Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quantum physics.

Quantum physics. 22-08-2010

While reading one of the articles from newspaper I came across quantum theory.
“Quantum physic too point out what we perceive as real world does not exist! And solids are nothing but an illusion created by energy!”

Quantum theory is beyond my imagination, I mean bit wired. A nonprofessional cannot understand this wired theory. It does not make sense to him. Even if you are qualified, enough to understand quantum theories can you practically experience it?
It says our life is not real! Then what the heck is called our physical presence (life) on earth? Further theory states ‘solid things are illusion? And it is energy!’
So according to quantum theory life is not what we experience, life is a dream! And I wish it were true!

Here are my explanations. An image created by laser light or optical illusion appears like solid object but you can move your hand through it where as you cannot move your hand through a sold state object. My simple logic makes more sense than your quantum theory. Where do they (scientists) apply this wired theory in practice?

I am captivated by quantum theories. Now let me think as per quantum theories.
1) My marriage was not a disaster; it was the longest nightmare (seven years itch) ever I had experienced in my lifetime. And my little princess is the only living proof.
2) Women are not from Venus, they are from Mars. Hot as HELL.
3) Impotency. It is not an erectile dysfunction. It is a situation where you cannot do anything without money (At least in my case).
4) It is my dreams not food that keeps me alive!

N.B. Your explanations about quantum theories are welcomed.