Sunday, March 2, 2014



Indian home makers are changing the game of love making. They are telling us what is natural and what is unnatural! Our situation is very precarious.

We guys from the land of Kama sutra were under the impression that whatever was written in our unholy book Kama sutra was O.K, NO more!

Now Indian homemakers are empowered with new law.  We men used to drive them wild. Now our wives are driving us nuts.  . We married men are losing hard battle on soft bed. Our freedom of compression is violated by our new law.  Now our wife tells us what is acceptable and what is NOT acceptable! We married men are at their mercy!!  How sad….

When it comes to love making our women are old fashioned.  I mean stupid and sentimental. We men do not believe in platonic love. We are driven by Testosterone. We men like to express our hard feeling physically.

 If wife file suit against her husband for unnatural sex, which we men considered normal, his life gets screwed up.  She will be granted divorce by court. She takes one third of our salary as alimony and will live forever happily.  What a tribal law.

I want to know how you foreigner guys are dealing similar situation out there. Do you tell your wife what is normal or does your wife tell you what you are doing is abnormal?
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With love,