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Life Of Little Princess. Life/story

The Life Of Little Princess. Life/story

Dear friends,
Six years ago I had published full original version on my blog. It was my first semi-fiction ever I wrote.

There are all sorts of writers including ‘accidental writer’. In my case I was forced to write after my wife left me with our only daughter to her native place more than five years ago. Reason you will find it in ‘Life of Little Princess’ Life story.

My idea of writing my first semi-fiction was not to sell my poverty. I thought if I wrote my own life story out there some of the home makers in India will realize how difficult it is for a family man to manage family with single income.

After reading my semi-fiction I expect some of the homemakers in India will take-up home based work to share the burden of running their home. In India you will find millions of millions homemakers waste their time watching trash T.V serial after serials. After reading ‘Little Princess’ if one percent of homemakers decided to work for the welfare of their family I feel that I am honored.

Original semi-fiction starts with my bachelor life. It was only seventeen A-4 pages in M.S words .I thought since I am not going to write my of biography let my readers know some thing about me and my life. I happen to write few articles about my life on blog. Cut, paste and merged it at appropriate place with main story. Edit, proof read and polish it. It was that simple! Now it is thirty three A-4 pages long. Before it was forty percent real and sixty percent fiction .after adding new chapter from my life it is sixty percent real and forty percent fiction.

We all have our own history. And no history is same. I promise you that my semi-fiction is not a boring one. Before you meet my ‘Little Princess’, you will walk down through
my memory lane.

Life of Little Princess. Life/story.
Short synopsis.
This life/story is dedicated to my daughter Sony Gudiya. Story is about our little princess. Globalization had changed our ordinary family life forever. It is also story about an-aged father’s struggle to give his only daughter good education and a secured life. After the court battle for his daughter’s custody, will he ever live with his estranged wife? My life/story has a morel lesson for Indian home makers. This is my first fiction and I wrote this semi-fiction with three different ending!
Happy reading,
With love,
Author - Jivan.

Web Excerpt
One bad morning her brother and two of her uncles turned up at my house. They wanted to know my intentions! They questioned me “You are not taking your family responsibilities, what are your intentions? I had answered it by saying that I had no intentions. “If she can live with me with whatever money I earn. If she wants to stay in her house and expecting me to send her money, then I am not going to send any money to her. At the time of marriage did I signed any agreement that I will send her money even if she stays in her house? More then two years ago she left for her home with my daughter. Is she bothered how I am living here? Instead of telling, her to find some work and manages life with me, you people seem interested only in money. I am not going to pay single paisa. Do what you want. Do you want me to sign divorce paper? I will sign, but do not expect me to pay alimony. That will never happen. I am determined. Now you all can leave my place”. They left me by saying that I will face legal action.

I started thinking… this is a classic case of making marriage as a meat business. Get married, have children, find fault with husband, fight over silly things with mother in law, file divorce, take alimony and live with the way she and her family wants. This is not going to happen with me. I am going to put a stop for this.

After a couple of days I received court notice asking me to attend in my native place Calicut. As the D-day approaches, I started preparing for the test of my life. I will fight it out with tooth and nail. I need my daughter at any cost. I knew.” yes “she will ask for her gold ornaments. Including the interest it is Rs.25, 000.there is only one-way to recover her gold. That is by selling my mothers wedding chain. Ever since my father died it was lying in the jewelry box .my mother had some sentimental value attached to it but there is no other way I can recover my wife’s gold ornaments. At last my mother agrees to sell her wedding chain. We got Rs26, 600 for her ornaments. I also need to write authorization letter for my wife to recover her gold ornaments from bank. I have to hand over our marriage registration certificate to the court. I do not need any lawyer to fight my case…" I went to fight my case alone in Calicut. Kerala.

Maya’s lawyer...“My lord!” Here is man who does not want to take responsibility
of his wife and his daughter. He is lest bothered about their welfare and
Even refuses to pay for his daughter's education. My client does not wish
To her live with her husband. Allow her to get legal maintenance
Judge.………… "Do you have any thing to say”?
I………………. .“Sir, since my wife does not wish to live with me. I request you to grand me permission for divorce and allow me to take custody of my daughter. This is my humble request”
Judge……………"court cannot permit you to take custody of your daughter, till age of eighteen she will stay with her mother. Your are allowed to visit your daughter”.
I.…………………“Sir, My wife is a lair! She talks like an opportunist. She is an ego manic. She takes me for granted. She even use my daughter to emotionally black mail me and use her sex as weapon”!
Maya’s lawyer….. “My lord, this is nothing but character assassination”!
I.…………………. "Sir, I got married eight years ago I know my wife inside out, more than any one else in this world. Sir, in my case my marriage is made as meat business.”
Maya’s lawyer:….. “I object your honor!”. Her husband is comparing marriage to meat business”.
Judge…………….."Objection over ruled ".
I... ………………..“Living with my wife is like living with an enemy. First Get married, have children, find fault with husband, fight over silly things with mother in law then file divorce and get legal maintenance amount (alimony) and live the way she and her family wants. Some people had developed this as an art. In my case, I had a decent job when I got married to her. My company had to close down due to the financial loss. At the age of forty -eight I am unable to get a good job. Nobody wants to employ an old person like me for more than Rs.2500 p.m. with my align mother I am just Surviving in this world. I will not be able to give my daughter a decent education. Therefore I humbly request you to permit me to put my daughter for adoption. Somebody will be able to give her decent education and secured life. I am willing to sign divorce paper so that my wife can live her life the way she wants. My wife is also from poor family; even she is not in a position to bring up my daughter. I once again humbly request you to permit me to put my daughter for adoption for the welfare and better future of my daughter. I have nothing more to say. (I broke down).

After studying the case judge pronounces his verdict.

Judge.………….. “Considering the welfare and better future of your daughter I came to the conclusion. Since neither you nor your wife is interested in living together and due to poverty neither of you can raise your child so I hereby permit you to take temporary custody of your daughter and allow you to put her for adoption."
Maya’s lawyer:..…"Her husband had pledged Rs25, 000 worth of gold ornaments in the bank. I want her husband to return her ornaments at the earliest".
Judge asked me to return her gold ornaments at the earliest. I had hand overRs.26, 000 and an authorization letter permitting my wife to collect her gold ornaments. I then gave our marriage Certificate to the judge. The judge issued a letter authorizing me to take temporary custody of my daughter and for Subsequent adoption.

My wife came to me. She removed her wedding chain (mangalsutra) with Tears running down on her Cheeks. I took it with my right hand and returned mangalsutra back into her hand and closed her hand. I gently and gave a pat on her hand. Our only daughter stood as a silent spectator. I lifted my daughter in my arms…. ”Come on Sony; let’s go to papa’s home”. I carried my daughter in one hand and in other hand I had the custody documents of my daughter. Her brother came begging for my daughter. I showed him court documents. “No! Maya will learn her lesson in hard ways. My daughter’s future means every thing to me. Take care of your sister”. I waved for an auto. Someone clicked.

On the other side of the verandah, wife’s ego does not permit her to beg for her daughter. She was pleading with her parents asking not to allow me to take her Ammini away. I carried my daughter into an auto. My daughter asked for her Mummy and started crying. Fighting my tears back I held my daughter close to my heart. Auto took U-turn in the court premises from the corner of my eye I saw my wife stretching her arms at me and begged for her daughter. “My daughter...Ammineeeee...” she then fainted .I shut my eyes tightly.

At home Maya took Sony’s doll and wept inconsolably and started cursing her self.

Later when judge went to his house he called on his wife. “Viji...I had committed a sin. An unpardonable sin, I had separated daughter from her mother. A poor family case came up for divorce. Neither the husband nor his wife could raise the child. I had to order for child for adoption." He then went to the pooja room and asks lord Murugan for forgiveness. “O lord! Forgive me for the sin I had committed. Who ever adopt the child must give her plenty of love and affection…" His voice choked with emotions.

After we had food at the restaurant I took Sony for shopping. I purchased dresses and toys for my daughter. In the evening we boarded train for Chennai. “Sony you know, we are going to papa’s home. Your nana will be waiting for you. Do you still remember mammy, mamma, Navin Anna, Raga and Sudha Kutty?

Next day morning we reached Chennai. At home my mother was waiting for us. Now and then my daughter asked for her mummy and started crying. She had a small circle of friends of her age. All my neighbors welcomed her with open heart. They all missed her for more then two years. I made sure she was not missing her mother nor feeling lonely. Therefore, I took couple of days off from work. I was always with my daughter. At times she felt sad. She cried only when she thought about her mother. Poor soul! I played only her favorite pogo channel on TV. She spend time watching TV and playing with her little friends.

Next day Photograph of Sony appeared along with headline in our national newspaper.
“Landmark judgment in child custody!” Judge allows poor father to put his daughter for adoption!!
One day I was playing with Sony Gudiya .a man came to our house in Lord Krishna’s costume. He had his face painted in blue color with a crown on his head. He started singing in Telugu. “Jaya govindam."… I gave him 50 paisa.
Lord Krishna … “Sir, makeup costs more money”. He asked me for more money.
I…“Did I ask you to wear makeup?" I then called Achoo (A local dog I adopted when he was a pup). There was no sign of him. Lord Krishnan peeped into my house. He expected my wife to give him more money. He then stared singing vigorously. ,”JAYA GOVINDAM…PARAMANADAM…! ”.
I Screamed “ACHOOOOO…” Achoo appeared from out of nowhere .I found him wagging his tail at the back of me and was eagerly waiting for my orders. Achoo looked up me and I winked at Lord Krishna. He got the clue. Lord Krishna took off, Achoo set after him; both of them ran around the playing ground, which was in front of my house. Achoo ran tugging at his vesh-ti.
Sony…. “Papa man running, running Achoo biting, biting.” She told me in her broken English. Sony could not stop laughing. She literally went into Paramanandam.Started laughing with over excitement.
I saw Lord Krishnan running back to me. I caught hold of Achoo. Achoo looks satisfied with his performance. I give a pat on his back and put him on the chain. Lord Krishnan spread his veshty; I looked at his face through the torn veshty
Lord Krishna.. “Sir, your dog tore my veshty,” he complained to me.
I……“Yeah, You missed your crown too!”. I end up paying Rs.10 but it was worth for my daughter’s laughter, which I missed it for more than two years. We both had fun at the cost of ‘Lord Krishna’ and Achoo.

One day I took my daughter to zoo. I pointed cubs playing joyfully with tigress. She enjoyed watching cubs playing with tigress for sometime. She then started crying and asked for her mummy. I had no words for her whenever she asked for her mother so I took her to the monkey’s cage. Monkeys were making funny faces some of them were doing acrobats. However Sony was not interested. We visited some more cages and went back home without speaking.

Next day evening I took my daughter to Marina beach. She played with sand and sea for sometime and ran all over the beach. After some time she became tired .she came back and sat with me. She watched parents playing with their kids joyfully with waves. She then started crying for her Mummy. After some times she asked me “Papa why can’t we live with my mummy”? I held her close and looked at horizon for answer…. Then I promised her that I would get her a good mummy. We left for home in silence.

At home she had her dinner early and slept with Nana. I started thinking..." if I marry a working woman I will be able to manage home. What would I do if my new wife does not like Sony? If she gives birth, will she love my daughter the same way "? “Yes”, I have to put advertisement in paper for adoption of my daughter. For that I had to sell my TV. I sold my color TV and got Rs 3000. Next day I went to newspaper office and give advertisement for my daughter's adoption.
                                                                             For adoption
                                                                         Healthy / Intelligent

                                                                     C/o. the National,
                                                                   P.O.Box: Chennai -2.

Seven years old Ajay asked his mother why Sony’s photograph was given in the advertisement. His mother told him that her parents put her for adoption “may be they are very poor people. They might not be able to bring up her”
Ajay…“Mummy I like her. I need a friend, a friend for life!”
His mother asked him "What happen to your friend Nisha"?
Ajay…"She is mad! She beats me! At times she even bites me!”
His mother continued “And you're other friend, Swetha?”
Ajay... “She is too proud of herself. Egomaniac”! He showed a mocking face at his mother. Ajay's mother repeated his words. “A friend for life! Not a bad idea. I will write to Sony's father” In a cover Ajay put his photo and a small slip (request letter) in it and asked his mother to send it along with her letter to me.

Ajay's mummy took the newspaper and went to kitchen for cooking. Now and then she looks at the girl’s photo. Sony. What if I adopt this girl and mould it as my future daughter –in-law? She would be my perfect daughter-in-law. She finished her cooking and started writing letter.

After a week time I had collected twelve-reply letter from the newspaper office. I went through all the reply letters most of them from childless couple. Some of them want to change Sony’s religion for adoption; few of them offered me money. I found one of the letters with a small boy’s photo along with his mother’s letter. I had selected only three of the letters.

I thought…. “If I give my daughter to working couples; my daughter will feel lonely even thought she might have a secured life. If a housewife adopts my daughter she may still feel lonely; but if I give my daughter for adoption to Ajay's family, Sony will have a companion. Some body is there to look after her my daughter. She will never feel lonely.….” So I decided to meet Ajay's family first.

When Ajay’s daddy came home late in the evening, his mother explained everything to him including her future plans. She showed Sony's photograph in the paper. “I want to bring-up Sony as my future daughter-in-law!” He approved her plan and wished her good luck.

I had made appointment with the Ajay’s family. This will be my first step towards my daughter’s future. On Sunday I went their house with my daughter. Having informed already they seems waiting for us. Ajay held out his hand to Sony. “You are welcome to my house". Sony shyly refuses to acknowledge his friendship. His mother lifted Sony in her arms. Thinking…”My future daughter-in-law! Not bad”! Ajay’s mother asks her son to show Sony around their house. Her husband greeted me with warm handshake. He may be around fifty years old. We settle down in their sitting room.

Ajay’s father was a businessman. He introduced himself. He runs property development and Construction Company. Madam was working for M.N.C, an MBA in H. R. Division. I told about my family background. Madam came back with coffee. After the formal talk I held out one white stamp paper to madam, in that conditions for adoption were clearly written.
Conditions for adoption: -

(1) My daughter should never be treated like a servant.
(2) I must be allowed to visit my daughter whenever she asks for me.
(3) make sure my daughter tells nothing but truth.
(4) I want you to give her more love and affection .she should never feel that she missed her mother.
(5) Do not force her to become first rank in the class. She should be an average student in her class.
(6) I expect you to teach her the value of money.
(7) Teach her how to become self-sufficient. Keeping her toys, books and taking care of herself.
(8) My humble request is that under no circumstances you should desert her.

Signature of Ajay’s Father… ................................................... sign.
Signature of Ajay's Mother.. .......................................................sign.
Father of sony gudiya. Jivan…....................................................sign.

Both of them signed on the document. They assured me that they would look after like their own daughter. I kept the original copy with me. Madam left for kitchen. Her husband spoke to me about how hard he worked to come up in his life. He studied only up to tenth standard.
He was from poor family. He left for gulf way back in 1970. There he worked there for a Construction Company for about twelve years. He saved some money and started his own construction company in Chennai. With his sheer hard work, in about twenty -five years his company became the best Construction Company in Chennai. His company had constructed some of the best landmark buildings in our city. He asks me whether I was in need of money. He also offered me job in his company. I declined money and job. I said I am happy working as technician.

I could hear Sony making merry in the adjacent room. She seems enjoying computer video game with Ajay. It seems she was indiscriminately firing at the flying ducks. Madam invited us for lunch. We had lunch with Ajay's family.....

An appeal to homemaker.
Do you wish to help your husband to run your family? Then start working. Learn any home based work like DTP, Data Entry, Medical Transcription, Tailoring, Catering, making chocolate and butter Cookies for Hotels, selling cosmetics and gift articles, tuition. There are lots of short-term courses available on trades. Bank also offered micro finance for starting up small business. Earn some extra money to support your family. With ever increasing living cost (present and future) one man’s income alone cannot meet both ends. Your husband will appreciate you. One day you will be proud of yourself. Time is running out. Act now!
This is the Moral of my life story.
With Kind regards,

N.B : Are you disappointed after reading the end of the story? Do not worry, here I wrote with two other ending! Just to pacify your mind. I personally like the original ending the reason is that if you cannot live with your partner for the rest of your life there is no point in living hell. We Indian parents sacrifice everything for the sake of our children’s feature.
Thank you for reading my life/story .If you are disappointed with the story ending .Here is help! By changing last page you will have different ending. May be it will help to pacify your mind.
1) Marriage takes place..... It was decided by me after my daughter’s wedding, I would go on
for pilgrimage. My karma (duty) in this world is over. Now all that I want is to get salvation for the sin I committed by separating my daughter from her mother. There is a very special bond between a mother and her daughter .No man will ever understand that. Now my daughter is married and settled down in her life .Madam had accepted my estranged wife as her sister, there is peace on my mind.
One day after dinner, I announced my plan to go for pilgrimage. My daughter asked me for
promise that I will return home after pilgrimage .Even though I promised her that I would return after pilgrimage it is never going to take place. Next day after breakfast .I carried my bag that contained few clothes, some cash and my dairy. Ithanked madam for every help she provided for my family .blessed my daughter and asked my wife to take care of our Sony Gudiya and moved out of the house with a heavy heart.
As I walked into eternity, my wife asks madam “will my husband ever come back?’.
My daughter Sony answered by saying.” My papa never tells lies to me. Papa promised me that he would come back “.My wife looked at madam for answer. Madam pacified her by saying “We all live in hope .what is life without hope? Let us hope he will come back after pilgrimage “.
                                                                      (THE END)

2-nd ending.
Last page. (Before marriage.)
One day I asked madam why their outhouse was kept locked .Madam said, “We started our life in that house .after we built this house we moved into here. Since then outhouse was kept locked for the past fifteen years.” I asked madam for the outhouse key.
Opened the door and went inside .it was fully furnished house .everything in its place. Like
a memorial house. may be some sentimental value attached to it .the whole day I alone spent
cleaning the entire house .there is no point in staying in madam‘s house after my daughter’s
wedding. I told madam that I am going to stay in their outhouse .madam had no objection for that.
I borrowed Ajay’s computer and started typing my life story from my dairy....
After dinner, Maya came to out house and settled down!
My daughter’s marriage takes place...Ajay and Sony stays at madam’s house and starts their new life...
My life story “THE LIFE OF A LITTLE PRINCESS “was completed in three moth’s time. I
Approached few publishers .one of them agreed to publish my story .It was a moderate success.
Sony delivered a baby girl. We all were at her bed side at the city hospital .my wife took her
Granddaughter in her arms and named her AMMINI .in fact Sony’s name was Ammini .I only had changed it to Sony Gudiya I always wanted a little princess and the name cannot be none other than Sony Gudiya !
With age my wife had mellowed .she is no more ill-tempered and sarcastic woman. We started our life all over again. She spend most of her time with her granddaughter Ammini .she wanted to makeup her lost time with granddaughter .I worked as freelance designer for book covers and advertisement.
We stayed at madam’s outhouse, to serve her in her old age .A token of gratitude for giving
a secured life for our daughter. Life was not cruel to me when I think of less fortunate parent,
Today I am a happy and content man.
                                                                               (THE END)