Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Dreams!

My Dreams!

Have you ever wondered what my dreams are made of? Read on..
I believe each one of us write fiction in our signature style. Forget about the professional touch. I wrote all my fictions in filmy style. When you write fiction in filmy style, it is easy to visualize the scenes. The only difference between each one of the reader is that we ‘see’ Eternal Love ‘with different background. Read sample of Eternal Love to feel the difference.

Here is the short synopsis for you.

Billionaire’s only son Ajay dies in a freak accident but his girl friend Maya survives. Twenty-five years later Ajay was brought back to life with futuristic technology in A.D.2030. Fate brings them together. His ex-girl friend Maya is happily married woman with grown-up son... What happened to their only love child Sandhya?

Have you ever read wholesome entertainment? My fiction is full of life. It has family value, love, romances, sex, songs, fight scenes, plane crash landing, Robo surgeon and his assistant S-2-P and her antics. I wrote my fiction in filmy style. Reading my fiction is like watching movie. Today it is my vision; in near future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!

I am offering much more for my readers. We are not living in seventeenth century, where I have to write about platonic love. Platonic love is O.K for physically challenged person. A healthy person need sexual outlet. Other wise he/she is not normal. In this, cyber world people all over looking for instant gratification. My fiction “Eternal Love” is a (mature) love story. I believe lovers are supposed to make love. How often and how they make love depends on MY basic instinct! We all know sex sells. Here is a bit of information for you. Out of $ 26 billion online businesses, $16 billion money alone is generated though the sex /pornographic site. That means hell lots of people are sexually starved! At times, I think we all will die without fulfilling our sexual fantasies!

Happy reading,

With Love,

Eternally yours!


N.B I dream a lot. It is my hobby and it is free! Four years ago while writing Eternal Love I had Shahid kapoor and Karenna Kapoor were on my mind .they were lovers too. They are with me on face book .I had even send shot synopsis for them. However, there was no reply. Stars say something and you just listen. Bull shit. For Hollywood version of Eternal Love, I will set Eternal Love across the Atlantic.My choices of actors are Johnny Depp and Scarlet Johnson (Now it is kristen stewart and Robert pattinson) and director is none other than James Camaron! I want him to recreate the magic of Titanic with my fiction Eternal Love! I even send James Camaron full synopsis. However, he was busy with postproduction of Avatar.

Did I create too much hype about Eternal Love? Do I live up to your expectation?  Sorry you have to wait until I publish my fiction!.

When I make 1000 USD, then you will have printed version of Eternal Love. I will design cover page. You will find cover page concept in my blog. Moreover, when I sell it for movie production house, first I will write about Business Management! I will have my own web page. My web page is the title of Eternal Love movie version, which I had visualized four years ago! I may need young beautiful lovers shot against the blue mat screen .later I will add background and VFX. It will have hunting music in the background. When you press play magic will begin ( title of the movie version runs). You will be able to set it as background on your monitor. You can even E-mail it to your friends. I can write how it will appear on screen, let it be a pleasant surprise. I do not want any sucker (Indian producer or director) to copy my idea for their movie title. Later I will not be able to put my own idea for my web page. I also want to introduce my WAR ON TERROR sci-fi as graphic novel.

I dream and visualize so much that I always wonder will ‘it’ ever get materialize without money. Most of my dreams died million times, like a phoenix it rises from the ashes; my dreams come alive from the ashes time and again!.

Just like you, I also think I have talent .now do not ask me what talent. It is not that I am going to claim I have talent .You are going to judge me by the way I write my fiction. movie version will be ahead of Bollywood and on par with hollywood standard .You have to wait until I get a chance to work as creative director/visualiser for movie version of my fictions! Eternal Love, War on Terror and Broken Heart .All are CGI and VFX driven fiction. I had already waited more than four years now it is your turn to wait and see. The sad part is that I have to spend money to show case my telnet. At times, I think I was born on wrong place. Fate?

I must be mad if not a genius! Only time can tell. TIME, Does not mean good time or bad time. Saying things at appropriate time make sense. Most of the time I think ahead of my time, but I cannot write any thing at this moment, I will write only at the appropriate time.

Happy reading Eternal Love.

Guns & Roses my comment box

My dreams are very dear to me. They keep me alive. The day all my dreams die, I will become a living corpse!

N.B Eternal Love (Love is Eternal) was published by publish America without charging me single paisa. I hate the cover page designed by their artist. (Even after I had send, them cover page concept) My fiction cover page looks like a technical book. Over lapping image of a head and printed circuit board. Where is love or romance on the cover page? In formatting, I found more than fifty mistakes. In short, there was a total lack of professional touch on their part. Within one month, I had to terminate their agreement and I was back to square one.

You beg or borrow: but never steal. Never ever beg (ask for help) to your friend. If they refuse to help you, your feelings are hurt but your friend may not feel anything at all! Always ask for help from a perfect stranger! May be he will understand your problem better. If not he… some one will help you… funny, even in worst scenario we still hope for the best! Only to find things goes perfectly down the drain. I am a pessimist, I do not know since when I became an incurable optimist!

Do not be ashamed to ask for help . Our  president, P.M and all most all the creative people writers, directors, artists… in Hollywood and BollyWood had begged for a chance in the beginning of their carrier. (If you have money to burn, then you do not have to beg) if they are all still in the business it is because of their talent. Beg or borrow and see that your dream will be materialized.

My real life is like a dirty stagnant water. I really do not have anything to write. Each time I think should I write. If so what topic I should write. It is not right ‘TIME’ to write about certain issues or topics. Little by little, words and sentence accumulate in my head.When it is too much to remember I start writing and most of the time I get carried over. I stuff too many sub topics in one title, I know it is not the way of writing articles. I am too lazy to proof reading, editing and polishing. Polishing is the last thing on my mind. Have you ever noticed how conveniently I had reasoned all my points? Beg, borrow and what not? I always wondered who has got the time to read my trash. It was always you…. (anonymous readers of my blog) encouraged me to write and speak my mind… thank you so much.

Bollywood is world’s leading garbage recycling film industry. There are few ‘exceptions’. In all trade, you will find few ‘exception’ all over the world. Indian writers and producers can write/produce only for Indians. I want them to write / produce for global audience. Story concept / content can be local, but it should be made for (presented) for global audience.

N.B. I wrote all most about every thing. Nothing ever made sense to me, except this one...

“Yess Boss! Who says A Boss is a Boss? A boss can be an Ass Hole. because he can talk either side of his mouth where as you can not” .Lol .