Saturday, April 8, 2017



There is so much hype created about creativity. Most of us think creative people are born with it or it is god given gift. Almost everyone is a creative person. While some of us will use it to showcase our talent rest of them chose to ignore it or get on with life.  Some of them discovered their hidden talent by accident! To became creative person you have to use your imagination, visualization, knowledge and experiences. In the beginning everybody use their creativity as hobby. Only those who are passionate about their creativity will become professional. To become professional one will have to work hard with dedication. There are so many talented people around but not everybody can make money out of their creativity. From my experience I tell you, your creativity alone cannot help you; you should know how to market and sell your creativity which is not an easy task.

WAR ON TERROR Sci-fiction.
Log line: Terminator is our savior 
Short synopsis.
U.S government redesigns and deploys star war project to hunt down international terrorist organization across the world. Action takes place in space, New York, London, Munich, Iraq, Manila and a terrorist camp in Remote Island off the cost of Philippines. Read diabolic plans of Jihadists.

Here is a scene for you to visualize, it is from my sci-fiction ‘War On Terror’ for Hollywood production. Chain of events takes places. There is a standoff scene between Killer satellite (Terminator) and an Alien space ship. In a decisive moment Terminator shoot down space ship. Falling massive space debris cuts the tail end of Boeing plane over Munich air space. Plane goes out of control and crashed onto city's skyscraper; there we create 9/11 situation rest of the space junk land on German national high way bridge and cuts it into two parts. Vehicles pile up on either side of the space junk, some of the vehicles over shoots and land on other side and resume their journey…. In between scenes there are enough subplots and necessary dialog in it. This is the kind of scenes I wants to work as visualizer. My creativity is in the foam of visualizer. If only I get a chance to work for movie version of my fiction ‘Eternal love’, ‘Broken Heart’ or war on terror I can show case my talent?