, I do not have leadership qualities.. Then how I am going to do it? The enormous amount of responsibility really scares me. At time I wonder is this one of my utopian idea?

I will give you rough idea about my ‘universal world’. Universal citizens will serve our community. In the beginning it will be a small community we will help each other for survival. I need people from all walks of life. Young and old with all trade. 

Here are few rules to be followed.
Leave your EGO out and step into our universal world. Fragile egomaniacs are not allowed. Racists are kept out of the site.
We will not permit violence, drugs, sex inside our premises.
Everybody is equal. Race, religion, cast or creed will not have any importance. Every individual will be respected regardless of their religion, cast, creed or race.
We will not degrade any religion in our books or in our deed.
If we grow in future we will have school, hospitals. We will have old age home for poor and senior citizens who need love and care.
We will help people to overcome their phobias and superstations with scientific method.
Since there will be lot of ladies and gents, getting mixed up and sexed up is prohibited. Keep it out of our site .out in the wild or by the sea side and under moon light.
We welcome Aliens.
We are part of PETA. We will fight for cats and dogs.
We will not challenge any religion or their belief.
We will be peace loving people. We will help anyone within our capacity. We will not help anyone with money. I.e. if a man running loss business we will help him to do better business. Maybe we will sell his products though our contacts or we will find buyer for his goods. Some time we will tell him how to do better business.
We will have creative people. Song writers will write unity song. A song without lyrics! So that everyone can sing.  Just like our tribal song. Our tribe will never be lost in the crowed because of our unity song. It is something like this…


To generate revenue our creative people will take up advertising.
We will make meaningful movies. Documentaries to highlight common man’s problems, ecological disasters made by man and other issues.
In the name of human right violation we will never support terrorists, rapist, serial killers, drug smugglers and human traffickers, corrupted politicians. …
We will support capital punishment.
We will not brain wash theists. We will help them to overcome their phobias and superstitious belief.  

In our building. What building? O.K, under the huge banyan tree you will find a board. Universal Love .one world one religion for humanity. Below you will find a small board. ‘There is no free food here’. People should know the value of food. Most of the big temples in India offer free foods.  For food every ‘universal citizen will have to work.  We will provide work for everyone.  Now you all want to know what sort of work jivan is going to do. Let me think…….I will teach kindergarten students. Nursery rhymes and cook and bull story telling. In my leisure time I will work with retired engineers and make prototype model for free gas, light for light years, stop cyclone! World over people pray god when cyclone news are announced. We will blast away cyclone or tornado. We use very sophisticated technology. Like your relationship it is very complicated nevertheless my concept will work. With software engineers I want to develop spam busters. Once spam buster soft wares are installed spamsters will became history.

We need lot of money so we will accept donation from all over the world. You foreigners will think jivan had started new religion. A new world called universal world. You all think universal world is one big party place. NO! You foreigner can have wild parties out in the wild but  not in our back yard.

Youngsters in India think it is a great place for getting married girl from other religion or cast. Cross breeding is not our agenda. You have to approach court to get their blessing.
If our first attempt is successful we will have braches all over the world. Different countries kind of problems. We will study their problem and help our ‘tribe’ to server their communities in their country.
List is endless….