Sunday, January 5, 2014


Is there life without hope?

Yes, I have! I said “I was living without hope. I must be a mad man? Mad man can be found on Indian streets….”

If you think like me you too can live life without hope. You all know my life (Fate. Fate is for those who believe in it) depending on sale of two of my fictions Eternal love and Broken Heart for movie production. Years ago I wrote…out of 800 to 900 movies per year we Indians make ninety percent trash movies. In Hollywood there are C grade movie production house and hundreds of Indi producers make movies. Let’s assume they make fifty percent of trash movies, Movies made without story or substances. Even though Hollywood believe ‘content is the king ‘they do not bother about it. They only make movies out of screenplay. In India content is not the king. Trash movies run on the strength of leading stars. Here is my verdict. Producers those who found time to read fictions made good movies. Producers those who found time only to read screenplay made trash movies. I am yet to learn screenplay but I can write shooting script for directors. 

I had placed Eternal love and Broken Heart on Ink Tip for sale. Just by reading log line you cannot find out whether a fiction is movie material or not. Then there is short synopsis .in Eternal love I had to bring a love boy back to life using futuristic technology. To know how I brought him back to life after 25 years and how he get married to the same girl producer will have to find time to read Eternal Love.

In Broken Heart husband alone comes back to life… out of ten million people in Chennai city he will have hunt down only four of the rapist cum murder. To find out how he goes hunting and killing each one of them within 24 hours producer will have to find time to read Broken Heart. Just by reading log line and short synopsis of fiction one should not run their imagination wild. I know if only...Yes, if only any of the producers find time to read my fiction they can find movie material from my fiction. Usually producers think writers are trying to sell their imagination. Most of them think writers want them to sell their trash for movie production. There are writers like me. We can work as creative director .we can help save lots of money on production cost.

Eternal Love was freely available on my Blog Spot for more than one month before I removed it. I do not want other writer or producer misuse copyright material. O.K, some of you happens to read my fiction.  Do you have any idea? Eternal Love can be made in three different movies with same concept! The difference is in treatment or presentation. Broken Heart can be made in two different ways!! This kind of creativity neither producer nor director will have. For writers it comes naturally.  When a writer work as creative director it is easy for him to modify his fiction as per budget and as per different culture. He can work as visualize, design sets, assist director, CGI and VFX artists. Producer spent any amount of money to hire executive director or visualizer.

When you hope you do not work hard to achieve success .you hope God will help/save/solve your problems. Time will tell you god had not helped or saved any body’s problems. He left for heavenly adobe zillions of light years ago. . Like you I was stupid enough to live on hope. You hope your own family will help you But your family thought you had gone mad!  You hoped /expected your friends will help you. They will promise you help but they will definitely deliver you shit. In desperation you will reach out ‘friends’ on your network. It will take time for you to realize that there are no real ‘friends’ on social network. When you come to saturation point you will give-up hope and work really hard to achieve your goal at any cost. Meanwhile you had wasted your time/years living on hope. People with physical disability do not live on hope. They really work hard to overcome their disability. Some of them can perform amazing feasts.  Their hard work, perseverance and confidence in their ability helped them to overcome their disability. It is just that simple.

‘Like your God hope does not exist! God and hope is only to pacify your mind’. Jivan 

 World over people will tell you to live on hope. From my experience with life I tell you NOT to live on hope! Beggars live on hope. People living on street hope for a better tomorrow and they do nothing to improve their life. They hope and beg till their last breath. Then how can they expect result?  In a race everybody hope to win but how many people win the race? Only one.  One day you will realize that hope cannot solve any of your problems then you will start working really hard to achieve your goal. Till then hope ... hop ....jump....and leap!   Stop living on hope and start working consistently towards your goal. Do not rest until you achieve what you want. There is no substitute for hard work or shortcut to success. .You too can live life without hope if you have confidence in your work / ability. To achieve success you need to set realistic goal. Don't live on hope, work to achieve what you are hoping for. 

If I were living or hope I would not have tried hard enough to succeed .I would be still living on hope by pacifying my mind ' if not today, some other day I will make it’. That day will never ever come and I will become one among the failure. I have not yet given-up 'fight' so, you cannot say i am a failure. the day i quit battle field called life you all can call me loser.O.K? 

If you are going to live on hope then you are not going achieve anything in life-jivan