Saturday, April 8, 2017

Have you screwed up writing?


You all know that I had published two of my fiction ‘Eternal Love and Broken heart’ in English. The purpose was to find producer for my fictions. So far I could not find producer so I decided to publish both my fiction in Tamil language. This will be my last effort to find producer .so far I had wasted more than Rs 1, 38,000/- in my writing carrier. It is a huge amount of money for me. No more comedy of error.

One Mr.Krishana murthy agreed to translate my fiction Eternal Love into Tamil language. Broken heart fiction English edition is only 30 A-4 in rtf or 50 book pages. In English edition you will only find main story. For Tamil edition I had developed dozens of subplots and wrote necessary dialog and merge it with main story it is almost like a movie script... Broken heart is horror thriller. Time play crucial part of the story. After developing dozens of subplots I had to reedit entire story! But it was worth it. I will write movie script when I get a chance to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction.

I am waiting for Mr.Krishana Murthy to translate my fiction into Tamil after that I will get it published. This time my fiction will find producer for me if not I will give up.
In creative field you will either make it or you will give up your struggle. Only time can tell.