Saturday, April 8, 2017

Is life worth living?


Is it impossible for you to answer me? It is easy to answer ‘it depends on whether you are leading a comfortable life or struggling to stay alive’.  A person who is leading a comfortable life will never think of death but a person who is struggling to stay alive will think of death. Life is hard, dying is easy. Beyond death there is life! And above God and Fate lies human spirit to rise up like a phoenix.

Our parents were responsible for our birth. It is our responsibility to prove that life is worth living but in life, shit happens because human life is most complicated life on earth.

Almost everyone has given one chance to live their life but in my case, I got a second chance after “Less than 32 hours…” I wanted to prove that fate can be changed with our hard work. So far more than eight years…..I am yet to succeed in my endeavour. All is not lost; I still have my life to prove my worth. Slowly but sturdily I am working towards my goal.

Do not blame fate for your present state of living conditions. Making life worth living is in our own hands .change life for a better tomorrow.

Our life is worth when we serve for others but not everyone can afford to do it. We have to secure our life before we serve others. As an individual, you can help someone but to serve mankind you need resources.

Have you understood anything yet?