Sunday, April 3, 2011



Moment of truth, Magical moment, Time management, saving time.

About ten years ago when I was promoted to sales cum service engineer, my Boss had asked me to attend training class on sales program. One of the India’s leading business guru conducted sale training program to improve our selling skills. He was running a leading productivity consistency service in India. He had also published few books on corporate business. He conducted seminars and workshop to motivate business people. He charged Rs.1, 00,000 per day plus day five star accommodations. His training programs lasted for three days. Thirty-four people were selected for training; I was just one among them. A part from time management, he also empathized the need to make extra "innings" whenever we comes across a potential customer. He wants us to make sure that we "milk” as many as customer possible .Apart form regular subject he want us to concentrated on Time management, Achieving target and customer satisfaction. He explained how to make a customer an ambassador and loyal to the company. He took classes about time management; big picture and moment of truth .on the third day he conducted a written test. There was only one prize for all. One cheap Chinese wall clock! I mangled to secure it. Most of the guys did not understand moment of truth. Here I give you an example of moment of truth. You see a beautiful woman on the street and your heart skips beats. That is called moment of truth. Moment of horror is when she conveniently ignores you. Let’s find out the origin and how moment of truth can help you to do better business.

Moment of truth.

This theory and the word was coined by Jan Carzon .CEO of SAS! Not sex and satisfaction but by the CEO of Scandinavian Air line System. Mr. Jan Carzon.When Mr. Carzon took over as CEO in the year 1981. SAS had an eight Billion-dollar loss. In just over a year he was able to generate seventy one million dollars gross profit on salsas of two billion. His successful mantra was managing moment of truth and monument of magic. Some of the readers of these articles may not be able to figure out what is all about moment of truth. Allow me to explain it in my simple ‘Hinglish’. From the time, you pick up a phone to book flight ticket and until you leave your flight at the end of your journey; directly and indirectly you are ‘exposed’ to more than five hundred people! Mr.Carlzon was able to identify such ‘contacts’, there by improving service at each and every ‘contact’. When you book a flight ticket your expectation will be all time high. In your subconscious mind you are constantly comparing your standard or expectation of service with the airline company .a series of moving images are created on your mind without even your knowledge! At the end of your journey if the air line service exceed your expectations you just drop your jaw. WOW! That was called moment of magic…This is how I visualize our future airline service. We all know about the ‘Air fare’ war taking place in airline service sector. It is a cut trouth business for the people who are operating flights. Here my some suggestion to further reduces the flight charges! Therefore, that common person cans effort to travel by flight. A common mode of transport likes our bus or train. Instead of using A 380-airbus service they should replace it with Hercules 130-millinery cargo plane. For the regular passengers I mean those who carry seasonal air ticket, airlines will provide training for free parachute jumping. Passengers life is also covered under free insurance scheme worth of $ 120,000 .For those who are not having seasonal pass, airline still provide parachute but neither free training on parachute jumping nor their life is covered under insurance scheme. A small notice board can be seen at the seasonal ticket counter. It was exclusively written for Indians. “No installment schemas available for buying seasonal air ticket". Next to the board there is another one big board, announces loan available for buying seasonal ticket at moderate interest. @ 4.5 %; VAT extra. (Add 12 %).

Warning. Dogs and passenger, who refuse to wear parachute, are not allowed to set their foot inside the plane!
Passengers are stacked like sardine fish. When flight is fully packed pilot takes off the fight. Pilot announces designated places through the microphone. Passages jump off the plane and navigate his parachutes on to the rooftop of their office building. Naturally person without the knowledge of handling parachute. Read irregular passenger with out insurance coverage refuses to jump off the plane. The two hefty conductors take them care. After opening the main door of the plane, these guys are given a warm send off. A perfect landing was assured by kicking on their Bums. You will find two emergency telephone numbers printed on the flight ticket .one is fire service department number and the other one is airlines own emergency number along with an astirx mark. Follow the astirx mark it says $ 10 extra .At the end of $10 another small astirx mark. There you will find words are written in macro mode .use your Bi focal glass. “Subjected to ground reality!"

Let us assume whether a passenger had jumped out or even kicked out of the flight, there are possibilities that he might "hang up" on a mobile or TV tower. He only need to call up fire service department for free help .if they take ages to attend his call or if he was really getting late for his office then it is better to call air line office emergency rescue department. They have enough franchise RSD (Rescue Service Department) center in every heart of the city. Each service personnel was trained not only for rescue mission but also well trained to handle ill tampered customers. In case if their passenger was hanging form the top of Ontario TV tower, rescue mission officer checks with ground reality. Not from the sea level but from the ground level. They then calculate $10 or Rs 420 per feet. …
N.B will I ever live it to witness my vision of future Air service? Only time can tell.