Saturday, April 8, 2017


The other day I went to ATM. After taking the money I heard a female voice telling me “Thank you for ‘banging ‘with us! I looked around but no one was there. I did not bang anyone. Believe me ever since my only wife left me….well that was more than ten years ago I never banged anyone. I swear! I was wondering, should I bang ATM for giving me money? I was not sure but the female voice put a smile on my face. her voice made my day." Thank you for banging with us!" What a great way to start the day. I went to the office and started banging everyone!

What woman wants?
"O", Big deal! 'You' better know what 'we' men really want. We men love a curvy woman. Curvy does not mean FAT,  proportionate height and weight with a smooth contour.If you are SKINNY (skeleton system) we do not want to ram on your pelvic bone. It hurts you know? Cushy, pussy!
 Know your man. We men localise our problems. ‘You' show your temperamental moods and irritation when you are on your period. Learn to localise your problems. Period! 

You know what is GOD?
God is an association and disassociation of molecules! That is the reason you will ‘find’ God everywhere. Scientists will never be able to find God then why should you believe in things which do not exist? Even if scientists are able to ‘find’ god (molecules) give it to us (Atheists) we will test them under laboratory conditions and tell you what the heck is that. A molecule that can solve problems and sufferings of human beings? Ha...ha…ha… You must be mad enough to believe in stupidity (god).what god can do for human beings? Absolutely NOTHING! Period.  
Fodder for thoughts.
Theist…. “Jivan. When your plane takes nose dive you will pray god”.
I …..“If you are with me will your god save ‘our’ life?”
Theist …“Yes! He will only save my life But not your life!!”
I… “When ISIS man comes to chop off your head you theists will realise that there is NO god, but there is some bloody fucking shit out there. And that shit cannot do ANYTHING to save your life”.
Theist …  ???????????
 While theists love to hold the balls of God, we atheists would love to kick his balls around. 
 Have you ever felt like fucking the brain? No?  there are some brainy woman out there and I felt like …………………fuck is not physical, it is verbal. Experience the intellectual stimulation.  
Why does ‘we’ men find other man’s wife attractive? Is it the same case like the other side of the world has green pasture or is it an optical illusion?
I see too many women on the social network; some of them look like as if they are 'available! Should I check my eyesight or is this what we call 'perception? 
I made few observations from life. To achieve success/succeed in life one must prepare to ‘Go beyond your breaking point ‘. It is not easy but not impossible cos ‘success will not comes to you; you have to chase it like a mad man” at times ‘shit happens’ so ‘think negative to get a positive result!” Ten-year of struggle and Rs 1, 38,000/- down the drain… I am half mad; before I reach lunatic asylum I must find success. All I need is one producer for my fiction to write ‘success at last!”. Success is not an end; it is the beginning of a long journey. 
“Beyond God and Fate lies human spirit to survive and to achieve his goal in his lifetime’ Jivan. 
"Scientists will never be able to prove the presence of God. From my experience with life, I tell you that there is some bloody fucking SHIT out there. "Whether you want to pray SHIT or work hard to achieve your goal is up to you".  Atheist-Jivan.
Have you ever wonder what makes me Tick? Confidence Man, Confidence! if jellyfish can survive without a brain for five hundred million , i too can survive. that is the kind of confidence you should have. Even though I do not have confidence in life, I have confidence in my work and abilities. To achieve long term goal you need focus, patience and perseverance. If you do not have three of these qualities then it is very unlikely that you will succeed in your endeavour.
Why do people read my blog? I have not published any of my articles for the past two and half year! I do not speak/write chaste British English. Mine is more like U.S English, few foul words and a little bit of sarcasm. Infact, I am speaking (writing) Jivan-English or Jinglish! in Jinglish grammar is not important; content is more important. I am an alien and i write unconventional articles. that is the reason people are reading my blog. proficiency in  English is only an added advantage. Not knowing English grammar is not the end of my life.One good thing about my reader is while reading my article they do proofreading, editing and polishing of my article. All at once! A big thank you for all. " I just wrote say.... I love you....."
I will not sell any of my fictions without my writer and producer agreement .with my 'writer and producer agreement I put the producer in a hot spot. If any of the 420 producers steal my fiction or story concept and make a movie version, later when genuine producer purchase my fiction for movie production, 420 producers will be in the real soup.  When you sign my agreement you do not have to pay me a royalty. You can sell DVD, T.V/Satellite rights, subtitle and voice dubbing in every language. If your presentation is for global audience people from all over the world will watch a movie. Still not happy with my writer and producer agreement you better not to sign my agreement some other producer will sign my agreement.
The other day my family friend was talking to me over the phone after a gap of ten years. I know him ever since he was a seven years old kid. He said, “Uncle, you are my inspiration!” I was like…WFT? I have not yet made out my life. He is a journalist working for MNC.  He might have gone through my blog.
Most of you people achieved success after one or two attempts. I have more experience with life co’s I had failed several times that is the reason I am able to write about different topics with my experience. 
          The first sign of memory loss. It has nothing to do with absent mind. My mind became absent while attending English grammar class in high school. Our English teacher talk in present tense .present is always tense. You can feel it between your legs. While teacher talked about present tense…..sitting at last bench I think about my glorious past with the chick sitting on the front bench. I was stuck with the past while she moved with time. Sad. At times I think about my bright future with the girl sitting next me. Future has no tense. Future is full of life. Life offer you unlimited possibilities, so why tense? Cool yaaar!

As you grow old you will experience first memory loss is when you see everything very clearly but things will not get registered on our mind.  It is not that your mind is preoccupied; it is not the absence of mind making it difficult to remember properly. It is your RAM  (Random access memory) got Screwed up. Later you had to try hard to recollect “Did I lock the main door? “Did I forget to mention that I studied in a boy’s school”?  I do not know whether memory loss is a boon or Bane. While those bitter memories linger on sweet memories are fading into oblivion.    

11-01-17. the day you see just a few words on my blog you can be sure that I am dead!
So Long….
I miss you all...
Thank You, 
But not now darling! Long way to go before I take the eternal sleep.
   At times I write stupid articles just to keep my creative alive.  On my every first blog post I wrote.... I am here to meet like-minded people NOT to create and sell my image .unlike others I am NOT a spineless guy, my likes and dislikes are very strong. Either I like it or I hate it there is nothing in between.
Years ago I wrote, “How to solve unemployment problem?” I had suggested two methods.
1) Communists are against democracy and capitalism. All the communist worker should invest money and start business so everyone will have equal rights and pay.
2) In MBA class they will teach you how to do business. If every MBA graduates can start an own business they can generate enough employment. Yes, at last, my dream came true. More and more MBA grads are starting a new business and providing employment.‘Startup ‘companies are the new fad. They are like a bubble ready to bust. ‘Here today; Gone Tomorrow’. Most of them will not survive in the long run. Call me pessimists! 

I look like any other guy on the Indian streets. You will find people with my resemblance but they are not Jivan. There is one and only Jivan for the whole of the universe. That is me!  Too many people judged me with my appearance and qualification. My appearance is for you to identify me but I am not Jivan! I am invisible!! I am MIND!!! 

Quote “A wise man is full of doubts but a fool is sure of everything”.
Welcome to crony capitalism. Have you heard about predatory pricing? How does it work? When none of the manufacturers are able to sell their products at predatory pricing, how comes online retail sellers are able to do it? They are selling products at less than 50% of the production cost. How is it possible for them to sell when profit is not more than 10 or 20 % margin on products? Some of them are selling unsold or outdated models, others are selling duplicate items of the multinational band made in china. How can they sell less than the production cost of gadgets or accessories? How will online sellers make a profit when they sell products at products at predatory pricing?

If not today some other day they have to make a profit and recover their investment. When? How can they pay the salary for their workers? How long they can run their business? I mean when will they declare bankruptcy? So that investor’s money goes up in flame? As per my calculation, some other day companies will declare bankruptcy and employees can go home with empty hands. 

Coming back to quote “A wise man is full of doubts……..” I am full of doubts does that automatically qualify me as a wise man?  

"Wise men don't need advice; fools won't take it" Benjamin Franklin. Now I am confused. I do not know whether I am a wise man or a fool. I hate advice.  
 Jr. Confucius. 

N.B: By selling my fiction for movie production I have proved my theories. “Hope does not exist!" and Think negative to get a positive result!" .Regardless of the number of failure, I kept trying to sell my fiction for movie production today I wrote my first success story “Success at last!". What do you think about me?