Monday, April 4, 2011

L *G* B* T.

L *G* B* T. 12-5-2010
I came to know about gay and lesbians while studying in high school. I those days you will find transvestites one in a million. We look with amusement.

In adolescent age, it is common for all of us to get attracted to same sex. We hated boys who scored maximum marks. He is unknowingly putting us on shame. Nevertheless, we still congratulate him. We also admire our best sport man or our guy who fought pitched battle against our enemy (we lost final foot ball match with them) we just pat on their shoulder or just shake hand with them. We do not publicly display our affection by hugging him from behind.

Because of our Inidan culture, teenage boys and girls are not allowed to mix freely. While studying boy’s high school way back in 70’s in our native palace I came across all type of boys in our school. Drinks, Drugs (ganja and LSD) prostitution, homosexual, gambling…I studied in a prestigious school called Z.C.H.S. Calicut. Even in those days, we had peer pressure. If you have roots and family values in you no peer pressure can force you to do what you do not like. The best bet is to avoid the company of bad boys.

It is normal for guys and girls to get attracted to same sex in their adolescent age. They play together and share intimate secretes. One becoming infatuated and getting physical with same sex is not normal behavior. If one of them is having gay or lesbian tendency he /she is likely to use the other person to his/her advantage. One should know the limit of intimacy in same sex friendship. One should think it was a mistake and grow-up as a healthy individual. No one should get stuck with same sex ‘relationship’. Later in married life, it will create many physical and emotional problems. If you look at Inidan matrimonial column, you will not find sexual preference of male or female. Parents assume that their children are normal (straight). Here only after marriage husband or wife comes to know of partner’s sexual orientation. Because of stigma attached to lesbians, no married woman will indulge in such activity after marriage. I want young generation to fill up their sexual orientation while advertising in matrimonial column. That is one way of not getting married to a wrong man or woman.

For the last five years gay and lesbian parade is taking place in Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and other major cities. It should not be permitted .these people are setting bad example for youngster. I am dead against gay and lesbian marriage. If two same sex adult wants to live under the one roof, it is their life, and they can live like ‘partners’. When your government (in west) legalizes gay and lesbian marriage, they are setting bad example for young generation. Here in India we have not yet legalized same sex marriage. They are not a force to reckon with.

I am an atheist I would say God’s greatest creation is not man or woman. His invention for procreation is the greatest invention of all time. Some how I like the plug and socket method. God did not make just plug and socket alone. He put biology, chemistry, physics, emotions and spirituality in it. Too bad, he got neither patented pending nor he gets royalty for his greatest invention of all time.

In sex obsessed west, sex is either a hobby if not a recreational activity. Here sex is not a hobby nor it is a recreational activity, it is much more that what you think. We have sex in the name of God, Religion, spirituality and everything in between. Our wife’s use sex as WMD! They play these dirty tricks every time if she cannot get away with what ever she wants... They too are Brutus! That is the time our hand comes handy.LOL!

I think my greatest embarrassment would be picking up a ‘girl’ and buying her designer cloths, taking her to my Hilton hotel after dinner and only to find out on the eleven th hour that I had picked a gay and not a girl! I would die of embarrassment.

Thank Gawd, never in my life I had picked up any girl. I had only checked them up! But how? When she sings Looney tunes, you do not make cacophony. You have to synchronize your frequency with her. Then you can have the cake and eat it toooooooo!

If I were born as transvestite, even if I cannot ‘perform’ like a man I would like to lead a man’s life. As per Indian culture, there is too much restriction and pressure on woman. Woman carry too much emotional baggage, I hate it.

Here transvestites lead a shameful life. We feel pity for them. But I don’t like to touch them nor I like they touching me. They show too much ‘affection’ for real men. Here they are mostly used as sex toys. No NGO’s are willing to rehabilate them. Most of them come form the lowest strata of society. Finding job for them is also difficult. In India, they do not have bright future. Our government should offer free surgery for those who want to change sex so, that they can lead a normal life like a normal man or woman.

Four years ago while writing fiction I was thinking about story concept. I remember reading in newspaper some western county had legalized same sex marriage. I thought what would happen to those parents who brought up their little daughter once she decided to get married to a woman. It did not take much time to finish writing a short story. ROOTS.