Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Sony Gudiya on her fifth day. Today she will be nine years old.
Teddy bear is waiting for Sony to play with him.

When my wife handed over Sony for the first time I gave her
gentle kiss on her head forehead and said ‘Thank you….’ she told me to handle
Sony with care. My daughter looked at me with suspicion! That is how small
babies familiarize our face. I then sang this song for Sony.

“Phoolom ka tarom ka….Sub ko kahana hai; 
 Ek hazarom  may…. Chony Kudiya hai ….
 Sari…..ummer ha-may sung rehana hai……”
 And gave her gentle peck on her tender cheeks;
I did not noticed that I mother-in-law was watching from the door way.  

Missing you…Papa. 

Warning! When taking photographs of an infant; DO NOT USE CAMERA
FLASH LIGHT. Flash light can damage baby’s eyes (Retina) seriously. If you are
using compact camera put tape on flash. Use natural sun light to photograph
babies up to six months. If you are taking photos of baby inside the room keep
baby near the window or door way for natural sun light.