Monday, December 30, 2013

One way ticket to the Mars.

One way ticket to the Mars.

Everybody loves to explore our solar system but only rich people can afford to go other planets. They have already booked ticket for Mars exploration. It is one way ticket to HELL. With existing technology service provider will not be able to bring them back!
I would like to say something about one way ticket to the Mars.

1) How long food for them will last?                                                           
2) How long service provider is going to replenish food stock for them? Who will pay their expense here on earth?
3) If service provider cannot replenish food stock what will happens to those people on Mars?

I can visualize worst scenario for them. This is what is likely to happen. Man eats Man! Yes, at the fag end of their life for survival people will start killing each other for food and eat corpse . Even the fittest will not survive long enough. ‘we’ will be hopelessly watching (live) their gory end . Ultimately none of them are going to survive on Mars.

Think again! Should you spend millions of USD to go to HELL?

Warning!! It would be wise to wait till service provider introduces shuttle service between earth and Mars.