Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items

I do not know much about Stalin other than his role in Russian revolution. But I like him because he had closed down all places of worship in Russia. For more than seventy years (until the collapse of USSR in 1991) people in Russia prayed for god from their home. They had no problems with either god or their own life. I admire Stalin for that .I think it is the best think to do, especially in India where dozens of religion, hundreds of cast and thousands of creeds. Every day some procession takes palace through the main road. What a public nuesness. People tolerate all these nonsense even in the peak hours. This is how such problems should be solved. According to theist god is omnipresent. Then why not pray at home is my question.

This is how I wish to solve the problem. All the places of worship are either in the heart of a city or in the middle of a village. According to government and foreigners, the biggest problem in India is poverty. I beg to differ. The biggest problem in India is toilet! It is said we Indians have the longest toilet in the whole world. More than five thousand kilometers in length! It is still not officially recognized by Guinness book of records .if you are a foreigner you are likely to check with google .No, you cannot find the answer for that .it will only prove that google is not almighty. Railway track from Kashmir to kanya kumari is a common man's 'Open University '. When you compare our population of one billion plus for five thousand-kilometer it is nothing .the latest news is that, our honorable railway minister Mr.Lalu Prasad yadav is planning a parallel railway track from Kashmir to kanya kumari. Our railway track in India is the only undisputed territory in our country No God; Religion or Cast .All are welcome… you foreigners are most welcome. Experience our incredible India. It could be a lifetime experience.

Ten-kilometer bus journeys in the morning peak hours take not less those two hours. What happens when nature beckon you? Assuming you are travailing in you own car; and you are moving like a snail in the peak hours. Would you abounded your car in the middle of the road and go searching for a place to piss off? You might have crossed hundreds of pothole and dozens of footpath temple (miniature form of temple) in the middle of footpath: but you will not come across with a single toilet to piss off your frustration. While searching for public ‘inconvience’ you take extreme care not to step on some one’s ass (Ass has sentimental value!) He is lying on his stomach, stretched across the busy footpath, and praying his departed God. Look at the direction of his face, you will find a miniature form of temple or deity on a compound wall.

Nether the government nor the religious place offer you comfort .I think places of worship should offer such community service for all. That should make the difference between other places of worship, when toilet is in the premise of the worshiping place authorities are bound to keep it clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness! I was trying to tell you that the entire places of worship should be converted into toilet, bathroom and dormitory accommodation. These are the common problems faced by the majority of Indians. If any of the religion were doing such public service, I would say they are doing a great service for the whole society. Service in the name of religion. Great!

The root of all our problems is corruption not toilet or poverty as you foreigners wish to think. More than sixty percent of the population lives below poverty. We do not care about our poverty. Staying alive is part of our day-to-day struggle. We do care about injustices and discrimination meted against us by our own fellow countryman and society.

Correction. In India the root of the problem is not toilet as I mentioned earlier in this chapter, I agree that it was a simple mistake on my part. I here by refuse to tender my apology.
Author- jivan.