Sunday, April 3, 2011


Fodder for thoughts.
Twenty-eight states, dozens of religion, gods, tens and thousands of deities, hundreds of cast, and thousands of creeds are there in India. fifteen official languages more than three hundred dialects finding common mentality among them is no easy task. For the first time I am feeling writer’s block. From where to start…?

When you foreigners come to India, we treat you like our guest. It is part of our culture. We have great respect for fair skin above all we also love sycophancy. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will understand true meaning of an average Indian mentality.

we Indians are good at making fun of others. We Indians judge other with just one look! If the person got dark complexion he could be a local guy! If he has fair complexion, healthy and well groomed he is man of importance!! Like in west, now here also grooming is part of our culture .I am not impressed with appearance. Appearance can be deceptive. To me it is his intelligence and creativity that fascinates me. Think of our businessman, politicians, god man and con man they are all well groomed .period.

Whenever any one talks about money, our face brightens up. You know how much we love money? More than honey. Have you ever-heard fly by night operators in your country? Given a chance, we all would love to fly by night. If cheating is involved, you will find hand of an Indian. More than religion, corruption runs though his vein. Not only he is corrupted he will corrupt other too. Money and material tempt Indians.

Indians are great cheat when it comes to paying tax. How else you can justify our unaccounted (ill-gotten wealth) in Swiss bank. It is fifty lakhs cores of Indian rupees.RS. 50,00000,00000000 ! opposition parties says it is more than double the amount of money. Even if it is half the amount of money, it hell a lot of money. Neither our ruling government nor the opposition is interested in bring back to India. Because most of the money belongs to them and their sponsor industrialists. If government is able to bring the money back then they can do wonder for common man.

Ninety nine percent of our population believes in god. People who believe in god also believe in superstition and all sort of irrational things. These people can be easy brain washed. Such people believe in heresy and gossips. Our quacks (conman) thrives on them in the name of god and spiritually.
PDA (public display of affection) is big taboo here. What ever happens between the four-walls are O.K. Hard battles on soft beds? Our sexologist says it is a myth as far as Indians are concerned. We have invented KAMASUTRA but you (west) had perfected it with Viagra. An average Indians are sexually starved and frustrated.

If you ask any girl, she is likely to say... “No sex please, we are Indian”! She was trying to play hard to get. Nothing else. If she is married, she will tell you “look my conscience does not permit me to commit adultery!” Have patency. Give her time to eat the forbidden fruit, she will bit the bait.
Hi, guys. Here is the female psychology of Indian girls. If you can pluck one single strand of hair out of a deer, you can win any woman in India but who has got money and time to spend for momentary pleasure?

There are quite lot of difference between East and West when it comes to meeting and mating. In the west after the late nigh dinner at a cozy restaurant, it is your place or my place? Where as in Indian you need to invest gunny bag full of money, and your lifetime. Here things move at snail pace. Like a dog, you stick out your tongue and follow her wherever she goes. After some time she feel pity for you. At last, you can have your cake and eat it tooooooooooo! Now you guys tell me, do you have money, time and inclination for that? If so, you are the right candidate. I say you go for it. It is worth it!

If you ask help from a girl or woman, their first reaction is that “O” this guy is pretending to ask for help. His intentions are how to get between my legs! You know how cheap they can think of you? In that respect, I like woman in the west. They are free and frank. The least they are not Hippocrates.
Indians are Hippocrates. They take pride in false pride. Naturally, Hippocrates are great liars. Not only are our politicians liars but also common man. We Indians are still searching for the meaning of virtue, integrity, magnanimous.

We Indians suffer from amnesia. Events take place faster than Hollywood action movies. Bomb blast, terrorist attacks, communal violence, rapidly changing political scenario, bundh ( strike) , movies ,idlies and chatnees makes it hot and spicy. If you ask any Indian he will say he is Tamilan, mumbailker ,keralites etc at the end they will agree they are Indian.

In west, a sucker is born in every second, where as in India a sucker is born in every millisecond. You will find millions of them here. We do not have IP , copy right or patent pending. You will get almost every thing duplicate, including international brand. There are enough suckers in film field. Producers, directors, storywriters, musicians etc. Over the years, thousands of Holly Wood movies are copied and made according to local taste. A cunning director or storywriter for movie will never copy frame by frame ( except in rare case) they will only steal story concept and add Indian spices for Indian audiences. Even with IP and copy, right what action you were able to take action on them? Nothing!. Others are manufacturing counterfeit drugs, food, automotive spare parts, and electronic items while others copy designer dress ..List is endless.

Charles Darwin was wrong on Indian mentality. Here it is not the fittest will survive. The cunning and crocked person makes a large profit in India. My friend says it is IQ of a person that counts. I would say it is a man’s character and his gray matter that counts. Gray matter- how you use in day-to-day life/ situations makes all the difference. It is not the wise nor the intelligent person who survives in this world. (Others are just living mortal) it is the person who change with time will survive in this dog eats dog days. But certainly not a person with high IQ .period.

Urban youngsters will not have Indian mentality. Most of them are fresh out of college and working for MNC. For them every thing is going great. They think this is life. They have just embarked on a journey called life. They are yet to experience life. Let us wish them bon voyage.

Unlike west, we Indians are not obsessed with sex. Blame it on lack of opportunity. Our basic instinct is not sex. It is to make money by hook or crook. Money makes our life go merry round. Sprit (liquor not the ghost) and spiritualism is part of our life.
We have upward mobility. We prefer vertical take off. Money and fame makes us arrogant.
Verbal diahoria is the common illness that affects most of us. We Indian lack killer instincts. World is not their arena. They prefer to fight among them like stray dogs.
Killer instinct is for the west where there is a healthy competition.
Thought of thinking about out of the box make them shedder. They will be branded as lunatic but not as intelligent. For them there is a fear “what society thinks of us”? They prefer to remain, as a buffalo with herd mentality. It is evident from the mandate of political candidate.
We are dreamy creatures. We all dream of becoming rich and famous. But we never set our goal or work for it. Most of us do not know how to become rich and famous.

We Indian can survive without food and water but not without our daily dose of soaps and Movies (thrash)
We Indian judge others with their appearance and complexion. People with fair complexion is supposed to be good and intelligent .they consider dark people less intelligent more dangerous. They also suspect dark people.
When west is surging ahead of time, we are pulled from either side (progress and regress) stretching us too thin.
At the browsing center, you will find ninety per cent of URL belongs to XYZ. Rest of the URL belongs to job, higher studies and local items.
We Indians like to ape western culture with out know the consequences. Drugs, gay and lesbian are few examples. In my opinion, they are perverted people.
Here you will find me talking either side of my mouth. One point two billion (still counting) try writing about western mentality ……
When a small percentage of population is moving towards their goal the majority of them pushed back due to various factor like inflation, population explosion, unemployment, and Illiteracy…

Indian will remain developing nation even in twenty second century. Population explosion will remain our prime concern. Unemployment, terrorism, separatism (state divides) drought, break down of our culture and family values. Now stop screaming “you pessimist!”. These are the coming scenario waiting to greet India.
As Indian surge ahead, more and more people are falling below BPL (below poverty line), the gulf between rich and poor will widen more than ever.
Most of the Indians suffer from jaundice. They see other Indian in same light unless the other person make in print or E-media.
Our population (Atheist) in India is less than one percent. It is because people have herd mentality. They refused to think rationally. When you deal with government official in India, keep the envelop ready to push under the table. It will make life much easier. Indians have prejudice about almost every thing, including you!
Secrete of our life?
1) We take life as it comes.
2) We are jack of all trade and master of none!.
You will find true Indian in villages. He is simple and humble living person. His needs are simple. Rotti, Kappada and Makkan (food, cloth and house or hut) some of them talk abut next meal! No, he is not a beggar. He has place to rest his head but finding food or job is not easy in a village. Nevertheless, he is a true Indian and a patriotic. I respect him.
“Zindhagi Ka Saffer..
Hai..yai Kaisa saffer..
Koi-yi somjha Nahi ….
Koi-yi Na Jana Nahi....”
It means, “What sort of a life is called journey? Nobody ever understood life“
“Life is short for those who enjoy it, life is a struggle those who endure it.
Life is a long journey. Feel it. It is a lifetime experience. Jivan.
Not all our hopes are lost. We still have our life to lead.

Have you heard keralites proverb? It says, “ Dog does not like the other dog!” reason? Because he thinks, he is worldly wise. I know it all, what the hell the other person knows? If you happen to strike conversation with a keralites, he will try his level best to out smart you. He will talk like an opportunist. He also tells lies. They are sarcastic people, belittling others comes naturally to them. If you starting debate about cat, he will end it with rat. Wining debate is their past time. Money means every thing to him. If cheating of money is involved you will find the hand of a keralites. Most of them run Chit Company, recruiting agency, money laundering business etc.

Kerala state has highest rate of literacy in India. That does not make him a civilized man. Rich, literate or illiterate some other day he will show his true color. I mean he will show his slum mentality. They are narrow minded not generous.

You know in India highest numbers of MENTAL (lunatics) are from Kerala. Most of them are schizophrenias . They think they are someone but in reality, they are nothing. Men in Kerala think woman are just another hole (No brain) .they see woman as commodity. Young and old man practice Voyeurism. .They believes in gossip and it spared like rapid wild fire. They spend great deal of time discussing stinking politics. Unemployment is all time high because of communism.

Have you heard about my Kerala? “ God’s own country”. Courtesy to Kerala state tourism. Board.” God’s own country”. Bull Shit.I just cannot help write about my own “country”. In gods own country you will get every thing under the sun.. Prostitution is not legalized in Indian or in Kerala. However, kuttys (chicks) are available everywhere. No bar on religion and cast . Drugs are freely available all over Kerala. Drinks.. Country or foreign? Gambling , homosexual .from top to bottom people are corrupted. The list is incomplete. Is that you call “god’s own country” where prostitution and drugs are available freely?

Having told the entire bad thing about keralites I must say some thing good about them. Keralites are jealousy and greedy people. Their jealous and greed are driving force of their life.
When a keralites move out of their state they make money by crooks or hooks method. Before he leave for abroad (usually gulf) he saw his enemy’s (who ever rich is his enemy) New house. He will make sure that he makes millions, come back only to demolish his old hut, and built bigger and costly house over his house. For that, he will do any thing including toilet cleaning. In his native place, he will not do it even for a million dollars. His fragile ego does not permit him to clean his own toilet.

In his native place, he is an extreme communist. When he work out of the country .he is not a communist. After making cool millions, he became capitalist. Communism is dead. Communism is for suckers. Period.
Year round strike by government and privet employees make life miserable in Kerala..

Unfortunately, I am a keralites! (From Kerala state) I do not have Kerala mentality. Why? Some other day I will write about me. Titled I am an incomplete man! There are articles I wants to write I cannot publish them now because it will not have any meaning. When I reach Turning point in my life I will write without fail. I had to wait nearly four years to write ..
It means, “What sort of a life is called journey? Nobody ever understood life“
Life is short for those who enjoy it, life is a struggle those who endure it.
Life is a long journey. Feel it. It is a lifetime experience. Jivan.
Not all our hopes are lost. We still have our life to lead.
What I wrote here is only a ‘tip of an ice burg’!

N.B In thirty-five years of service as sale cum service technician, customer care division and now four years as lodge manager I had met tens and thousands of people from all walks of life. I had traveled from down south Kerala to Kashmir. Unlike other Indians, I am not impressed with complexion or appearance. I get attracted to him or her character. The more I know about other persons plus and minus points the more I like him/her. Where as an average Indian think of him cheap. For them ignorance is a bliss. Now Indians will hate me for what I wrote about them. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. For them the other side of the fence is greener. There are no remedies for Indian mentality. It is in their blood. When they go abroad and experience different culture, they will grow up like a global citizen.

Now you all wanted to know whether I am an average Indian or not. The answer is big NO! .There is only one thing common. Like an average Indian, I am also sexually starved and frustrated man. #@$& . Blame it on my upbringing, roots or just lack of opportunity!

“Virginity is the lack of opportunity” it is you who told abut brownies (Indian). Other than that, I do not have any of the Indian quality. Unlike other Indians, I do not have herd mentality. I have my own opinion about every thing. My reasoning are entirely different from my fellow countrymen. I am good; I am bad it all depends on how you treat me.

If you are an Indian and you do not fall under my category, you are a gem of person. Others need not sulk. There are people below and above!. By writing this article, I am sending out negative vibes. Indians will hate me for writing this article. But who cares?

N.B After reading this article, you will think I am confused and I am trying to confuse you. That is because I am the Jr. Confucius! Even Indian government cannot describe India. That is why our Indian tourism slogan is: Incredible India!. I had not done editing or proof reading. I just typed it what ever came to my mind. This is just another scribbling pad of mine