Saturday, April 8, 2017

Random thoughts part-5

When screenwriter converts fiction into the screenplay he just writes a screenplay based on the original story. He will not break his head to find out how many different ways the same story can be presented. That is the work of the creative director. Those producers, directors and actors all asked me what is special about my fiction.  My fiction is the foundation for the movie version. When it comes to making a movie it is all about presentation /treatment by competent director .some story needs high-end graphics. In love story you will find love, every ghost will take revenge so what is special about those movies? Plot and subplots make the story interesting, presentation/treatment by a competent director, living characters by actors and some time graphics.

Movie making is more than one hundred years old profession. People are still making movies in all genres. Over the years millions of movies are made out of love in all most every language. Present and future generation also make movies based on Love. How can one make love stories millions of ways? Love will either triumph or perish. It is the way story was written by a writer, presented by director and artists who give life to those 'living' characters. What else you think?

Here I will give you two example.You all thought TITANIC and AVATAR had a great story?
TITANIC: log line. Rich girl falls for a poor guy. Guy sacrifices his life to save his lady love. 
 If the same story was set in anywhere else will it become all time great movie? Win 11 Oscar award? NO. It is about Titanic ship, opulence, presentation and graphics. And also about brand value called James Cameron. He can give you more bangs per buck.
AVATAR:  it is the same story about the multinational company. MNC goes to third world countries and invests billions of dollars in mining industries. Oil, diamond, gold, iron, aluminium, uranium etc. hundreds of villagers are forced out of their habitat. They also risk their lively hood. Most of them take the money and move out. Those who resist would be dealt with local thugs, industrialists and politicians. This is the same basic story of Avatar. They set the story on another planet. After they ‘transformed ‘hero into ‘avatar’ he meets native girl and falls in love with her. He and her native people rebelled against the ‘invaders’. The movie became a historical hit!  The success of the movie is about the presentation by James Cameron, high-end graphic and epic battle. I am NOT trying to say my fiction Eternal Love or Broken Heart is a great movie material. It is different. Just like JIVAN.

'We' Indians are fragile ego maniacs. Me too Brutus? NO! I am moderate nefarious! I have been working here as lodge manager for the past nine years. I came across people from all walks of life.  Guests think managers are there to hold their balls. Each guest pays a minimum of Rs 300 and maximum of Rs 800 for 24 hours. Our lodge will not give room for ‘couplings ‘but only for legally married couples. Forget about drinking inside the room, we do not allow drunkard person inside our lodge.  

Some of the guests think they had paid room advance and they can take the liberty. Just by paying room advance they behave like the owner of our lodge. Our building value is more than Rs 20 corers. None of them can afford to buy it. If they have that much money they will stay at star hotels. Some of them brag about their ‘position’ in our society or their affiliation with the political party. That is the time I give them ‘dressing down’.  I tell them in clear terms ‘whenever you go to any place you just follow their rules, it will solve lots of problem .you be LORD in your home or among friends, nobody is interested to know who (the fuck) you are……”Next time when you go to any place just follow their rules. Do not abuse or humiliate workers there. If you think you are too big for your boots, stay at five-star hotel and feel the pinch on your purse. 
People come and stay in our lodge for some days, and then they return back to home. Where will I go? I have no home. I try not to think too much. Over emotion is not good for health. Till I find a movie producer for my fiction my workplace is my 'home'. Non-stop working for the past ten long years. I am feeling sick and tired. I am trying to get through the HELL called Life.
This is for those RACISTS who made nasty comments.You know what happened once. Well, how you are supposed to know? One of my FB’ friend’ put a link to ‘Finland legalised same-sex marriage’. I had no idea that my ‘friend’ was a ‘Chakka ‘(homo).  I do not write comments on every article I read it on FB unless I really wanted to express my opinion. On comment box, I wrote “Government should never legalise same-sex marriage. They are setting a bad example for the young generation”. In my opinion, if same sex people want they can be living partners. Why should they insist government legalize same-sex marriage?  Today LGBT community want to decriminalise homosexuality in India once homosexuality is decriminalised then they fight for same-sex marriage that is what I am against it. I do not want the Indian government to legalise same-sex marriage .on Facebook everybody write a comment or their opinion. I did not write anything wrong. Why should homos take it personally? 'O'My Dog! All those HOMO bastards pounced on me as if it is their birthright to suck someone' prick and to get sodomised. Sickening. They wrote nasty comments.  I could have replied their comments by asking questions like "Did you enjoy getting sodomised?" or "I bet you love sucking pricks!" instead I asked my FB friend to delete the article and did it.UFFF! If that homo will enjoy sucking someone’s prick or getting sodomised, who is preventing them?  Homos may enjoy sucking someone's Dick or getting sodomised but for every straight man consider it as a dehumanising act.NO self-respecting man will do that only Homos will suck some's dick or get it sodomised. How disgusting.  I am not against same sex living partners. You suck…. You get sodomised..... I fucking don't care about it. My argument is that Indian government should never legalise same-sex marriage. Like me, there are billions of parents who do not want same-sex marriage legalised. We do not want our children to get married to the same sex. We heterosexual parents expect our children get married to opposite sex and lead a normal life. Always remember people write their opinion ONLY from their point of view .on social network people write their comment. Replying comments with abusive language is NOT the civilised way to respond.FUCK those RACISTS.

Some of the scientists are Homo bastards. They will justify their act. ‘Natural selection!’. Scientists are talking about animals. WFT? In the wild and among domestic animals have you seen the gay animal and lesbian animals? Animals have only five sense but we have six sense. Our sixth sense tells us what is morally right or wrong. Don't try to justify your pervert act. Among animals incest-ism is rampant but among human being the only person with a neurological defect will have sex with family members. Scientists are NOT god. Their words are not ultimate. Science and technology will never cease to exist. New theories are being written. I do not like Baba black sheep (Ram dev baba) co's  he is communal but I agree with him  'Anus is not for entertainment purpose'. Do not tell me same-sex marriage in NOT all about SEX but platonic LOVE! I am no fool. We straight people also had same-sex friends but we never indulged in physical intimacy cos we know it is a perverted act.  Same sex marriage may be OK for west and Christianity but it is against Hindus, Muslims and other religion. It is unethical and unnatural. Your democracy and freedom of expression is an invasion on other's religion and culture. 

One of the homos placed a link ‘homosexuality in Hinduism’. None of our holy books you will find anything about homosexuality. The other homo try to justify his act by placing a  link ‘homosexuality among animals’ more than 15,000 species are having same-sex ' intercourse'?! Since when oral and anal sex became 'sexual intercourse?  The main course is intercourse; oral and anal are like side dishes.Lol. other than oral and anal what else can homos do? Oral and anal sex is unnatural and punishable by law and death by sharia law. When he tried to justify his act and he thought he was intelligent and I am a fool. I do not justify, I write my opinion on my blog. Instead of justifying his act he should have written on the comment box. ‘It is my fucking life.I am homo and I would love to suck pricks and get sodomised, what is your fucking problem?' fine! his life, his choice. Don't ever compare human life with animal life .we are NOT animals.Animals have only five sense .we human being has a sixth sense. We should know what is morally right or wrong. If not there is NO difference between a man and animal.  If those homo’s wants to suck or get sodomise it is their choice but then why the fuck they insist that government should legalise same-sex marriage? your justification about homos means balls to me. Don't try to glorify your perverted acts. 

  I can write from my point of view. How can they expect me to write from their point of view?  I don't even know who the hell they are. The only differences between two individual is their way of thinking and reasoning.Nothing else. This one is for those RACISTS who made nasty comments against me. "You got Dick?" “I too got Dick". "You gotta Colossal Prick?"  Then you better bend it and shove it deep into your own ass".if people have a different opinion then they are NOT a bigot. I am not a bigot. Bigots are those homos who all are trying to justify their perverted act and imposing their views on me. You, RACISTS, are fucking Assholes.  if I have a different opinion and you call me a bigot, i say FUCK YOU ALL! 

Our law does not prevent same sex live in partners then why 'our' government should legalise same-sex marriage; this will be the result of same-sex marriage. Had their parents got married same sex they all would have become illegitimate children or an orphan... Is that what these people are proud of NOT knowing who the fuck is their father? Think of the shame not knowing your father. Feel the pain of illegitimate or an orphan’s child. Same sex marriage is a sign of your cultural degradation. And you people in the U.S and Europe wants to impose your perverted 'culture' in third world countries. You people in the west use pressure tactics like ‘Human right violation and 'freedom of right/ expression'. HOLLY SHIT. A country's progress should NOT be at the expenses of cultural degradation. If more and more people are converting to Islam in U.S and Europe it is because the collapse of western culture. Islam cannot conquer India, China, Russia, Japan....because of their culture. People may become atheists but their culture will NOT become history. In the west, there is NO culture ONLY democracy. 
welcome to the death of culture . west had attained 'cultural maximum' .you can only expect the worst thing in life.  hate crime and racism if part of it. " Freedom for all and peace for None" jivan  . West makes fun of our culture. In the east, if you talk about God and religion you might get killed. In the west if you talk against Homosexuality you became racist, bigot or they will attack you. Sucking and getting sodomised is their birth right! What a perverted culture? NO wonder Islamist had already imposed No Go Zone in U.S and all another European country , now they are trying to impose sharia law in U.S and Europe. “Democracy is the reason for cultural degradation” Jivan. 

Last year alone in U.K more than 72,000 men got raped by men, not by a woman. What is the amount of money as compensation U.K government gave to those victims? What is the punishment given for the culprits? This is what will happen when same sex is legalised. Should India legalise same-sex marriage just because west had legalised same-sex marriage? Why should ‘our’ children follow satanic western and perverted culture? Same sex is against nature and Hinduism.

When scientists say something we believe in it just because we cannot prove them wrong.  They talk about natural selection. Here they are talking deep shit. Among wild and domestic animals how many animals are having same sex relationship? It is not natural selection; it is that perverted people prefer same sex as partners. Let them have oral or anal sex but do not corrupt young generation by forcing the government to legalise same-sex marriage. Period. It is easy to say he has homophobia. What phobia? I fucking HATE homos.

Recently Canadian government legalised sex with animals! Do you think Canadians are fucking animals? For the sake of few perverts why should their government legalise sex with animals? Don’t they know it against their religion, culture and ethics? If you have dick president / prime minister running your country they will support sharia law in a democratic country. How can there be two different laws in a democratic country? Goat and donkey fucking will became part of your multi-culture system. Sick people need treatment, not a new law to safeguard their pervert act. My argument is that 'our' Indian government should never legalise perverted acts. Only homos love getting sodomise. for straight men it is perverted, disgusting and dehumanising act .