Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Lazy Cat.
Ever since I can remember we had a cat in our home. They always slept sideways. See my shameless cat sleeping on his back. Is this how your cat sleeps? I think over the period of time they too evolved.

Five years ago on a rainy day, a small kitten came to our lodge and asked me “Do you want Meao? I adopted him. He was full of beans. I gave him a plastic ball and he used to pay in our lobby. He is our only animal. Small children like to play with him. He is friendly even with strangers. Now he is five years old. He is the father of few kittens in our neighbourhoods. He visits their mothers now and then. Other than grooming, eating and sleeping, he hardly plays around. I gave him full body massage and tummy rub. If he likes tummy rub he will wag his tail without opening eyes .if he does not like tummy rub he will hold my hand with both paws and bit hard on my hand and kick with his legs. He is one among the lucky one. Life is not hard for him.