Sunday, September 30, 2012

Life of Little princess.part-9

for the matter any other boss does not like asking questions .he will yell at us by saying, “you people are giving lame excuses!” who says ‘A boss is a boss?” I would say ‘A boss can be an ass hole. He can talk either side of his mouth, where as you cannot. That is the advantage of being a BOSS. We get enough shouting from customers some time for  manufacturing defect of products; any given time there are more than 4000 customer case pending in consumer court. Shouting back at customer will cost our job and our boss shouts at us for not bring enough revenue for him. Our Boss was under tremendous pressure to show ten lakhs worth of business per month. I was a good technician, when it comes to meeting target I was always above average .it is impossible to meet target every time. If you remember 80 % of the work is done by 20% of the work force then you will understand what I mean. When our boss humiliated me in front of others for not archiving target I felt that I could forgive my enemy, if ever I wanted to kill someone it must be our boss! So much pressure at work place, no housewife or a mother will never know what is present day work pressure or how much we technician get abused by manufactures, by our boss and also by customer. When it is a question of family survival and keeping the job, we take everything in our stride.
After the globalization manufactures localized their work. Manufacture goods, spare parts, put cash in their bank and attend consumer case at the court. Period. They now run their office with skeleton staff.                                               
Franchise technician’s work includes not only servicing their equipment but also to generate as much as money for the manufactures. A Technician becomes all in all. He must be a sales person, capable of selling products or spare parts, collection agent, PRO for the manufactures. His duty also includes. Read warning to make sure that the customer are not going to consumer court at any cost .we were asked to settle the dispute then and there. How you do it is none of the manufactures business! Their argument is that if it is not a manufacturing defect then the fault lies with the technician! How convenient it is for them to blame on technician. Company executives come to franchise only to preach. It comes naturally to them .how many examples read cock and bull stories they tell us for motivation. Ask any of the company or franchise boss to be in our shoes, they get pissed off. That too for peanuts for per calls. (Rs20 per calls) Rest is assured when you return home... God blesses those poor souls!                                                                                 
After “liberalization” (globalization) franchise, system was introduced in India. Is it a bane or boon? Having worked for more than five years for India’s leading white goods manufacture’s franchise, let me explain how franchise system and technician work for you. It will open up your eyes! Only super brand products and high-end model appliances get top priorities for immediate attention. Other models are made with cheap materials. You will find white goods are programmed to run till the guarantee period only. If you do not take annual maintenance contract, then your equipment will refuse to cooperate with you. Imagine if you have computer, air conditioner, fridge, washing machine and other appliances. Yearly you need to set aside money to run the show.
Unless and until customer complaint goes to consumer court manufacture representative or company service engineer will not take-up your issues. If you are one among the VVIP then the company general manager could be at your disposal. In some case I found that there are manufacturing or design fault in some models. Any given item there are more than four thousand consumer court case pending against the manufactures. One of the customer after ruining form pillar to post (to manufacture and consumer court and back) he found a novel way to vent his frustration. To get a replacement or to get it repaired thorough the consumer court, at times it takes years to get it done. That many consumer cases on different manufactures are pending in given time of the day. This frustrated customer had a sense of humor because he believes in gandhiayan philosophy, Non-violent way of getting things done. He covered his fridge in a black bed sheet and carried his fridge with the help of four people (like you carry coffin) he took the possession through his colony main road. Chanting slogan against manufacture and the consumer court, photograph of the possession was put on the local newspaper. I liked his innovation idea to protest nonviolent ways.   
With more than four thousand consumer court case pending; have you wonder how these manufactures still manage to keep their position in white goods sector? First, only we technician knows how many case is in pending at the consumer court. These very same companies are spending cores of Indian rupees just for advertisement with Bollywood stars. Here is how our franchise System in India. Check whether they are boon or bane for the customer.   
No white goods manufacturing companies are employing new service technician for their service department. They appointed franchise. Franchise technician always carries out repair work. Some of the franchise offer work on sub contract biases to get their service done. With no other option left I had joined in one of the India’s leading white goods manufacturing company’s franchise as service technician. It was not bad in the beginning. Only five technicians to attend service calls .at times we end up attending four-pin code area per technician instead of three pin codes. Even at 9.30 PM, we were on site, forty or fifty kilometer away from our home. Life was tough but we were able to make some extra money.
In franchise, system rules changes over night, according g to the manufactures whims and fancies and regardless of workers benefits. Appointment procedures were made simple by franchise .no more appointments letter. Appointment was made verbally. It goes something like this.” Do you have your own vehicle “? And a mobile? A mobile is a must you know it”? Without bike and cell phone, you are not considered as a service technician. They call it survival kit or minimum requirements! “Ok, good. “Now you have to pay for uniform dress”. (Only God knows how long he is going to keep you in work.)”From tomorrow onwards you can join for work”. After you join for work, only he will tell you how to make more money by-achieving target, regardless of working hours. Sooner or later you yourself will find how much money, time and energy you have to use to extra money.  
We never had PF, Gratuity, medical, (ESI) or life insurance, no vehicle maintains allowance, petrol or food allowances. Only consolidate pay per call they paid .RS .15 or RS 20 depend on the distance from work place. They paid RS 40 per call if it is in Timbuktu or Tora bora. There are some company’s franchise and service subcontracts offering Rs10 for attending service calls. Those technicians survive by making “extra” money .how they make extra money and how much they make depends upon their individual “skill”.