Tuesday, October 22, 2013

‘We’ support capital punishment.


In my article ‘vision’ I wrote ‘we will support capital punishment. Here on title it is not ‘I’ it is ‘we’. I am sure billions of people out there will support capital punishment.

When ‘nirbhaya’ (Delhi girl gang raped and murdered) case verdict came out supporters of capital punishment and anti capital punishment and human right organization were at loggerhead. I wanted to start debate ‘To be or not to be hanged’.  My year new resolution was not to write any more blog. Recently I started writing just to keep in touch with writing.
I support death sentence .If death sentence can not deter terrorists and killers what else can? Is terrorist life is more important than innocent civilians life? We have terrorists, serial killers, serial rapists who rape and kill woman, hired assassins who kill people for money. When these people are ‘laid to rest’ where is the question of same person committing crime. We are more than 1.2 billion Indians why we should we reform them at our expense? Tax payer’s money.

When ‘nirbhaya’ (Delhi girl gang raped and murdered) case verdict came out ,print and T.V went full throttle against capital punishment. There are few people who think they are highly evolved species but they should not think others are fools.

New paper editors. When we read an editorial report we know whether the article is biased or not.

Journalist. In journalism first and foremost important thing is to tell truth. ‘Tell nothing but truth, the only truth world wants to hear’. Of course they are telling truth but not the whole truth! Sometimes sensitive issues are involved. Like religion (communal violence) or cast. Telling truth will inflame the situation. Today we have hundreds or T.V channels, each of them telling different or distorted version of same event.

Writers and celebrities:  they ‘endorse’ or take up social issue to improve their visibility.

And there are youngsters who believe in western democratic values. It is fashionable for them to join human right organization or to become human watch dogs.

Why I / we support capital punishment. We men are not from Mars. We are from mother planet. We have mothers, sisters, cousins, wife and daughters. We do not want any one of them getting raped and murdered.  Rape itself is a heinous crime then why we should allow rapists and murder to get away with crime? Is their life is more important than some one’s wife/sister or daughter? ‘It’ always happens to some unknown people. How can we feel for them? You can only sympathize for their family. None of them are looking for sympathy but every effected family feels ‘it’ should not happen to any other woman.

Human right people says ‘it is revenge/and blood thirsty people are supporting death sentence. The fact is that we do not want terrorists, serial killers and rapists in our society. They also claim death sentence is not deterrent against crime. If so why you should be bothered when criminal are hanged for their crime?

Death penalty is not a deterrent against crime?  Why there is low crime rate in Saudi Arabia or any other Muslim countries where sharia law is imposed. There people are aware of the punishment. For an outsider their punishment looks like a tribal system but it is their way of controlling crime rate. Even in Saudi Arabia it is not Arab who is getting beheaded, it is people from third world countries who try to make fast bucks or break their rules. When you are in their country you follow their rules.

I will tell you true story. Two decades ago I worked in one of the gulf country. One Arab girl got pregnant. In advanced stage of her pregnancy abortion was performed, the girl and her baby died. Doctor who performed illegal abortion was sent to jail for more than ten years. Inside the underground jail you will either see neither sun nor moon for years. In summer atmosphere temperature goes above fifty two degree centigrade. When the doctor came after completing his prison term he was a mad man. They sent him back to India. When you go to new place or country most important thing is that you follow their rule and make you life simple.

I will write a simple story concept here.
A man gets married late in his life. When his daughter was ten years old his wife died of blood cancer. Now his daughter is only hope in his old age .He brings up his only daughter with love and care.

She grows up and works for MNC. One day while she returning after late work in her car four guys in their SUV blocks her car and takes her into an isolated place. They gang rape and brutally murder her.

State court sentenced four of those guys to death. But they appeal in Supreme Court. Case dragged on for years…….. Since Supreme Court judge felt that the case does not fall under ‘rarest of rare ‘case he will sentence four of them to life sentence.

Her father’s only hope was to spent time with his grand children. Now he has nothing to look forward. He lost all hope of getting justice. He purchases a hand gun from the black market. On the judgment day he will not appear in court. Only his lawyer will appear in court. Since the case became ‘sensational’ there was huge crowed on the judgment day. He was in the court premise in disguise. Just before those rapists were taken into jail by van her father will appear from the crowed and gun down four of them and surrender to police.

Court battle...
Defense lawyer for four of the rapist argue with girl’s father….’ It was revenge, it was predetermined coldblooded murder. You had sniffed out four of the younger’s future life’.
For that girl’s father will reply ‘I have lost faith in Indian judicial system.  It was not an act of revenge.  It was a warning shot for the future rapist cum killers. If we parents will not get justice we will have the right to kill them. We parents do not bring-up our daughters to get raped and murdered. What I had done is right for me. Now judge can pronounce his verdict’.
Tell me what punishment should be given to girl’s father? Your verdict please…
Now make movie out of my story concept and see how Indians and rest of the world react to it.

When judgment comes for rape cum murder it is not death sentence for the killers because most of the case will not ‘qualify’ for rarest of rare case. For that a rapist will have to dismember his victim.

Judges are supposed to be guardian of people .if they wants to spare the life of terrorist and killers then who will punish the guilty?

When you go to new place or country you obey their rules. When they come to our country they will obey our rules. Everybody should obey the law of land.  It is just that simple. 
In Kashmir you will find supporters for Pakistani terrorists. If law and order cannot control situation what else can? Gandhiyan philosophy? When a bull comes charging at you, you won’t preach you shoot him down. Terrorists are not doing under the impulse. They are trained for years. They plan and execute meticulously. What way their life is more important than innocent civilian life?

Just because we support death sentence does not me we are tribal people or terrible people, by supporting terrorists and killers you do not became civilized man either.
‘Our’ argument is that terrorists, serial killers and rapist cum murders do not deserve to live in our civilized society. They deserve death. PERIOD.

N.B: Just because we have ‘vision’ does not mean that we will become ‘man with a vision’. In modern times you need resources and willing to scarify lot of thing in life to achieve ‘vision’.

My blog is my play ground. My likes and dislikes are very strong. I do not like to mince words. My blog is all about my opinion on certain issues, whether you like it or not.

We Indians are influenced by filmy dialogs. At times fragile ego maniacs will ask you…’ You know who I am’? Holly Shit! Who is bothered to know who the F in hell is he? If he is not sure about who he is then he should ask his mother. May be his mother knows the secrete. Lol. We all are interested to know whether he would like to behave like a civilized man or not.