Friday, January 20, 2012

You & Me (Part-8)

You & me   (Part-8)   
Between You and Me.

Here in India there are two major issues. One is Kodamkulam nuclear power plant and the other one is Mullaiperiyar Dam.

Kodamkulam Nuclear power plant.  Government of India had spent thousands of corers of rupees to build 1000 MW nuclear power plant. No way are they going to stop commissioning it. Anti-nuclear activities are trying to stop commissioning it. And our government is losing four cores of rupees per day. Due to industrial development we are experiencing power cuts every day. Other than constructing nuclear plant there is no way we can overcome power shortage. I am in favor of nuclear power plant. All the nuclear power plants are made as per international design and follow safety guidelines.

Barring few accident /melt down like at Three Mile Island in USA, Chernobyl in Russia and Fukushima of Japan all other nuclear plants across the world are running safe. The 1979 Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania was caused by system failure. A series of failure in secondary system at the reactor, which allowed radioactive steam to escape and resulted in partial core meltdown of one of the two reactors at the site.

Chernobyl nuclear was manmade disaster. Disaster began during a system test on Saturday, 26 April 1986 at reactor number four of the Chernobyl plant. Engineers turned off cooing water to reactor to test how long plant runs without water. It turned out to be catastrophic. It is the world's worst nuclear power plant accident.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant reactor meltdown took place because of of act of god’. It was not because of design or engineering fault but because of natural calamity. The Tsunami broke the reactors connection to power grid, leading the reactor to begin to overheat. The flooding and earth quack damage hindered external assistance.

Mullah periyar Dam.

This Hydroelectric dam was constructed nearly hundred years ago by Brits. It is situated inside Kerala. Water from the dam irrigates neighboring state Tamil Nadu also. Tamil nadu government want dam height to be increased to 142 Feet. But Kerala government will not raise the dam height more than 132 Feet.  Their argument is that the dam is very old and weak. Our central authority had checked dam and issued ‘fitness ‘certificate.  Having served hundred years, increasing height of the dam will put too much stress on dam structure. In olden days dam were not constructed with cement but lime and other materials were used.
Demolishing old dam and building a new dam is not in the interest of farmers or nation. Instead of increasing the height of dam the ideal suggestion would be to construct a mini dam down the stream. It will help to store more water and there is no strain on the old dam.

The situation was exploited and politicized by different regional parties and turned violent. Innocent people were caught up in the melee and were severely beaten up. Trade, business and transportation between two states were affected. Our central government is yet to find an amicable solution   for Mullah Periyar Dam.

Well friends, whatever happened to your ‘occupy wall street movement? Was it a passing fad?  Thanks they were able to high light disparity between rich and poor. But did they achieve their goal like more job opportunity, subsidized food, lower tax etc…In some of the major Indian cities guys and chicks from ‘occupy wall street’ appeared.  Most of them wore branded cloths. It was more like a get-together party. Good show.

‘How to change the world ‘by David Stein. Nice title.  We all want to change the world but nobody wants to change the way we think, including me! Did you read the book? I have no intention of reading it. Is it all about utopian ideas?  One last question did Mr. David Stein changed your ‘world’?   Certainty not this part of the world.

We all like to advice .now take my advice! Instead of trying to change the world change our ‘own’ world for better tomorrow.  ‘Our ‘world is in our own hands. We only can change it. It is not impossible. It is possible if only you know your limitations. If you do know your limitations then you will think you can change the world which is impossible.