Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Profile & Quotes

Profile 'N' Quotes

I started writing scribbling pad for more than five years ago. It is an amalgamation of my thoughts and perception about life and world at large. Perception about life and world differ from person to person. So, do not sulk. Even as I ‘screwed up’ in life, my perception about life and the rest of the world had changed.


Name......... T.M.Jivan Lal (Alien, Atheist Jr. Confucius!)

DOB .............Valentine's Day.

Age .............Vintage.

Model ……'57.

Profession. Service Er.

Languages Known. English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu.

Experiences ...........plenty in life, multitasking for survival.

Zodiac sign....................... Antiquarian.

Marital Status........... Father of a little Princess.

My wish is to meet an E.T in my lifetime.

Hobbies...... Dreaming (Visualizing), Ideas and concepts, writing fictions, Photography, watching movies, listening songs, playing shuttle, chess, swimming, Cooking, Visiting places of interest and exchanging views.

Read ME!
Read Me is the sum of me! It reflects my thoughts & perceptions about life and the world at large.

1) “I believe the day people realize that there is only one god for all of you. A God above religion and cast makes the world a better place to live-in” Author of UNIVERSAL LOVE. The New Religion by Atheist - Jivan.

First step is to think beyond religion and religion based messenger of God. You all agree with me that there is only one almighty god for all of us .The creator of our universe. We all are worshiping same almighty God with different names. Since the beginning of universe hundreds of billion people died searching for god.  Your search for god will end with your life! Don't be one among them! Stephen Hawking in his new book called ‘The Grand Design’ had scientifically explained that God did not create our universe. Period.

2) “Now, that there is scientific proof that our universe was not created by God. Man had created God, religion, cast and creed. The root of all the problems is God! World over people are fighting in the name of God and religion.”

3) The purpose of religion is to keep people ignorant, thereby keeping religion alive”.

4) Heaven and hell is here on earth. One must feel the experience in his/her lifetime know the value of life.

5). Life thrives on exploitation... Love, Affection, Emotions, Materials... The list goes on...

6). Diplomacy is not telling truth but telling convincing lies (white lies).

7) Life is a one long war of emotional conflicts.

8). There are three types of lucky guys in this world...
A) Person born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He can chase his dreams. Lucky bastard!
B) The one who got the 'right ' connections in this world.
C) The last one is plain lucky, he is one among the millions.

8) In love... You lose your heart first. Without heart your brain cannot function properly, that means you are lost forever!

9) Haven can wait! Let me get through the hell first. A disaster called Marriage.

10) To get MAD, get MARRIED!

11) Marriage is an end of the beginning for a man...

12) Women are the deadliest species on earth. You get married and they will start controlling your life. They are good at manipulating you.

13) Happily married woman has hen packed (Yes, Ma’am) husband.

14) Do you believe in good times and bad times?
To me good time means, when I succeed in achieving things without any real effort .Bad time is when I really work hard and everything goes perfectly down the drain.

15) God? A thing, which cannot be seen, did not hear, nor can its presence can be felt. Under exciting most sophisticated scientific equipment its presence cannot be proved that God exists. The whole world needs proof of everything except when it comes to God. Scientists are the most wired people of all because they too believe in God!

16) Man has not evolved until and unless he became an atheist. Even highly educated people still believe in superstition (blind faith) that includes the so-called God. The reason for faith in God is the result of failure in rational thinking. Atheist -Jivan

17) A king or Dictator has only one father. Where as a democracy have too many fathers! Who will bell the cat?

18) When our ancestors wrote democratic values two hundred years ago they would not have dreamt that one-day terrorists, separatist, racists, religion and caste based organizations will come to power, to impose their whims and fancies on us. They only make life miserable for a common man in democratic countries .Now it seems with democracy we are digging our own grave. Clash of civilization, ideological differences,
Eroding culture, death of family value. Read freedom for all and peace for none. A common person is one who longs for peace and work.

19) The intelligent person is one who talks fast with lies and opportunism.

20 It was estimated more than half of the revenue was generated through pornographic
Web site, more than sixteen fifteen billion USD! It reminds me that people had forgotten about AIDS.

21) Terrorists are by products of a sick community .They are like cancer. If untreated, it will soon spread the entire community.

22) If it is a question of life or death...chose life...but why?

23) Being a nice person means you allow others to take you for granted.

24) Dreams dies first, Man dies next. A writer is alive as long as his dreams are alive.

25) Phishing. A new name given for suckers. I think they deserve a master's degree. Why not M.F for short? No, you got it wrong. It is called the Master of Fellatio. I had found some of my documents missing from yahoo mail.

26) Parents preach us about morality, teachers impart knowledge but nobody teaches us how to survive in this ever-changing world. Believe me the struggle to stay alive in this world /life only made me more confused man.

27) In olden days, our parents were RIGHT .Nowadays everybody is RIGHT, in their own Right!

28) With globalization, life has become very unpredictable. "Job today, gone tomorrow”. Even surviving in this world became a challenge.

29) Don't ever promise what you cannot deliver.

30) To help someone you do not need money but you need a willing heart. In this
Material world you will not find one”.

31) Yes Boss!
 Who says a Boss is a Boss? A boss can be an ASS HOLE because he can talk either side of his mouth whereas you cannot" -Jivan. Lol   people who talk either side of their mouth are called ASS HOLES. Most of them think they are smart and intelligent! 

32) There are more literate Ass Holes than Illiterate Ass Hole out there in this world.  

33) I HATE... Liars, Hippocrates and Sarcastic people... What else..? Let me
Think... "Yeah, Those saggy tits, you know how much I hate them"

34) Woman. Tag! Woman, Wooooooooman, Woooooooo!

35) When a girl/woman looks too sophisticated, she looks cheap. she looks more like a
Professional call girl.

36) Woman. A woman is like English grammar. The more you try to understand her the
More she became mysteries. Woman tries to woo men .That is how they became a woman! It all started with Eva.

37) If god had created man and woman, Honey. How comes we are not compatible?

38) Opposite poles attracts but honey when we meet why spark flies?

39) Life is a game. You win some, you lose some, play on… for the first time in my life, I am gambling with my life. I played on and on. So far, I have lost everything. Now I am playing to recover whatever I had lost! You only learn life game by playing.

40) Sex is beautiful when ‘our’ mind and bodies are synchronized and the act is
Spontaneous. Sex is dirty when ‘we’ indulge sex for carnal pleasure.

41) Without money, there is no substitute for trying!

42) Without money and godfather, I knew I am the creator of my own destiny but it is too late to realize!

43) Without money and living with vengeance to succeed in life is the worst thing, you
Can do to your mind and body. Make sure that you do not become mad!

44) Life is an experience. Feel it... Success, failure and all sorts of emotions….

45) My dreams are very dear to me. They keep me alive. The day all my dreams die I will become a living corpse!

46) Behind every mad man, there is a neurotic woman

47) On cyber space you do not know who your friend (help) is nor your foe (sucker).

48) Spiritualism .Where technology ends spiritualism begins. When spiritualism ends, he/she goes down under six feet!

49) “Life is short for those who enjoy it, life is a struggle those who endure it. Life is a one long journey. Feel it. It is a lifetime experience.

50) An idea is opportunity; Business is nothing but opportunity.

51) Pessimism never won any battle. However, it can help you to plan action A, B, C, D…

52) Pessimists are prepared for any eventuality!

53) Optimism cannot solve any of your day-to-day problems.

54) In life confidence level boost or buck in accordance with your bank balance.

56) When your friends act funny, you do not have to behave like an idiot. Leave
The ‘past’ (Friends) and get on with your life.

57) To sell your trashes you have to become a celebrity.

58) What is the purpose of our life?
I have not yet found the purpose of my life. Have you found the purpose of your life yet?

59) Theists are born with the herd mentality.

60) Life had taught me a simple lesson. Be patient. I hope I will not die like a patient.
We Aquarians are cat people. We do things under the impulse. Curiosity killed the cat?
Yes…yes… a million times!

61) When I had money, I loved democracy, when I had no money I loved communism!
Now you all are confused whether Jivan is a capitalist or communist? all I can say …”it all depends on my bank balance!”

62) There is NO end. There is only beginning of NEW life.

63) My conscience (a small inner voice) tells me “I will be there for you....” it will not solve any of my problems. But it will pacify my chaotic mind.

64) Theist will tell you ‘man proposes   and god disposes!’ as if god had got no other Fucking business.

65) God is for those who believe him for all others there is NO god only LIFE.

66) Karma Returns?
 You cannot change our past life. Then why should be worried about our future life?
Nothing returns, everything sucks (exploits). Think like an atheist and stop believing in bull shit. I still do not understand why people want to believe in irrational things? And when will they start thinking rationally?

67) I believe ‘success of any marriage depends upon the mutual understanding between husband and wife’.

68) My belief in atheism and rational thinking helped me to overcome my hardship. My sufferings, hard work and perseverance will pay me rich dividend.  Since I think different ways I have more options to overcome hurdles and problems. I kept trying different ways to succeed in life.

 69) Unlike others I do not have dreams. I have a vision and goals to achieve in the rest of my life time.

70) I neither forgive nor forget, the purpose it not to repeat the same mistake.

71) I hate when woman pretends like a virgin, I hate when a woman behave like a slut. I Expect woman to behave like a normal human being.

72) We atheists are not spiritual gurus. We do not solve your problems. We are rational thinkers. We will only help you to think rationally.

 73) When you are obsessed with your work you either make it, if not you became Mad. Nobody knows whether you make it in the end or it will be your end!

 74) Do not try to prove your family, fucked up friends and enemies that you are ahead of them, the world is your arena, prove it out there in the world. It is not just that easy but not impossible. This is the kind of revenge you should die for it. When you make it out there in the world, all enemies had it up in their ass.

75) We all hate our enemies. But I see my enemies as my competitors! They all have either qualification if not money. I do not have the money or qualification. .Without inspiration and self-motivation it is not impossible to beat them.  I have creativity. I can beat them, but it will take time...

76) When I compare my character with all the people I had known I found none of them are trustworthy. . I helped myself and achieved a little bit of success.

77)  Positive thinking!
“Positive thinking sees the invisible,
Feel the intangible,
And can achieve the impossible”.
Even beggars think positively!
How many of you ‘positive people’ achieved impossible? Bull shit! Don’t ‘ever bother whose quote you are reading. Read and think whether the quotes make sense to you or not. That is what I do.

 78) I am asking you to ‘THINK DIFFRENT’; think different ways, you will find more ways to overcome stumbling block and problems in life. Instead of living like an eternal optimist and living in hope start thinking different ways to achieve goals in your life.

79) Positive attitude in negative situation can help if only you work different ways to overcome failures in life.

80) Failure in my life had made me mentally strong. Failures helped me to ‘THINK DIFFERENT ‘ways to overcome obstructions and problems.

81) Do not live in hope. Only theist lives on hope. A theist will tell you what is life without hope? Like your God hope does not exist! It is only in your mind. It is to pacify your mind. "Everything will be alright'?!

 82) Realize your potential and work on it. Learn more about it and make use of it. It can bring you rewards.

 83) You believe in God. That is your problem. I do not believe in god and I am capable of solving all my problems.

84) When your life comes to a saturation point you fucking don’t care what others think of you. You are focused. How to make out life? ..... How to make others outdated?  

85) People are basically mental! When our mental equilibrium gets disturbed we lose our peace of mind.        

 86) A mental will think he can do everything because he does not know his limitations whereas I know my abilities and my limitations. In fact I do not know simple things like how to run my own life! Even if you do not have confidence in life, you should have confidence in your work. Until and unless we make a conscience effort to change our mindset we will not progress. So keep evolving.

 87) In fifty five years I had learned lots of lessons from my own life but I forgot most of them! Lol

 88) There are three types of people on earth.
      Those who enjoy life.
      Those who survive life
      And those who fight for survival.  

 89) My past six years of like were like a mad man's quest to conquer the whole world! So many people had described life. In fact almost everyone can describe life in few words. I have to make sure that no one is going to describe life like me.
The harder and longer you FUCK,
You became sick and tired but not the life.” jivan.          

90) Life is REAL; everything else in life is MAYA (illusion).
91)  Remember any fool can preach. Proving is the hardest thing; if people realize any fool can preach then they will stop preaching.  . Lol.

92) How we use our brain to think and reasoning makes each one of us unique.   We all have limitations; so stop saying nothing is impossible.

93) My conscience (a small inner voice) tells me “I will be there for you....” it will not solve any of my problems. But it will pacify my chaotic mind.

94) You should never ever allow anybody to break your will power. People will make fun of you , make sarcastic remarks , belittle you , tells you it is time you give-up, you are  not only impossible but also a MAD man!  When ‘our’ world collapses around us, our will power should weather the storm and help us to get through. The day I introduce Universal Love. The new religion all my enemies will become outdated.  

95) Failures are not the end of life; it is only beginning of life! Failures will help you to think different ways to overcome failures. Failures in life should make you mentally strong. In life when failures after failures take place, take it as a challenge. Think different ways and work out on different strategies to overcome failures. In the end you should be able to make your mistakes and failures into a success. Failure is for those who cannot handle failure or those who wants instant success.  To succeed in your endeavor you need to work out on your failures. Only hard work and perseverance can help you to achieve success. Believe me if I had not failed in my life I would not have tried to succeed in my lifetime!

96) We all have one thing in common. Shit (fate) happens, why it happens or when it happens nobody knows .Perhaps this is one of the main reason majorities of people still believing in God and superstitions. Remember Human life is the most complicated and unpredictable life. Think rationally. Praying God or believing in superstitious things is not going to help solve your Problems.  Try to find ways to overcome failures in life.

97) Life may go up or down but don’t ever lose your identity. Don’t ever compromise on your principles at any cost. Defy conventional logic. Do not rewrite theory. Invent a new theory. Let others follow you. Be one step ahead of the herd. In the end it is you who decided the fate of your life. Triumph of the will power. With all the best wishes from-Jivan.  

98) "No inspiration story can change your life unless you yourself decided to change your life for a better tomorrow" Jivan.  

99) I had proved that there are more literate Ass Holes in this world than illiterate Ass Holes! I always think how can I ever go wrong?! Child like my character only dies with me.

100) people who talk either side of their mouth are called Ass Holes. Most of them think they are smart and intelligent!

101) people are basically stupid, sentimental and superstitious. One can be stupid or sentimental .But one should never be stupid, sentimental and superstitious. He / she are as good as dead!

102) People are shit scared of helping you co's you might come up in life! And they became out dated!!

103) ' Never ever stop at failure. Keep going.... more than six years ON! Me going still strong!! Jivan.
You know why I am writing quotes? Some other day when I became notoriously famous people think I am a genius! Lol.

104) ' The day when you realize your destiny is in your hands you will change your fate at the cost of your life'! That is what I had been trying to do for the past six long years! I was stupid enough to realize this simple truth.

105) " No inspiration story can change your life unless and until you yourself decided to change for a better tomorrow'

106) 'Success will not come to you... you will chase it like a mad man’.

107) only shit happened for six long years. I never failed co's I had never given-up'.

108)  you all thought I am a looser. How can it be when I had not yet given-up my fight? Losers are those who never fought'.

109)  you are matured when you can gracefully accept failures in life.

110) “You are the most important person in your life! Not even your own family or you’re fucked up friends. If only you are 'alive' you can achieve what you want in your life time" Jivan.

111) do not live on hope! Even beggars lives on hope. Like your God hope does not exist!! Hope is to pacify your mind. In a race how many people will win? Only one. Do not live on hope. Work towards your goal and win the race.

112) People are basically stupid! They will judge you with your appearance!! Each one of us is unique in our own ways. Our character, intelligence, way of thinking, reasoning and creativities are different from each others. Not everyone realizes this. Even if there are people without these qualities (lesser mortals) we should love them as they are. After all they are also human being like us.
113) in life everything boils down to you. You either make out a secured life or you just stay alive. Your days are numbered the day you started hating yourself.

 114) there is some SHIT out there. Shit happens and it is REAL.

115) be an atheist. Think rationally and STOP believing in bull shits, God and Superstitions Atheist – Jivan. 

116) Hope is for theist and Life is for ashiest.

117) LION will walk alone, only pigs will walk in group. You all need family and friends to succeed in life. To succeed the way you want, you need some kind of madness (obsession) in you.

118)"Failures are not the end of the game, it is only the beginning of the game if you have no other option or if it is question of survival play ON and ON till you win the game" 

119) ‘I have never seen light at the end of tunnel for seven long years! Whenever I felt sick and tired I was not looking for a shoulder to cry on. I only wanted a place to rest my head but there was no place to rest. In the dark I walked alone. Whenever I tumbled down I got up and walked and walked till I saw the light .success at last…? 

120) Defy conventional wisdom, you will make it.

121) Be an Alien. THINK DIFFERENT, But not to be a pervert.

122) what is on my mind? Sex--- why----Zed!