Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sensation of Deflowering.

Sensation of Deflowering.
An out of body experience. (Real)
Virginity. Defloration. an out of body experiences. 

After completing my diploma course in A/C & Refrigeration course I started taking training at M/S Spencer & Co, Chennai. My married elder sister was staying near M/S Spencer & co .On Saturdays I go to her house for lunch. After having lunch my sister and brother in law return to their office. I play with my little cousin who was an infant at that time. My cousin goes to sleep after drinking her bottled milk. One of the distance relative came and stayed on summer vacation to look after my little cousin .she was a teenager. It all started with kidding. After my little cousin goes to sleep we will start with kidding with each other. It usually involved in petting and necking. She was so shy that I will have to forcibly kiss her but nothing serious…. I was confident one day I can deflower her .so I always carried condoms in my wallet. She was only a girl and I didn't want her to get pregnant. Besides if my father comes to know of it I would be kicked out of our house. He imposed gandhiayan philosophy on me with dictatorship. May be that is the reason I never went astray in my lifetime. 

Even though she enjoyed kissing and necking she was ultra shy .she was not playing hard to get nor was she pretending. In those days it was normal for a teenage girl to behave like that. She will not cooperate but always pretended as if nothing was happening, at times she acted as if she was busy or reading magazine. I do all that silly things like carrying her in my arms and make her sit on my lap and ask her to continue reading magazine but she giggle and laughed a lot. After cajoling she will sit on my lap and read magazine. The smell of her hair had castor oil or usual jasmine flower. It intoxicates me. While sitting on my lap and reading magazine I kiss on her neck. I put my hand inside her blouse .no bra only shimmies. And fondle her breast. I love to hug her like a bear .if probed under her skirt with my hand she will only permit to go as far as I could feel her soft mount. Beyond that point she will lock my hand by tightening her thighs. These sort of silly things were going on for some times. I knew she was enjoying the sensation and fun but her inhibitions prevented her from cooperating with me. 

One Saturday afternoon after the lunch my brother in law and sister left for office. She was lying on the bed and was reading one local magazine .I took one pillow and went to visiting room. Placed it on sofa and started reading magazine. I found that I could not concentrate on magazine. My hormones were driving me wild. I went back to bedroom and found palace next to her .she went on reading magazine. I watched her face by supporting my head with my palm .she pretend as if she was busy reading magazine. I had adjusted her long hair from the side of her face. No response…I snuggled at her. Still there was no response. I leaned over her face and paced a gentle kiss on her forehead. She spread her lips wide and went on reading as if nothing had happened .I smelled her hair it had the same smell of castor hair oil. Nice smell. Jasmine flowers on her hair were intoxicating me. I slowly moved my lips to her ear lobe and nibbled at it .she felt tickling sensation and started giggling. I moved my lips on to her chubby cheek and kissed her. She was enjoying my teasing but still refused to co operate with me. 

She was wearing half skirt and white half sleeve shirt under her that she had shimmies.  With my right hand I started unbuttoning her shirt. She held magazine close to her face and went on reading. One after one I unbuttoned her shirt. In those days it was common for girls to wear skirt and panty (Chaddy, country Indian type under wear used to tie around the hip with a ribbon tape. I had untied her skirt tape and slowly pulled up her shimmies over her chest. She dipped her face into the magazine and was enjoying the thrill. She was not wearing bra. I kissed on her right nipple and sucked on it .with my left hand I gently massage her left breast. She did not protest me .we both were enjoying our first sensation. As I went on sucking on her nipple and I put my right hand under her skirt and slowly pulled it over her abdomen. She was wearing one white cotton Chaddy. I pulled on the cotton tape and slightly pulled down her Chaddy down on her thighs. Never before in my life had I seen a pussy too close me. I slide down on the bed .I looked at it from the close quarter .it was a beautiful slight. The first growth of her soft pubic hair was in light brown color. I placed my cheek on her pussy. I was warm and soft .she still pretend like reading magazine. I moved my lips over her tender flesh. It became swollen.  I kissed on exactly over her slit. . I did not lick on her pink petals. I looked at her for her reactions. She cove her face with the magazine .maybe she was tense and holding her breath. I took out my wallet and removed condom. Unbuckled my pants and pulled out my knickers and Pants together. I had put on condom. I parted her thighs and got between her legs and lied on top of her.  She covered her face with the magazine. I slowly removed her magazine .she closed her eyes with her both hands. I kissed her on her pink lips and gave gentle pelvic thrust at her soft mount. My hot shaft was giving her tickling sensation between her legs. She started giggling more.  I ask her whether she became physically matured. She said she had her first period only on last Monday. I did not want to make hole for me. It will end in disaster. Bleeding and other problems associated with physically immature girl. 

I went on with gentle stroke between her thighs. I told her I do not want to make love on my sister’s bed. I did not want to spoil my sister's bed with her Virgin blood. I got up and lifted her in my arms and carried her to visiting room. I paced her buttocks on a Pillow. With both hands I parted her thighs wide and got between her legs and lied on top of her.  As I pressed my penies against her pussy ... Believe me or not my hot shaft found its way right into her warm vagina. Like a laser guided missile ‘it’ went straight homing in! I mean unlike other guys take it by hand and guide it into the holly hole. The act was spontaneous. As the tip of my bud entered into her vagina I felt her tightness around my bud. It was bloody tight .she said she would Cry. She repeated said she would cry… I sad No honey…. Don’t cry …please don’t….”

I gave few more gentle strokes and with one deep thrust I had deflowered her... She let out a small cry .the sensation of deflowering was just out of body experience. I started thrusting harder and deeper into her. She held me tight; she was writhing and panting under me. I had increased momentum and speed. I went on and on till I exploded deep into her Vagina.  I shot my full load and collapsed on top of her. I could feel her vaginal muscle’s rhythmic squeezes on my penies for more love juice. She was having her first orgasm .I held her tight and sucked hard on her mouth. She gradually loosened her grip on my back.  Her half-closed eyes and rashes on her face told me about her orgasm.  Her pillows were wet with her Joy Of tears! With the ejaculation I had reached my orgasm. I felt heavenly pleasure for the first time and I lay on top of her for a very long time .we both lost our virginity but it was worth its weight in gold…. 
I still can not describe my first Orgasm in words. The sensation of Defloration and my first Orgasm gave me an out of the body experience. . When I got out of her after a long time pillow under Buttocks were stained with her virgin blood … 

Late at home I scribbled in my diary “Deep inside your pink petals I felt warm, safe and secure."
Even though this chapter in my life had happened thirty-three years ago I still feel as if it had happened last night .My first orgasm and those cherished moments will last my lifetime …I had handled the whole situation with great maturity. I still wonder how it was possible for a young boy of Seventeen years to handle with such maturity. Any other guy at that age would have got his rocks off and walked out of the scene. After her first orgasm she became every receptive to our basic instinct. After first mating Session we enjoyed sex seven more times before she left for her native palace. Nothing ever came close to our first Encounter. It was different, like our hot tomato Chilly sauce!
“Sweet dreams are immortal”