Monday, June 30, 2014



In life there is inconsistency. Does your life runs with clock precision?

My blog readers can remember my article “why Hollywood should insists on screenplay’? I had received more than 166 comments for that, Mostly from Hollywood producers and screenplay writers. In the beginning very one made me understood how the ‘system’ works in Hollywood. Fine. Later four of them turned out to be racists. They made sarcastic and racists comments on my comment box. I did not respond to their comments. I thought everything was over but one of the mad men wrote nasty comments on my Amazon E-book.  I had spent Rs 17,000/- to publish my book. Someone without even buying your book can write nasty comment on Amazon! SHIT. Have you heard and spammers and spoilers? Spammers will write something and put link to porn site. Spoilers will write nasty comments without even buying your book or products. I could not remove it so I had to write to Amazon to remove the comment. That was two years ago.

Again I spent money and got it published it on Amazon kindle edition. Same mad man again wrote same nasty comment on my kindle edition that too after two years. Shit…shit…. I had asked Amazon to remove the comments. Comments should come for moderation. Good or bad only writer should be permitted to put it on.   

The racists wrote…..” I have not purchased his book but I read few chapters on his blog. He found characters are not developed and there is inconsistency in my fiction. He also wrote about my English grammar, he should give up writing fiction!  BHALA…BHALA…BHALA….”
You will not see character development in one page... if only you read full fiction you will understand their character. We all are used to read short story. Some time just one chapter of life as short story. There is no character developed in such short story, still we are able to understand and connect with characters.

If anyone out there thinks that he understood my fictions fully just by reading logline, short synopsis and few chapters on my blog, I would say he got brain up in his ass. Writer will take week, months or even years to write fiction/novel. One needs to find time to read fully to understand and write comments.

I never claimed that I am a writer. My profile says ‘I am a story concept writer’.  That means I write ONLY main story. You will find there are subplots which I had not developed fully. Let director decide whether to develop subplots or give importance to love, romance, sex, family value or science and technology. Eternal love is not a final edition. It is just a story concept for movie production. Even without subplots movie version of my fiction will run for three hours. Hollywood standard is 80 to 120 screenplay page or 80 to 120 minutes. What to do with the subplots? CHOP…? …CHOP….??

People write fiction for different reason. Some of them want to become writer so that they will be known as writer or they wants to become famous. Readers think they are intelligent or genius. Today all most everybody wants to write fictions .Other writers wants to make money so they too wrote fictions. Years ago I wrote on my blog... writing fiction and collecting peanuts are not my style. I wants to sell my fiction for movie production and if I get a chance to work for movie version of my fiction I wants to showcase my talent as creative director or visualizer.

Here you will find chain of events taking places in my fiction ‘War on Terror’ sci-fiction. This is the kind of visualization I am having it. I had to write alternative scenes. Now try to visualize it...

There is a standoff scene between Killer satellite (Terminator) and an Alien space ship. In a decisive moment Terminator shoot down space ship. Falling massive space junk cuts the tail end of Boeing plane over Munich air space. Plane goes out of control and crashed onto city's skyscraper; there we create 9/11 situation. The massive space junk land on German national high way bridge and cuts it into two parts. Vehicles pile up on either side of the space junk, some of the vehicles over shoots and land on other side and continue their journey…. In between scenes there are enough subplots and necessary dialog in it. This is the kind of scene I wants to work as visualizer.

Racists also wrote about ‘inconsistency’ in my fiction ‘Eternal Love’. Tell me how will you compress twenty five years into few A-4 pages? Twenty five years are very long time, any thing can happen. You cannot write twenty five years from one character’s point of view.  So naturally you have to write alternative scenes. Maya’s life, jay’s life, Dr.Hayward brain scientist cum neuro-surgeon’s point of view. He study function of damaged neurons (scientists are yet to fully understand the function of brain) later he goes to INTEL and ask them to develop one working model prototype of chip. Only after they made chip Dr. Hayward realized that it is humanly impossible to connect neuro transmitting nerves to nano strands of INTEL chip. He then goes to HONDA. The humanoid people. Dr.Hayward asked them to develop Robo-Surgeon and his assistant Sex-2-puss (S-2-P) to perform complex brain surgery on Ajay. Naturally you have to write alternate scenes. I said I am a story concept writer for movie. From director’s point of view and also on scene also you will be shown alternative scenes, just the way I wrote Eternal Love. So where is the question of ‘inconsistency’? When it comes to movie you will accept inconsistency but not in fiction. Don’t be a stupid. If you are a writer or if you have any idea how to compress twenty five years into few A-4 pages without ‘in consistency’ (writing alternative scenes) write to me in my comment box. I would like to understand. Usually people write fictions as it happened in the past, present or in future. In Eternal Love I have to write past, present and future. Eternal Love starts in A.D 2005 and end in A.D 2030.

There are professional guys out there. They eat and shit professionally! But not everybody can shit professionally.  These people will not accept anything without professional touch. For them their bread and butter depend on their work.  If they are professional why should they make shit movies? They should remember that once upon a time they were armatures. You will not become professional by overnight, to become a professional you need years of experience and work with dedication.  

Both my fiction ‘Eternal Love sci-fi and Broken Heart-Horror ‘will be published as Two-in-one book. I could not afford to spent double the amount of printing charge for editing service so I have done proof reading and editing with best of my knowledge .Read logline, short synopsis and few chapters on my blog before you purchase Two-in-one book. If only you like the story concept and the way I write fictions buy it if not save your money.  I do not want nasty comments on my book site.

All my blog readers know that I have bit of problem with English grammar. If there are more than 50,000 hit on my BlogSpot it is because my blog readers want to read my articles. I know some of them are putting mark for ‘my’ English. As long as you are able to understand what I am struggling to ‘say’ it had served my purpose. I am using English as medium to communicate with outside world. Period.

  That racist also made comments about my English grammar .Fine. My native place Kerala state   literacy rate is 100%. That means everyone can read and write it our native language. U.S is the most developed nation on earth. Out of 317 million people in the U.S fourteen percent of the population or thirty two million adults are illiterates. Holly hit! What a shame. They cannot even read or write their own native language. They better hang themselves in shame.

Check Google.

Out of one point two billion people in India………..% are illiterates. Our nation is still ‘developing country’ because of corrupt politicians.

Check my observation. In New York not everybody can speak or write in fluent English! World over people come and settle down in New York. So it is not necessary that everyone should learn English to live in New York. They those foreigners are proud of their native language.

The problem with racists… you have to stoop to their level to abuse them which self respecting person refuse to do and they get away by abusing others for none of their fault.

Now you all will agree with my quote...
Racists are literate ass holes. They do not have self respect. They will stoop too low to abuse you even if you are not at fault”.