Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Future Plan.

Future Plan.

Have you ever thought about your future life? Do you have a future plan? Can you write down your future plan?

If I make enough money then I will introduce ‘Universal Love’ The new religion to the world. Even if I make money my wife will never comes to know of it. I want to become famous! So that my wife will come searching for me. Then I will pay one time settlement amount and get my daughter back.  A small man with big dreams.

If I am not able to make out a life I will either work for old age people or orphanage. You know the problem with old people? They do not live with present. They live with their past life. They brag about their glorious past. While there are tell you about their glorious past life you are thinking about their sad state of current affairs. You really need lots of patentcy to listen. May be I will work for orphanage.  Children need love and affection. I can teach them how to play carrom board, chess and shuttle badminton or take tuition class. My favorite subjects are science, technology and social studies.

In seven years time my wife also would have learned life’s lesson in hard ways.  She may be switching cloths for ladies and small children.  She will know with single income how difficult it is to run home.  Now she would have realized how much I struggled to maintain home.

If I cannot make out a life then I will not meet my daughter. Fade away….My wife is theist so naturally my daughter is also a theist. My daughter will pacify her mind ‘I will never be able to find my papa’ fate! What else?

 You will find millions of spineless people who cannot make decision. Whether you are morally right or wrong is not important. Taking decision is more important.
We all are different. We are NOT the way we look. STOP judging others by their look.  If I am different it is because I am leading a different kind of life.
Disturbing? That is LIFE.