Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is hole?

What is hole?
I have no idea what people think when I say hole. I do not follow oxford dictionary, in
my own vocabulary hole is synonymous with few people.

My wife and my own family! Friends who turned out to be good for nothing, Friends who could not deliver their promises, publishers and producers who could not find business opportunity.

My wife and my own family! When my wife walked away with my only little daughter I gave-up my job and decided to write fictions! And my family thought I was mad. They could not understand the frame of my mind. It was my way of escaping from reality.

After writing my fictions I was in need of help to type and edit my fictions. All my ex-friends had computers but they had no time for me. In short they turned out to be good for nothing. I thought, #@#$ them all! I bought china made key board with cartridge for
playing video games on TV for ten dollars and learned typing. Later I typed ten of my fictions at the browsing center. By the time I finished typing and editing all my fictions,my eyes got screwed-up. I had to use glasses.

Publishers. Who could not see business opportunity in my fictions. I have no regrets those who send me estimate for publishing my fictions. I could not afford to pay their fees starting from $500 to $3000! Out there on net you will find millions of publishers willing to publish your trashes provided you are willing to foot their bills. Just because you got published your fiction at the expense of publisher does not mean it is the bestseller. Like wise, if you pay money to get your fiction published does not mean it is trash.

If you are not a professional writer you keep getting estimate (not rejection slips). In the end you will end up paying money to get your fiction published. In fact there are writers who spent money to publish to get their books published, but they will never admit it. Ultimately it is the readers who are going to decide the fate of your fiction. A foreigner
will look for professional touch and presentation in a fiction. Where as an Indian look for content/concept and the way story was presented. They also check the prize of books. If your book is good readers will buy it, which is for sure.

Producers. Indian producers and directors think it is the hero or saleable star makes hit movies. They do not even know that the content is the king or the foundation of movie lies in concept. When it comes to movie, it is the story concept and the way it is presented to audience is the deciding factor for box office hit.

Business is opportunity. Those who were able to seize the opportunities made fame and fortune. Jivan.

Don’t worry, out there you will find millions of holes! you will meet some of then in your life time.
Now, were you able to understand what I was struggling to convey?

N.B. People with herd mentality see god and good things every where. They refused to acknowledge ‘bad’ part of good things! I.e. god, religion, cast, democracy…
Most of you think that I am giving lame excuse, no excuses, only explanations.

My ‘deviant’ way of thinking sets me apart. That does not mean that I am neither a fool
nor an intelligent person. It makes me … ‘just me alone”!
Atheist –jivan.

Failure after failure much frustration and pent-up feelings…..In few of my articles you will find ’holes’. I do not want my readers to misinterpret or try to read between lines. In real life I do not use unparliamentarily words. So I want my readers to understand what I mean by hole. When Indian youngsters speak in English with ‘Latin accent’ they use lots of foul words and they think it is Kool. ….it is really disgusting to
listen. The purpose of foul language should be other ‘heard’ you right.