Saturday, April 8, 2017

“Falling in love with you…”

At first I saw you in the newspaper. It was love at first sight. You were young and full of life. I liked your attitude. Since then I have been chasing you. You turned out to be elusive, o.k. you were beyond my reach. Usually I do not chase which is beyond my reach but you were very special.

After hell lot of struggle in life, I gothcha you! In the beginning we were like newly married couple. There were lot of hick ups; still I fiddled you all day. At times my fingers ached then I take rest and lay next to you on my bed. When I am tried you sang lullaby songs. If I am in a romantic mood I sang songs for you. At times you danced for me. I cannot dance. Just like my brain my feet are also made of clay.  You kept me entertained. I only used you but never abused you. You were worth more than royal screw!

I took you were ever I went. When I take you for outing and we had to return back late at night, I took you to nearby lodge. Muggers will find you sexy and irresistible. Your safety is more important t me.  

I have been with you for the past few months. The newness in our life wore off. Her name is Apple I pad pro.

 Now I am looking for someone who is more mature and intelligent, who can understand but she will cost me a bomb! If she can serve me till my last breath I am willing to spend any amount of money. I am saving all nickel and dime for her. (Apple Mac Pro)

N.B: I choose to buy Apple I pad pro cos I need to take photos and videos for my work and hobby. In future I am planning to buy my work station Apple Mac Pro.