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My quotes.

My Quotes.

On social network, we all read dozens of famous quotes. Most of them are inspirational quotes. How many quotes you can remember? How many quotes are you following in real life?  Lord Buddha’s quote “we are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think’!’What you think you become!’ You will become WHAT?  When I read the first sentence “we are shaped by our thoughts”. I am SILENT. When I read the second sentence "what you think you become’! I became VIOLENT. Why? Why not? Why me?  If someone thinks that he is going to lead a comfortable life tomorrow then he is living in a fool's paradise. People are dying to make out a life. Here is my quote for you all “If you think, you will become NOTHING!”  Thinking alone will not solve/achieve your goal.  Those who think too much became mad. That is the reason I do not use my brain at all. Other than thinking they do nothing to solve /achieve their goal. Here we have a proverb “Your thinking is spoiling your life”. It is true. People waste their time just thinking…..Thinking….thinking.  Do you still believe in the power of prayer? Can prayer solve problems? The World over people are praying for world peace and our world is falling apart! As a civilised world community 'we' all failed to stop the war in the Middle East. We are more than seven point two billion people but 'we' are unable to stop terrorism.  Prayers can achieve NOTHING; prayer can only pacify 'your' mind.

 Do not bother whose quote you are reading. Think whether those quotes makes sense to you. That is what I do when I read quotes. Quotes about love and friendship do not make sense to me.  Without family and friends, I am leading a lonely life. 

I never thought of writing quotes. After I write an article, to minimise the damage I run spell and grammar check and read it for one last time. Sometimes I noticed one of the simple sentences is a quote. Copy the past and save it to the folder. It is just that simple. 

“Stay hungry? Stay foolish! And 'blow job'? (Steve job) pal, I don't get it. It does not make sense to me. People write quotes from their experience with life or from their point of view. It is not necessary that we agree with them.

Some of the quotes are 'Immortal'. It can travel through time and space. I managed to write one such quote. ”Yess, Boss! Who says a boss is a boss? A boss can be an ass hole because he can talk through either side of his mouth where as you cannot" Lol. My quote will be there as long as human race is there.   

1) If you are going to live on hope, you are not going to achieve anything in life.
2) People those who think they are smart ass holes are just another holes.
3) Racists are literate ass holes. They do not have self-respect. They will stoop too low to abuse you even if you are not at fault.
4)  Why do people believe in God and superstitions?
A.  They refuse to think rationally.
B. Uncertainty in life forces them to believe in God and Superstitions.   
C. Because people are stupid and sentimental. 
When they fail they have to pacify their mind so that they can blame it on God, fate, bad time, astrology, numerology, Vaastu...
 5) When you see poverty, death, destruction and injustice all over the world; tell me do you still believe in God?
6) You need money.... you need money to make money. You need to save your hard earned money to make your dreams come true. Don't just blow it away.  When I wrote this quote I only had my dreams with me.
7) When life challenges you with failure after failure mentally prepare for a long haul. Leave everything behind and take-up the challenge .fight to finish. In my case, without qualification and money, I had no other option left.
8) There are less honest people and more suckers out there in this world.
9) Defy the conventional wisdom; you should be able to make out a life.
10) If you have money you can control time and situations, if you do not have money; time and situations will take control of your life.
11) Life is a strange phenomenon.
12) Even though I had experienced Bad time for more than eight long years, I still refuse to believe in bad time, I am still trying to succeed. There is a little bit of madness (obsession to succeed in life) in me. The little bit of madness is helping me to overcome hardship and keeps going me through the hell. 
13) Feeling of sinking...When your whole world collapse around you; you are reduced to the corpse but you will find you are alone and alive! You are like “what for I am still alive?” In that situation, most of the people turn to God, spiritualism, meditation or psychiatric for help.  In a situation like that finding purpose of life on earth is impossible. Even in your chaotic state of mind, you hear your inner voice! “You are the most important person in your life! Not even your own family or fucked up friends. If only you are ‘alive’ you can achieve what you want in your lifetime”. Amen. 
14) Atheists are ruled by their conscience.
15) I think aliens are an atheist.
16)  If I am different it is because I am leading a different kind of life. Never judge a person by his appearance. Life makes a man.
17) Poor man proposes and shit happens.
18)  If you are focused on the goal, your failure became setbacks; it cannot defeat your goal nor can it break your will power. In short, you became flexible. 
19) Never trust a writer! He will mix facts with fictions and tell you to lie convincingly! 
18) Sweet dreams are made of money.  You need money to make your dreams come alive.
19) Sweet memories never die, I will last till our last breath.
20) Overconfident people are egomaniacs. 
19) ‘Terrorists and terrorism will only bring death and destruction for those who are supporting it’.  
21) Human right organisation and human right activists are not ruled by their conscience. They support terrorists and mass murders. They should be ashamed of calling themselves as a human right organisation or human right activists.
22) Man's life is dirty garbage bin. Too many unwanted thoughts. 
23) Dying is easy, Living is hard.
24) Different life; the different world. 
25) People are basically stupid, sentimental and superstitious.
26) Your days are numbered the day you started hating yourself. 
27) “No inspirational story can change your life unless you yourself decided to change for a better tomorrow”.  You are the most important person in your life! Not even your own family or you’re fucked up friends!! If only you are ' Alive' you can achieve what you want in your lifetime”.  
 28) As an atheist, I tell you there is some bloody fucking SHIT out there. Theists call it as GOD, whether you want to pray SHIT or work hard to achieve your goal is up to you. 
29) Shit happens because human life is the most complicated life on earth.  “The day when you realise your destiny is in your hands you will change your fate at the cost of your own life”.           
 30)" you are matured if you can gracefully accept failures in life'. 
31) HOPE is for theist and LIFE is for an atheist.
32) BEWARE! 'Friends' will promise you HELP but deliver you SHIT. Does n't ever promise what you cannot deliver?
33) If someone is 'different' it is because he is leading a different kind of life. His perception about life and the world at large will be different from others.
34) Religion creates ideological differences. Religion is manmade SHIT. Only man can destroy religion.
35) Those who talk either side of their mouth think they are the smart asshole. They do not even know that is not the civilised way to talk. While speaking you should apply your brain.
36) Beyond your God and fate lies human spirit to survive and to achieve a goal in his lifetime.  
37) One of the advantages of life is that there is no time limit to accomplish our goal. 
38) "Life has given me NOTHING but experiences". 
39) Scientists will never be able to find the presence of GOD, Co's God does NOT exist. From my experience with the life, I tell you that there is some bloody fucking SHIT out there. Whether you want to pray SHIT or work hard to achieve your goal is up to you. Period.
 40) LIFE is an experience; it cannot be described in words.
41) Democracy: Freedom for ALL and peace for NONE.
42) Democracy is a BOLT on religion and culture. 
43) Democracy is an invasion on religion and culture 
44) Democracy is the reason for cultural degradation.
45) The radicalization of Islam would be the greatest threat to humanity and world stability. STOP them NOW!
46) ISIS ideology is against humanity.
  47)Illegal migrants are suckers. they should be deported. 
 48) People are NOT made of blood and flesh! They are made of the grey matter!!  INTEL outside and MENTAL inside!!!
 49) If faith and hope can save lives then so many people would not have died. FAITH is blind and HOPE does not exist!
50) Without hard work, Patience, perseverance you can never achieve success. 
51)  If you want to achieve long term goal be prepared to 'Go beyond your breaking point'. 
52) schizophrenia:" you think that you are SOMEBODY but in reality you are NOBODY"!
53) Hope is like God, it does not exist! Hope is ONLY to pacify our mind. The day hope dies, you should not give up your struggle. You should work really hard to achieve your goal.
54) Faith: Faith is based on what? Faith is blind.
55) Honesty. Times have changed. Honesty sucks.
56) Beyond the comfort zone starts LIFE.
57) If you have your own opinion then you became a bigot?
58)  Porn: You can never have enough!
 59) Appearance can deceive you....Beauty has nothing to do with the character.
 60) Bisexual: they are the one looking for HOLE. Which hole? Doesn't matter!
 61) Masturbation: Harmless entertainment for young bachelors and spinsters.
62) “You are matured if you can gracefully accept failures in life'.  
63) When LIFE became a BIG question mark NOT everybody will find the answer. Those who ‘found’ the answer will live on, rest of them will die. DIE for LIFE! 
64) “Thinking positive will not get you the positive result but thinking negative will give you more option to succeed/achieve your goal. If nothing succeeds like failure then your hard work and perseverance should help you to achieve success” 
65) “Thinking positive or Negative will not solve your problems. Working restlessly towards your goal can achieve success”  
66) My life in simple words "If I were not MAD enough then I would NOT have succeeded in my endeavour” 
 67)  " Be an Alien, Think Different"
68)  The first impression is the best impression? BULLSHIT! Not everyone is a Sycophant to impress you.
 69) Racists are fucking Assholes.
70) The stupidest thing you can do is to judge others by their appearance.
71) The only differences between two individuals are their way of thinking and reasoning.Nothing else.
 72) GOD can do nothing for you, "Go beyond your breaking point" to change your fate with your hard work. 
73) God: a thing which does not exist in physical form; how can 'the' help you in any sense? 
 74) Change your fate for a better tomorrow.
75) A country's progress should NOT be at the expenses of their cultural degradation.  
76) Shit happens. Think negative to get a positive result! If you do not have backup plan you cannot succeed. 
77)  “How far you have come up in life is not important. You should know how much progress your enemies had made in their life should be the motivating factor for you”.
78) Life is like a DICK.  DICK goes up! DICK goes down!! If you don't have ANY other option to go with DEE EYE SEE KAY.
79) Our confidence level boosts or bucks in accordance with our success or failure in life. 
80) Digital world. If you don't have a digital footprint on cyberspace then you do not exist! 
81) If you want to achieve long term goal then you should be prepared to "Go beyond your 'Breaking Point'.
82) To change your FATE use your knowledge, experience and talent. 
 83) FATE is like your God; you can only experience it. 
84) GOD is FAKE; LIFE is REAL.
85) HOPE will ONLY prolong your sufferings. 
86) A sucker can find opportunity everywhere.
87) Love is a stupid and sentimental feeling.
 88) The story comes from imagination (Brain); poem comes from the heart.
89) Whether god is alive or dead does not make any differences to the world.
90)   People do not make mistakes repeatedly but if I am making mistakes repeatedly then it is my decision, NOT because of my stupidity. Success at last! 
 91) “Learn the lesson from your mistakes, it can change your life’                                            91) Appearance DOES NOT make a Man, Character make MAN.
 92) Your life depends on you, if you think your life depends on someone then you are a fool. 
93)  My new mantra (prayer) "FUCK the past; stay alive and die for tomorrow!" 
 94) Success is not an end; it is only beginning of a long journey. 
95) Theists are the Pre-historic man!  We atheists are ‘EVOLVED’ species! If a person has not evolved he is as good as dead!  
96) "Man has not evolved until and unless he/she became an atheist"
97) You are matured when you became an atheist, cos you no longer believe in God, religion, cast and superstitions.
98) Religion is poison; Religion had killed more people in the history of mankind than wars and natural calamities.
 99) No religion can unite the whole world, ONLY atheism can do it. One world, one religion (Atheism) 
100) Atheism is NOT a religion; it is the way of life to think rationally. 
 101) Never ever stop at failure, keep going! 
  102) Life is a game. The game is not over till you die!
103) Rather than knowing your enemy’s strength know his weakness to win the ‘war’.  
  104) “Learn the lesson from your mistakes, it can change your life’. 
  105) Think Negative; Get Positive Result!  Think Negative to get positive Result. For life goal “Think negative, you will have more option to get positive results”.  
  106) my life does not depend on anyone. I……. Me……….Myself! 
 107) Freedom of expression is the prostitution of our culture. 
108) teach your children about atheism. When they grow up they will become 'Universal Citizens'. They will be able to think beyond God, Religion, cast, creed and Race. "One world; One Religion for mankind' Author of 'Universal Love' .Jivan.
109) can your religion unite the whole world? NO, only atheism can unite the whole world. 
110) Dreams dies million times before it gets materialised. Keeping the dream alive is the most difficult part.
 111) I have a dream to unite the whole world through my new religion “Universal Love" “The day people think beyond religion based messengers of God world would be a better place to live-in". 
The author of 'Universal Love 'Jivan.

N.B: People think only a genius or intelligent person can write quotes. Writing quotes are no big deal. Write quotes from your experiences with life. I wrote more than 220 quotes. You will find my rest of my 120 quotes here on "Profile & Quotes’