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Voodoo / Black magic

Voodoo / Black magic 15-1-2010
We all know that different parts of the world people are using the power of black magic. Hindus, Christians, Muslims, tribes and people from other religion also use power of black magic. Power of evil sprit is always used to harm their enemies. Some time is it used against their own family members or relatives for material (wealth) gain. Whether you are a theist or atheist, you are not immune to black magic. In movies, they will show you with the power of god, one can overcome the power of evil sprit. It is only a gimmick. Otherwise movie will not run, only producer will run for his money.

Your god is immortal and omnipresent but can do nothing. Black magic works and it can do real harm. Ask those who had effected by the black magic. It is deadly, at times there is no cure for it’s ill effects. Neither god nor scientific methods (medical treatment) are of any use. ie. Some time a perfectly healthy person become mad or physically disabled. It is the duty of witch doctor to cure his illness. A witch doctor can even redirect ill effect to the person who had initiated!
God. You cannot see, hear or his presence can be felt. Even with the most sophisticated equipments, it cannot be proved that god exists. Time and again it has been proved beyond doubt, by nature, war and terrorists that god does not exists. Period.

Evil sprit. With the sophisticated gadgets you can ‘spot’, hear and can feel the presence of evil spirit in haunted places. It was proven beyond the doubt that evil sprit exists and people all over the world had experienced the power of evil sprit. Paranormal activities are the living proof of evil sprit. Ask those who had experienced it. The funny thing is that it never happens to us but always happens to someone else.

Do you believe in black magic? Now you all wanted to know whether an atheist (jivan) believe in black magic or not? My answer to this question is YES! And NO!! That means I am not sure whether to believe in it or not!
Here in our lodge one Muslim witch doctor stays from time to time. Most of his clients are rich people. For those people he charges not less than Rs 10,000. In my knowledge, he had solved two problems.

I) Missing child.
Couple’s only baby was stolen from their house. They approached witch doctor. After consulting with‘sprit’he found that the child was alive and staying with an unknown couples in a far away place. He told them to follow certain ‘rituals’. In twenty days, time couple was able to ‘collect’ their baby from the near by police station!(Either the thief’s conscience or baby refuse to stay with them. so they returned baby to the near by police station)

2) Missing Lunatic.
In our lodge, one young woman and her father stayed for more that one month. They both looked very much worried. One day asked I asked her father for the reason of their worries. Her father told me that his lunatic son was brought to Chennai city for treatment. However, he went missing for the past three months. While waiting for brain scan he had slipped out and disappeared . They checked with all the police station and mortuary but there was no trace of him. I told them about witch doctor in our lodge. They decide to try their luck. When you are down and out, you will believe in every thing because you are desperate and you do not know who will help you.

After they told their pathetic story, witch doctor prayed and scribbled something on a thin copper sheet. For forty days, their family had to cook food with wooden logs. Over the logs copper sheet must be place and one hour minimum they have to cook or burn wooden log. Thrice per day for forty days, they have to follow this method of cooking food for their family. In thirty days time the lunatic who went missing for the past three months returned his Mudurai home. Chennai to Mudurai is 450 K.M.

Here is my assumption. Having under gone electric shock, the lunatic must have though that his end is near. So he ran away form the hospital. He must have taken care by some one to reach his home safely. On the other hand, the though of getting electroculated (shock treatment) again brought him to sense. At last, some how he reached home safely.

So you mean to say his system works? I wanted to know more about his trade. I met him in his room and spoke to him. He said witchcraft could not be taught to others.( Fear of misusing evil power). Usually from generation to generation they follow same system. No modification or latest technology can be employed in witchcraft. His grand pa was in Yemen; from there he learned witch doctorship. His grand pa taught his trade to his father. Now he is an experienced witch doctor. He treat people who posses evil sprit as well as who were effected by witchcraft. He must be a good person. He said he never used his power to harm others. Usually when you pay double the amount of money, a witch doctor can redirect the same if not more ‘effect’ back to the person who had initiated! (Enemy) that is the reason not very many people try this dirt trick on others. Still there are people always willing to take risk.

So, do I believe in black magic and sprit? NO! But I am not willing to risk myself. Yaaaaar….Play it safe.
This article was written from the atheist point of view. So…

Atheist- jivan
N.B when I say YES! And NO!!. I am not sure whether to believe or not. It is like asking me whether I like Hitler or not. I like Hitler because he fought against allied forces.
Hail Hitler! But when I think about Holocaust I can not say same thing. Six million Jews? Did they betray him? I wanted to know the reason behind holocaust. Provide me the link….. Link should not lead me to biased report. Not that I am going to write article about it but I want only facts not fiction.