Monday, November 18, 2013

Life after death!


‘Science proves there is an afterlife, Says physicist. Times of India. 17-11-13.
‘Death as we know cannot exist in any real sense as there are no true boundaries by which to define it. Essentially the idea of dying is something we have long been taught to accept but in reality it just exists in our minds’.  Prof Robot Lanza.

He had given few examples to prove his theory.  He is using simple logic with color. ‘Essentially , the sky may be perceived as blue but  if the cell in our brain were changed to make the sky look green ; was the sky look green or was the just our perception?
Good explanation. One can change brain cell and ‘change’ the color of sky but not everyone is willing to change his brain to see green sky.  Our mind can conditioned to believe in certain ways that does not mean realty dose not exists.

Here is my explanation. Do you think we atheist and other scientists agree with his theory?  Life as we know… every living organism has shelf life after that it dies naturally. None of the living organism is immortal. From the time of conception to his last breath is known as life.
Majority of Hindus criminates by burring dead body and only ashes are left. Where is the question of afterlife here? In my article ‘Karma Returns’ I wrote… we need to find out what is athma or soul.  Soul is like your God. Everyone knows about it. Everybody talks about it but nobody has seen him yet, still every theist believes in soul.  Scientists are yet to prove there is soul in each one of us. Soul is the last one to depart from our body.  It is not in the physical foam it is in the foam or spirit.  It is supposed to contain all our physical, mental and charactrics .is it possible for anything which does not exist in physical foam to have all our qualities?

Here is my simple logic. A 3D laser projector can place ‘apple’ in your hand, may be in future you can not only see it but also you can feel it too. Is it natural apple? Can you eat it too?  Our mind can be conditioned to believe in irrational things through religion, torture or using scientific methods.

Here we have few moot points.
 1) If we can lead life in the form of spirit, why do we need life on earth? We could be anywhere on space or on another planet.   
2) If there is afterlife we should be able to communicate with our forefathers or vice versa.  Why is not that possible?  Witchcraft make it ‘possible’ but it has no scientific proof so we atheist do not believe in it.

In my opinion when scientists are yet to find out what the heck is soul. Prof Robert Lanza should find out soul before making any more blunders. I believe a scientists is a person who can make our fantasies into reality

Not every theory can be put into practical use. Take for example of God particle.   
Original name of ‘God particle’ is Higgs Boson or higgs particle. It was named after one of the scientist called Peter Higgs. 40 years before it was an elusive particle. It exists only in scientific theory. Theist use it  for propaganda purpose named it as 'God particle’ After 40 years of research on Higgs boson they built Larger Hardon Collider (LHC) at the cost of 4.4 billion USD and proved Higgs particle is REAL. If the ‘effect ‘can last only for one ‘zillion’ Th of a second how it can be used for technology or for practical life?  
To find out after life scientists need to find out ‘soul ‘first. We atheists will not approve Prof Robert Lanza’s theory. He must be a theist. We need scientific proof of our soul first.
 without finding 'soul' you cannot prove that there is life after death. period.