Sunday, April 3, 2011

Struggling writer.

Struggling writer.
I am in a funny situation. Once upon a time, I was a budding writer. After I had finished writing all my fictions, (Nine of them) I had graduated from budding writer to struggling writer! Now I realized that without money to publish my fictions, I am not a writer at all!

After “Less than 32 hours…” this is my second life. My creativity is not yet dead. However, my fictional characters are dying slow death. I want to show my fictional character to the world. S2P (sex-2-puss). she is an assistant Robo surgeon in Eternal Love (s/f). She looks like an octopus with six tentacles and with voluptuous female body. I hate size zero, my Barbie girl Paris Hilton is an exemption. She is the only living Barbie girl in this world. My S2P is bald and beautiful. She has big bright eyes. Colors of her eyes are aquamarine. Her antics and dreams are dear to me. Yes, my S2P can dream! I really want to show S2P to the world. I like people appreciating my pet. She is too close to my heart. Now it seems every thing is dying a slow death. I can only watch her helplessly. Sad.

I am nobody to advice budding writers. My experience will help them to prepare for the worst scenario. I know when you stated writing fictions you forgot world around you. You lived in your imaginary world with fictional characters. You were the happiest person in this world. After you finished writing your fictions, you want to introduce your fictional character to the world as soon as possible. I know more than money it is the appreciation of readers that gives you satisfaction. However, publishers will either send you rejection slip if not they will send you estimate amount to publish your fiction. Starting with $1000…. Are you prepared to spent money to get it published your fictions? Movie version of your fiction will cost millions of dollars. You will find it impossible to sell your fiction with any of the major movie production house. Movie producers are not creative people. They are business people. Even with hundred years of experience behind them, they still do not know what can be sold in the market. They are all searching for the elusive formula to make easy money. What next?

Here are few valuable tips for budding writers.
1) Austerity measure can help. Cut corners. Do not ever go for window-shopping. Forget about branded clothes and accessories.
2) Forget about the latest gizmos. Just ignore them. Gizmos become outdated in six months time. Therefore, whenever you buy latest items, it is the latest!
3) Do not forget to put your lover on diet. Just love and fresh air will do. In short, she needs to wait until you ‘make it’. If she cannot wait until you make it. She was not in love with you at all. She never had confidence in your creativity. Here is the secrete. Once you made it, you can have the best girl in your life. Forget about her and your past.
4) Logic is simple .if you are planning to write fictions, start saving money now. It will help to over come frustrations later stage..

We the creative people can live on forever in our dream world. After we finished writing, we like to visualize how our imaginations will appear on screen. We also think who should act for a particular character. At time even while writing fiction, we have our famous celebrity on our mind. I am little bit extremist. I think about the background, for sci-fi I do set designing, draw characters, texture and color of skin, lighting conditions, I shoot and edit scene. I even run titles! However, every thing was happing inside of my brain!

Eternal Love, Broken Heart and War on Terror … I wrote for global audience. If my writing is only hundred percent .picturisation (if I work as a creative director) will be thousand times better. No ordinary director can shoot the way I had visualized scenes. Nor I want some director to prostitute my fiction. Besides it will gave me a chance to show case my creative work. You just cannot write your imagination on a piece of paper. If you are going on explaining how technology should work for your fiction, your fiction will end up like a technical book!

I may be dying inside. However, my creativity is not yet dead. Three years ago, I had conceived story concept for Broken Heart (horror / thriller) if I get ten days time I can write from start to finish non-stop. See story concept at the bottom.

Now it seems I made castle on air. I do not know how long it can defy gravity (I wrote all my fictions more than three years ago) or will it fade away from my memory. Only time can tell.
Struggling writer.