Saturday, April 8, 2017

Broken Heart (Horror) Part-2


After a gap of eight years, I am writing the second part of, ‘Broken Heart’ graphic driven horror fiction. Here is sample of my work. If happens to read Broken Heart. You will know story end with first part, here I am writing second part! I am using my creativity here. This is just a sample, not final draft.

Maa (Mother) “Inspector, Ajay is not here”.
Inspector Ravi Kumar. “Ajay had kidnapped Raj Kumar and killed three of his business associates. It is a serious crime. You are trying to protect your son. I can arrest you for that…”
Maa “AJAY…”inspector is threatening me to arrest me. H-E-L-P!”
I knew Maa cannot handle pressure. I came out of my bedroom. Maya followed me to visiting room.
I (Ajay) “How dare you?”
Inspector Ravi Kumar got up from sofa and looked around. I was standing right in fort of him. He failed to notice my shadow image on the floor. I caught him by his neck with my left hand and was about to punch on his face. I gradually came into his view. He looked terrified nevertheless he drew his service gun from behind his hip and pointed gun on my head. If he pulled trigged I am dead once forever. Maya was just standing behind him. She was quick enough to react. She took one flower vase and hit hard on his head. Flower vase broken into several pieces. Inspector collapsed on to the sofa. Maya took gun from inspector’s hand and placed it on coffee table. Maa brought cold water from the fridge and sprinkled on his face. After some time holding his head with both hands inspector opened his eyes.
Raj Kumar asked my mother “Who had hit on my head?”
I “Maya”.
Ravi Kumar “Maya?” I had recovered Maya’s body at suicide point .Kodaikanal. Her parents took her body for burial at Delhi. Where is Maya?” Maya took gun and pointed gun on his head.
Ravi Kumar” Maya, Don’t shoot me” Please do not shoot me” he almost begged her not to shoot him. He turned towards my direction and asked me “Where is Maya? I cannot see her”.
I “Maya is here with me”. I held her left hand and she gradually came ‘alive’. Inspector was able to see her. Inspector looked at her with astonishment.
Maya “My body is in cemetery .I am spirit “.
Inspector closed his eyes and places his left hand on his forehead and murmured “OMG! Not one, there are two ghost in this house”.
Maya” inspector, if you dare to arrest my mother in law I will shoot you dead”.
Ravi Kumar” I promise, I will not arrest your mother in law”.
Maya placed gun back on coffee table. I released my grip on her left hand and she gradually disappeared into thin air.                   
With high end CGI and graphics movie version of my fiction ‘Broken Heart’ would be much more interesting.
Author of ‘Eternal Love and Broken Heart’