Saturday, April 8, 2017

Where there is a will, there is NO way!


‘If there is a will, There is a way??’ we all have will power now show me the way. From my experience with life, I tell you with willpower alone you cannot find a way. You have to study how to break or beat the system using your own strategy.  

Here I will give you an example. You all will remember my article ‘why should Hollywood insist on the screenplay?’ every producer and screenplay writer and director who participated in my discussion form told me ‘Hollywood producer and production house will insist on the screenplay. Later some of them made sarcastic and racists comments. To stop the discussion I had to agree with them ‘O.K, I am nobody to change Hollywood system’ But I was confident of selling my fiction for Hollywood production. Do you have any idea how to sell your fiction for Hollywood movie production?

I cannot change Hollywood system, but I will try to break the system and sell it for Hollywood movie production. I will prove it, but it will take time. Watch this space. 

First, you check whether your fiction is a movie material or professional TRASH. Professional trash means you will ONLY find professional touch in your fiction but story/concept wise it is just another BALL.

You know Hollywood agent is like your demi-god! You just cannot send a simple query letter.  Your letter should have ‘professional touch’! The size of the font, spacing, margin and all other details. You will find it online ‘how to write a query letter to Hollywood agent’! I am not making fun of them. If they like your manuscript they can get you the leading movie production house. Brad Pitt and angelica Jolie was discovered by Hollywood talent agency. Their fee is very high still it is worth taking their service. Without an agent selling your fiction for Holly wood, movie production is impossible.

So, I was right! Your will power alone cannot get you anywhere you have to find way to beat the system to succeed.  I said ‘Defy conventional logic; you should be able to make it’. So, I have not achieved ‘successes with my will power. I defied conventional logic and made out my life. Try writing new theory if you can.

People will tell you never-give-up; I do not believe in it. Without money and qualification, I had to rely on my creativity, there is No other way to make out new life.

Did n’t I say my dreams are very dear to me; the day my dreams dies I am as good as dead!